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Use the information difference to earn the difference, and teach you empty gloves and dollars


Nowadays, it is common for many people to have part-time jobs and sideline jobs.

No matter whether you are a student, a young unemployed person, a treasure mother with a baby at home, or an office worker, you can find a part-time job in your spare time, engage in a sideline business, and bring you an extra income.

Today, I will share with you a part-time platform from abroad, and tell you how to use the information difference set of “US dollars”

Platform introduction

Let’s briefly introduce the platform first. Fiverr, which is similar to the Witkey platform such as Zhu Bajie in China, has the lowest initial task price of US$ 5, so it is called Fiverr.
Foreign net earning: use the information difference to earn the difference, and teach you empty gloves and dollars

However, he and the domestic Witkey platform still have obvious advantages. For example, if you help people design a picture on the Zhubajie platform, you may only charge a few dollars, and if you calculate the exchange rate, you can earn about 30 yuan at the lowest. So there are a lot of people taking orders full-time.

There are also many categories above:
Foreign net earning: use the information difference to earn the difference, and teach you empty gloves and dollars

There are many sub-menus under each parent menu, so we won’t take screenshots here, that is to say, as long as we have a skill, we can turn skills into money on them.

Many friends will definitely say, I don’t have any skills, so I can’t do it. Don’t panic, look down, and there are ways to play without skills to make money.

How to make money

The premise of making money is to have a skill, and resource integration is also a skill. Let’s talk about skilled gameplay first

For example, the third brother in the picture below, he is dedicated to helping people in the picture. From the comments, it can be seen that he has received 1839 orders and earned 18390 dollars according to 10 dollars per order, which is equivalent to 70,000 or 80,000 soft sister coins.

Therefore, you can learn PS. It’s really not too simple to dig out a picture and add special effects. If you are too stupid, you should spend more time and watch more tutorials. I believe you definitely do much better than him. You can look at his design. I think it’s just so-so.

And this one, drawing cartoons with photos, can be done with Mito Xiu Xiu. It’s really not AI. There are a lot of small programs, and it may even be better. Actually, 203 copies have been sold, and they are divided into three specifications, face, bust and whole body, and the fees are still very expensive.

Information difference play

It’s certainly good to have a skill, but I can’t do anything. I’ll give you the whole job here.

Is to use the information difference to make money, information asymmetry reverse play, earn domestic money. Domestic orders and foreign orders.

We first identify a field, such as specialized design or subdividing illustration, graphic design, etc., and then go to the domestic Witkey platform to pick up tasks, or open a shop on Taobao.

Take logo, for example. The logo design on Fiverr costs 5 ~ 3,500 USD.

Look at the domestic platform, 500~1999 yuan, of course, there are more expensive.

We are taking orders by ourselves, and the price is 2000 or higher. Don’t panic and say that it is too high. Xiaomi’s new logo also cost 2 million yuan, just turning the square one into an ellipse. After receiving the order, you can ask foreigners to place orders for design.

For example, if you look for the $65, you can calculate it as 2,000, and we will earn about $268. There is a note here. When looking for a foreign designer, you must look at his previous works, find more comparisons, and control the price.

The second way to play

It’s just the opposite of the above game. Take the cartoon avatar for example.

We search for avatar comics on Taobao, and they usually sell for $5 and $10. If we hang it on Fiverr, we can earn money even if it only sells for $5.

There are many outsourcing jobs like this in China, such as designing business cards, P pictures, etc., which are all poor information.

Possible problems encountered

  1. Safe Internet access

Some small partners can’t go online when they look at foreign websites, but with this exception, they can go online in China.

  1. Payment and collection

Fiverr now supports four payment methods: PayPal, Fiverr Revenue Card, Bank Transfer and Direct Deposit.

PayPal is still recommended here to collect and pay. You can register and open it in official website.

  1. Translation problems

I don’t think this is a problem. Nowadays, many browsers bring their own translation plug-ins. If they don’t, just use Google browser or go to the expansion center to install them, and they will translate automatically.

  1. How to become a seller

Select mailbox registration

Fill it out step by step and follow the prompts.

It should be noted that the content should be in English, not in Chinese. Baidu translation can help you solve the problem.


In essence, the project makes use of the information gap at home and abroad to earn US dollars. It is a very simple project because it is platform-based and does not need to be drained by itself. If you are interested, you can try to operate it.

Ok, the above is today’s sharing. I hope you can have a good look at the operation ideas and processes of the article and open a sideline for yourself.

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