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How to make money from popular movies?


Why does online celebrity make money? online celebrity brings its own traffic. In the Internet age, heat itself is the focus of everyone’s pursuit. Just like Avatar, it has been tied to hot topics recently, and today we are talking about the profiteering project that makes money by popular movies.

The reason why popular movies can bring us benefits is that popular movies are rare, and one or two movies may come out in a period of time. If there are popular movies every day, it will not be sensitive.

Everything has two sides, just like a movie, when someone says yes, someone must say bad, so the heat is hyped up.

Just like “Avatar” released recently, it is definitely the heat in the heat. You can see how much the search index has increased by going to WeChat. It is very emotional that the movie released 12 years ago won the box office championship again.

Let’s not talk about the good or bad of this movie. The simple heat can arouse a group of fanatics from the media, who know how to use the heat and how to output some content to get a large number of fans.

So how do we discover and do a profitable film peripheral project from scratch?

If you want to make money from Avatar, you must know the popularity and search index of this movie. Here we analyze the two indexes of Baidu and WeChat, which will help us make reasonable judgments.
WeChat index is of great significance in the whole WeChat ecosystem, so the word Avatar does have very good traffic. How can we increase our exposure from the media and get these traffic?

There are two situations for our reference. The first is the optimization of keywords, which is not difficult to understand. Anyone who knows a little about website knowledge knows the optimization of titles and tags. If you name articles from the media, you can use related combination keywords, such as Avatar behind the scenes, Avatar shooting tidbits, Avatar high-definition resources and so on.

In this case, the exposure of keywords will be increased repeatedly. One of the biggest advantages of WeChat is that once your keywords participate in the ranking, they will be displayed directly and in real time.

The second is to do ranking, which is also easy to understand. It is nothing new to do ranking by optimizing keywords, but the weight of accounts is just as important. For example, if some numbers have high weight, they will be ranked better, and if some numbers have been certified, they will be ranked first.

If we want to simply market WeChat, the weight of the account is very important, including the number of fans of the account, the length of use, whether the content is original, and so on.

Then we know how to get the ranking, and the rest is how to make a profit through this movie.

First of all, we sell movie resources. This virtual commodity is very profitable. Here, you may have questions. Everyone has basically seen movies like Avatar. There is nothing new. Will someone buy resources?

Of course, we don’t just want to market Avatar. This movie is just a drain for us. We can sell our film and television resources in a circle of friends and so on.

Film and television resources are not necessarily new, and some old movies are scarce, so you can sell them if you can find them. After all, these people are also movie powders, and all the movies are more accurate, so you can sell them directly at the unit price of each movie.
Another way to play is to directly engage in a paid community. For example, in the QQ group, all kinds of resources that can be found are put in the group files of QQ. If you want to watch movies, you will pay to enter the group, which is simple and clear.

The second is to make money by the TV commentary number from the media. This TV commentary is mainly short video, which is actually relatively simple, that is, some movie fragments, plus the copy collected by Douban.

It is easy for the video number of movie and television commentary to gather powder, and there are various ways to realize it, such as small program, advertisement insertion and small yellow car with goods.

In addition, the last way to realize cash is to sell the film and television surroundings. This way of realizing cash is still a bubble net that tests the ability to predict movies, because most of the time, when a movie goes online, it is not hot, and the market has the final say, and it has nothing to do with us.

Then, if you prepare a lot of peripheral goods in advance, and the movie doesn’t catch fire, will it hit you? If you wait for the movie to catch fire before preparing these products, the market has already sold out. Therefore, to test your personal understanding of the whole industry, you must keep up with the wind.

Realize the popular film and television resources, prepare for the flow import in the early stage, and then expose our drainage copy crazily according to the optimization principle of keywords, and strive for higher flow import. After all, the flow is equal to the income.

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