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Five drainage methods with the best effect, I hope they can help everyone!


There are many small partners who want to do self-media just to use the power of the platform to promote and drain their products. However, Xiaobai, who is new to the new media, is unfamiliar with the new media and doesn’t know the drainage methods of the new media, which leads to easy detours and wasted effort. Today, I will share these five drainage methods with the best effect, hoping to help everyone!

  1. What is new media marketing?

First of all, we need to understand the definition of new media and what new media is, so that we can better plan for drainage. Media is a tool that we use to transmit and obtain information. The new media is a new way to spread and obtain information with the development of the times. For example, such platforms as Aauto Quicker, Vibrato, WeChat and Weibo all belong to the scope of new media.

The promotion of new media means that we use all kinds of new media platforms to export our own content to potential customers and lay a hook for sales transformation.

Second, the new media drainage method

  1. Short video promotion

Short video is very popular at present, and short video platforms, led by three giants, namely Vibrato, Aauto Quicker and Video Number, emerge one after another, which is an indispensable channel for us to promote and drain.

Its advantage is that the fan base is very large. At present, the number of users of short video platforms has reached 818 million. In addition, the activity of fans is also very high. Therefore, short videos are very suitable for us to promote brands, and mass products are easy to promote. At present, many people with goods have emerged in various short video platforms. We can choose the corresponding platform for promotion and drainage according to the user portrait of our products.

  1. Promote from the media platform

Self-media platforms are platforms like Baijiahao and Headline, and their traffic volume is also very huge. Although short videos have become the current outlet, the drainage effect of self-media platforms should not be underestimated.

But the most important thing to do self-media drainage is to insist on sending soft articles, leaving soft advertisements and burying hooks. As long as your article is published, some people may see your article come to your door in a few years. At the same time, the threshold of self-media is very low, and Xiaobai can easily get started.

  1. WeChat WeChat official account promotion

Needless to say, WeChat WeChat official account is for our users. At the same time, WeChat fans are also of the highest quality. If fans have high loyalty to you, they can achieve a long-term marketing effect.

The disadvantage is that it is difficult to suck powder, but at present it has been connected with the video number, so we can drain it to WeChat official account through the video number to make fans precipitate. Another way to suck powder is to do seo ranking, rank our WeChat official account ranking, and the fan traffic through search is quite accurate.

  1. Community operation

The threshold of community operation is relatively high, and the operation stages are divided into four stages: innovation-promotion-retention-transformation. We need to accumulate a group of seed users in the early stage, and then achieve a transformation goal through the powerful marketing strategy and the control of users’ psychology.

  1. Website seo promotion

Seo promotion is an indispensable promotion method for marketing. At present, there are fewer people doing seo, and the competition is not as fierce as before. Therefore, both companies and individuals can do it.

The core point of the above five methods is to turn users into our own private domain traffic, which can be WeChat WeChat official account or WeChat personal number. Only by guiding to your own number can you become the most valuable user.

The above is the content related to the new media drainage method I shared today, and a little personal practical experience

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