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Short video to make money projects, novices can easily earn tens of thousands of dollars a month, decompression video to understand!


Profit-making sideline projects are based on a certain market extension. Without market demand, there would be no projects, just like why short video platforms are hot and why goods are brought to make money. Bytes have recently given the answer, and now is the era of interest in e-commerce.

That short video is so popular, as long as it is close to each other, it can benefit from it, and there are many fields of short video, so we only need to be perpendicular to a reverse direction.

Because everyone knows that the threshold of short video content is still quite high, and now the high-quality content is already operated by the team, Xiaobai can also start quickly in this field that I will tell you today.

This field is decompression video. In fact, I said that everyone knows this kind of video more or less, and there are many videos on the platform, which seem to be available at any time, but it is difficult to attract everyone’s attention.

Therefore, this industry is still relatively easy to do at present, and for beginners, the most difficult part of continuously outputting high-quality content can be easily solved without appearing.

Let me briefly analyze this project with you first, so that you can know that it is exactly the same as film and television editing.

There are many kinds of decompression videos known on the market at present, such as tire rolling fruit, squeezing in hand, jelly balloon, jack pressing things, and even that kind of broken blender is a fashionable decompression. Sometimes, when I brush this kind of video, I also want to see it twice.
Then we know so many decompression behaviors, and we can start to build our decompression numbers by choosing one of our favorite types. If we have the energy, we can do matrix operation, and several decompression behaviors with different numbers are all possible.

First of all, we should know a truth. All decompression videos highlight destruction. Only by destroying an object to the extreme can people feel comfortable, that is, destruction. This decompression video is actually the art of destruction.

There is no problem if we earn some pocket money according to the existing play, but if we want to earn more, we must make something special.

Around decompression, what’s special? In a certain hand, what made the first few online celebrity popular? Do you know, that is, renting Mercedes-Benz Land Rover cars, then smashing them, and winning millions of fans by smashing them?

You don’t really think that these online celebrity are really smashed. After they rented Land Rover, they replaced the front hood with a bad one, and then they smashed the front hood every time in the video to block the car. This kind of decompression not only saves costs, but also can be used repeatedly.

Digression, digression, but it can be seen from here that those great gods in online celebrity have also walked all the way from decompression video to now, but our current operation methods are more suitable for ordinary people, but the market is big, so I won’t elaborate on this.

Let’s talk about how to do decompression video.

Material arrangement

It is not recommended to carry such a simple short video, but if you have the energy to operate tiktok, you can carry it, and there are countless similar videos on various platforms.

Then, if we do it ourselves, the biggest problem is the cost. Decompression means destroying things and destroying beautiful things. We can try some low-cost decompression videos, such as cutting soap with a small knife, grasping styrofoam, and so on. The investment is small, but it works.

Another kind of video is made by computer, like snake eating, always eating snakes, always getting bigger, or playing Tetris, always disappearing, and if the elimination is successful, it will have a decompression sound effect.


Some necessary tools are still needed, such as shooting mobile phones and mobile phone brackets. It is best to restore the original sound effects. If there is a mobile phone, there is nothing to recommend. I think it is ok to make money by bubbling nets. If you want to buy a better video equipment, you can try Sony Card 7 with RODE’s wireless microphone.

If we are carrying videos to YouTube or tiktok, we’d better choose Google mobile phone or Apple mobile phone.

For props, it is recommended to go directly to some drinks or trading companies. Why? Because they all have a lot of products that are about to expire in their hands and are eager to sell them, and the prices are generally very cheap.

If you really don’t know where to find props, you can go to the local goods-for-goods stores. The things in these stores are generally about to expire, so we can talk about wholesale directly, so that the cost of getting goods is small, and we will destroy them after taking them back.

At this stage, I believe we have made our own decompression videos. Why don’t I suggest you carry them? First, there are many such videos, so there is no need to carry them. If the platform judges that they are plagiarized by carrying them, it will lose more than gain.

In addition, original videos taken by oneself can be uploaded to all video platforms of the whole network, including overseas ones, and only one IP is needed.

One of the biggest advantages of sending this kind of decompression video on the whole network platform is its high recognition, and every video platform has the creator reward of this original video, which is an income in itself.

In addition, some small program links can be added to this kind of short video, which can make money by promoting games or small programs owned by the platform.

With the accelerated pace of urban life, decompression videos will only be needed more and more. Not only these decompression videos, but if you want to quickly accumulate a lot of popularity in a short time, you still need a little different props. Of course, the direction is still decompression.

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