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How to drain the video number live room? There are at least four ways


I have heard the most voices recently, and if I don’t broadcast live video numbers, I will regret it for life.

I believe you may have heard similar sounds in some live broadcast rooms or video numbers. I won’t comment on this idea, but … I believe WeChat is the end of all traffic.

All people who want to make money online are trying their best to import traffic into WeChat. After all, WeChat is the closest tool to collecting money from transactions, and even it will soon become an operating system. Almost everyone will use it, but More important than this …

The video number is wechat’s own product, so you can do it with confidence. There are basically no restrictions. It doesn’t matter if you write a lot of things directly and keep them directly. This is completely different from all other platforms such as Zhihu of a certain voice and a certain hand, so the drainage is simpler.

Video number

Today, Bubble Net earned you a summary. What are the methods of video number drainage? I will probably share it with you from seven major directions. Please read the next words carefully:


Video number introduction drainage

This is a very good place. If you are on a certain platform, you will find that you are not allowed to leave the platform directly. But wechat’s own children can leave their video numbers at will. But …

You still have to learn some skills. You have to know how to write this introduction. The common way to make money by bubbling net is:

  1. Introduce yourself;
  2. The reason why others add you WeChat;
  3. Gifts given;


Drainage in video number description

When you send a video, there will be several functions such as content description, # topic, @, etc. If you are smart, you should also find that in the description, you can leave a micro signal
It should be noted that the number of words describing the content should not exceed 40 words. The method is the same as the introduction. For example, in the video, you give someone a dry goods, but you only mention a certain point, so you guide others to add WeChat and send complete gameplay to others.

However, I usually do this, and the description generally refines the video content, generalizes the main points in one or two sentences, and guides the users to watch the video. After all, leaving WeChat everywhere will be bad for the user experience;


Video number extension link drainage

The extended link is a link to the WeChat official account article. You can prepare an article in advance, design welfare gifts, and put the QR code and WeChat, but it should be noted that …

The title of your article must be attractive, otherwise the other party has no desire to click. In addition, you need to shape the value of your gift in the video, and then guide the other party to click on the link below.

As long as the other party clicks on the link, they will see the benefits you have prepared, and they will naturally find you on the way.


Video number release activity drainage

The fourth is the publishing activity. Once you publish an activity, it will be displayed on the home page. The activity is empty to set the title, content and pictures, all of which are empty to put your drainage information.

This activity is a bit like a collection of topics. Everyone can send short videos related to the activity. After publishing, there will be a link that can be clicked.


Drainage in video number description

The fifth one is the comment drainage. I have shared the comment drainage of different platforms, such as headline, Weibo, Douban, WeChat official account and so on.

Then the comment drainage here is divided into two directions, one is to comment under your own video and guide the user to add you;

The other is to comment on drainage at the bottom of other people’s videos, which is actually used by many people. However, you should pay attention to some details, such as the skills of commenting on speech, and the quality of speech directly affects the drainage effect, so I won’t go into details.


Video number private message drainage

This is that you send private messages to users. Of course, this is limited. For example, if you have a certain tone, you can only send private messages about 5 times. This method can also be used in video numbers.

What you have to do is to search for some keywords through the video number, and many users will come out, and then go to private letters one by one;

On the other hand, you can also pay attention to the fans of your video number privately, because although the WeChat video number is bound to the micro signal, it is an independent account, so paying attention to the video number does not necessarily add your WeChat. At this time, you can give it to fans. Private letter, speaker let him add you WeChat,


Video number live drainage

The live broadcast of video number is a product currently promoted by WeChat, which gives a lot of entrances. In fact, it means that WeChat is supporting the live broadcast of video number, so it can be broadcasted quickly …

I’m also trying to broadcast live. If you are interested, you can send me a private letter to discuss it.

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