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To make money online, you need to be flexible


To make money, you must be flexible and not have the ability to make money.

Before Xiaoa did WeChat group traffic, there were 100,000 groups on his hands, all of which accumulated over time.

How did he engage in the group?

First, spend a few dollars on Taobao to find a girl to record. It’s a very gentle kind. It sounds like the whole person is falling in love. I sent me a copy before, and I saved it in Baidu Cloud. I don’t know if it’s still there!

After the recording was ready, I started looking for someone to change groups~

At the beginning of posting it, Douban added some industry groups, of all types, and later bought some with money, and these groups were used as startup groups.

Making money online, everyone is keen to engage in traffic, and in the group, you can naturally meet these like-minded friends who need to change groups to accumulate traffic.

At the beginning, I changed thousands of them, but the effect was not ideal, and there were many dead groups. Everyone wanted to use their own trash group and advertising group for someone else’s active group.

Everyone is not stupid, as a result, there are not a few better quality groups.

But that’s okay. Xiao a also knows that this method can’t get a good group, so he screened some slightly better local groups, and then started ‘fishing’.

The recording comes in handy. The computer plays the recording, and the phone presses the WeChat voice: What about the little brother in the group? Come out and talk about 50 cents!

There must be an otaku who has taken the bait. Of course, the purpose of the small a is also very clear, that is, he wants to let the other party help pull a few groups, not to deceive money or deceive sex.

The speech skills are all prepared in advance. Which kindergarten teacher I am, just came here, and I have to do some questionnaires. I will sing a song for you. Can you help organize a few groups?

A lot of words like this should have been received two years earlier.

Generally, few people would refuse, so he used this method to create 100,000 groups.

How to realize so many groups?

Xiao a is a bit irony with me and told me a lot of secrets. In fact, I said it for the sake of looking at me sending him a red envelope of 200 yuan!

The adult world is all about value exchange, and there is no free lunch.

White whoring blindly consumes the other party, it is difficult to hear the truth, we were beaten badly, this is already carved into the bones.

  1. To run advertisements, charge by clicking or reading.

All advertisements such as black hair, breast enhancement, impotence, and Putian goods were accepted, and then local businesses opened, engaged in activities, and promotion, and received money every day.

  1. Run novels by yourself.

You may have heard of the novel cps. First, I will show you a few chapters for free. When the climax comes, you will be prompted to charge.

The recharge 100 commission is 75%, and the daily credit in peak period starts at 5 digits.

  1. Sell group.

Everyone is short of traffic. I happen to have it. If you pay, I will get you into the group and it will be done.

Paying the money first and then doing things is a consistent style. No one is stupid and pulls you into the group and then collects the money. Who will cry if you don’t give the money?

  1. Sell yourself

Official account or h5 single page, for soft-text advertising, the headline must be as exaggerated as it is.

As long as you click to see it, you have a chance to make a deal, and you made a lot of money at that time.

Later, it didn’t work, WeChat was tightened, various titles, and crackdowns. So I sold all the remaining groups in one go.

A few days ago, there was a small circle gathering, and small a was also there. A big brother said that he now has two to three million groups, covering more than a dozen cities, and a monthly turnover of 6 digits.

Xiao a was surprised and said that the group can still engage in it now?

The eldest brother said: We don’t mess around, play within the red line, safe and ruthless! A large number of messengers were sealed before.

Xiao a understood it, and then regretted it, because the loss of 100,000 groups was not a little bit.

The eldest brother said, isn’t the purpose of being a group is to make money? All roads lead to Rome, and when one road fails, just change the road.

Many people say that the novel cps is not easy to do. Smart people go to Douyin to do it, and they do it well.

Now another group of people are working on the video account, which is just like a duck in the water.

Xiao a said, you deserve to make money, the seeds are too alive, my tm just lacks some flexibility!

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