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What are the methods of video number drainage? I will share it with you from seven major directions


Today, the big coffee network earns you a summary. What are the methods of video number drainage? I will probably share it with you from seven major directions. Please read the next words carefully:

1.Video number introduction drainage

You have to know how to write this brief introduction. My common writing method is:

1. Introduce yourself;

2. The reason why others add you WeChat;

3. Gifts given;

2.Drainage in video number description

When you send a video, there will be several functions such as content description, # topic, @, etc. If you are smart, you should also find that in the description, you can leave a TikTok account

3.Video number extension link drainage

The title of your article must be attractive, otherwise the other party has no desire to click. In addition, you need to shape the value of your gift in the video, and then guide the other party to click on the link below.

4.Video number release activity drainage

The fourth is the publishing activity. Once you publish an activity, it will be displayed on the home page. The activity is empty to set the title, content and pictures, all of which are empty to put your drainage information.

This activity is a bit like a collection of topics. Everyone can send short videos related to the activity. After publishing, there will be a link that can be clicked.

5.Drainage in video number description

Commenting on drainage at the bottom of other people’s videos is actually used by many people. However, you should pay attention to some details, such as the skills of commenting on speech, and the quality of speech directly affects the drainage effect.

6.Video number private message drainage

This is that you send private messages to users. Of course, this is limited. For example, if you have a certain tone, you can only send private messages about 5 times. This method can also be used in video numbers. What you have to do is to search for some keywords through the video number, and many users will come out, and then go to private letters one by one;

7.Video number live drainage

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