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Low cost and high profit, 90% profit margin, social pig Peggy understands


Some time ago, “social person”, “piggy Peggy” and “social three-piece”, the three-joint code can be said to be praised by everyone. To be honest, when I just heard it, I still didn’t understand it very well. I can only search the source of this stalk.

All I saw was the hot sale of the three-piece society brought by this pink piglet Paige wind, which also made the bubble net earn me a business opportunity. After reading it, a simple operation and low threshold piglet tattoo sticker project was automatically generated in my mind. Just look down on the specific operation.

First, how hot is Piggy?

You can take a look at Weibo, # Piggy Page social person #, # Piggy Page joint name #, # Piggy Page #, which are relatively hot topics in the early stage. The reading volume is as high as several million to over 100 million.
Low-cost and high-profit, 90% profit margin, the social pig Peggy understands that it is easy to earn 8000+ a month

Let’s talk about the social three-piece set. Let’s see how hot the “Piggy Page Social Table” is. It is said that it is necessary to book, uh, more than 10,000 pieces a month in Tik Tok …

Next, let’s take a look at the protagonist of today’s project-Piggy Page tattoo stickers. There is a very popular saying, “Piggy Page has tattoos on his body, and applause is given to people in the society.” This tattoo sticker was once sold out of stock. In 1688, the cost of 30 Piggy Page tattoo stickers was 6 cents, which means that the net profit per order was 9 yuan, and 60,000 per month! Hundreds of thousands of high profits! Seems to be particularly profitable!

Second, how does the source of goods come from?

I wouldn’t recommend to produce by myself. It’s good to attract some traffic when there is time for production.

Purchase goods directly in 1688, and order 10,000 copies, which is only 1,500 yuan. This threshold is very low!

Third, how to drain?
In Tik Tok, tens of thousands of people took part in the challenge of “Piggy Piggy”, and there were many special ones about Piggy Piggy watches and stickers that won millions of praises, so the first choice for drainage must be Tik Tok. There are many methods of drainage in Tik Tok, so I won’t say them one by one.

This project is really easy, but it has certain timeliness. After the popularity of the society has passed, it may not be enough to sell this series of tattoo stickers. Hot spots are common. Just keep rubbing hot spots to make tattoo stickers.

No matter what kind of entrepreneurial project, you need to do it first. Only after doing it can you have a chance, and you will only become a dreamer.

Ok, that’s what I’m sharing today.

I hope you don’t miss every opportunity, cheer on the Internet, and make a better life for your family. Come on, brothers.Low cost and high profit, 90% profit margin, social pig Peggy understands

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