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Microblog drainage, daily attracting thousands of powder, there is nothing wrong with it!


I have shared many articles about drainage with you before, such as idle fish drainage, WeChat official account drainage, community drainage and so on. Today, I’d like to talk to you about the micro-blog drainage project. What? Weibo is out of date? Indeed, Weibo is not as popular as it used to be, and many people around you don’t play it anymore. But as the main front of the rice circle, there are still quite a few people playing Weibo, but we are no longer users of Weibo. The microblog drainage project is well done, attracting thousands of powders every day, and there is nothing wrong with it!

First, the underlying logic of the project:

  1. requirements:

Nowadays, as long as you can drain the Internet, there will naturally be many projects that can be realized. Take-out CPS project, taobao guest project, novel project, tide shoes project, etc., which I shared before, can be realized in many ways, provided that you can get cheap traffic.

  1. Solutions:

Practical real-time number, real-time drainage to WeChat on the hot spot, realizing it (you can also sell powder directly)

  1. Income composition:

Income from project realization (or drainage income)
Second, the specific implementation

  1. What is a real-time number

Real-time number refers to an account with real-time function on Weibo, which has the same meaning as self-media account with original authority. With this real-time function, the published content can be immediately searched in the real-time column after being released, and this information can be brushed through keyword search (basically 10 pieces of information, one of which can be displayed immediately, that is, Real-time number

For example, if you post a microblog, it’s great to earn money by bubbling net. At this time, you use this keyword to search, and you can immediately see this microblog in the real-time column, which is OK. Of course, many people test real-time numbers instead of numbers, which is more convenient and accurate.

  1. What are the top three hot spots

On Weibo, when you search for a keyword, there are usually two places where it is popular, one is the popular column, and the other is the comprehensive column where you search for this keyword for the first time, and there will be three popular ones, namely, popular 1, popular 2 and popular 3, which are the top three. The top three hot spots represent traffic, and if they are ranked later, traffic will be very few, and basically they will be divided up by the previous information.

Therefore, when operating an account, it is mainly to look at the popular column (the comprehensive column will only be more accurate for the first time, and the subsequent search is to look at the ranking of the popular column)

To be popular, the most basic requirement is that the account number is a real-time number, so as to meet the basic conditions.

  1. Types of real-time numbers

Black real-time number: Black real-time number refers to the real-time number produced through informal channels, because the microblog password is relatively simple, which was obtained by unconventional means and passed the test. This kind of numbering needs to be cautious, and there will be certain risks. However, the black real-time number can also be divided into hot and cold. The cold real-time number means that this account has been placed for a long time. For example, you can see that this account has been posted on Weibo once in 14 years, and the latest posting is the test code for testing the real-time number. It has been six or seven years since then, so the risk of this number after purchase is very low. The same is true for hot real-time numbers.

White real-time number: the white real-time number corresponds to the black real-time number, that is, the real-time number produced through regular channels. There are a series of production processes, and the account number is relatively safe.

  1. Production process of white real-time number:

Generally, if you want to make a real-time number, you should publish 6-10 dual-topic microblogs every day with Nine palace map and two topics. Each microblog can be separated by about one hour (it is not possible to post continuously) (it is best for Nine palace map to sort out 9 interesting pictures by himself. If it is operated in batches, it can be cut into 9 pictures by Nine palace map software for publishing)

In addition to posting every day, another important dimension is to keep your account active. In the message bar of Weibo, there is a discovery in the upper left corner. Search for mutual powder, add some mutual powder groups, and share powder with people in the group to praise comments, which will help improve the activity of the account. (But don’t concentrate on brushing well in one day. Generally, it’s about 10 mutual powders a day. Try to average them every day. But remember not to get mixed up with some bad names such as micro-firms, which is easy to get into trouble. This principle is the same as the website SEO and vibrato number that I shared before.)

In this way, the real-time number can be produced in about 15 days (when doing batch production, the best quality is manual number, followed by machine number (automated operation with script)

  1. Yellow V certification:

The yellow V authentication of Weibo is relatively simple. Generally, if you click on the information, you will have Weibo authentication. There are three authentications in Weibo authentication: super topic authentication, video authentication and interest authentication. Among them, interest authentication is the most difficult, and it is necessary to send videos in a certain field vertically, and it is best to use original videos (batch handling is fine, and platform systems can be avoided by adjusting the number of frames and sizes, etc., and the passing rate of transported videos is naturally not as high as that of pure original videos, but those who really know how to handle videos can have the same effect as original videos). Interest certification can be applied according to conditions, although it will be difficult, but as long as it is sent all the time, there will be a channel to apply.

Super topic authentication is relatively simple. If you want to authenticate that super topic, you can apply in that super topic circle (it’s better to apply for a small host first, and then apply for a host if you don’t have it). Super topic authentication will have certain requirements for activeness, which is similar to applying for bar owners in Post Bar. Some people go to buy reviews and praises after posting, and basically send out 10 articles in 2 days (each time interval is about 1 hour), which can also meet the requirements quickly.

Video authentication is much simpler than interest authentication, and you only need to send remote video to submit authentication as required.

  1. How to get the top three in the drainage copy:

There are actually a bunch of tutorials on the Internet about how to get into the top three. The more practical method is as follows:

Drainage copywriting: Prepare drainage content. Drainage copywriting in each industry is different, but the principle is roughly the same. The best way is to find a competitor’s more mature copywriting, and directly take it and change it into your own contact information. (But you must make your own map, you can download a Wechat business watermark camera, and use Jiugongge cutting software to cut the map.) Drainage copywriting can go online to find some chicken soup texts, touching words, etc., and then insert contact information to operate drainage (the best method, But in any case, the original content will naturally have higher weight)

As the main front of the rice circle, micro-blog is of course indispensable for all kinds of celebrity gossip, etc. Through these topics to drain, the effect is leverage. For example, a few days ago, the hot synthetic watermelon game was searched on Weibo, and you can publish a drainage copy, saying that you can help people customize a synthetic watermelon game for free. By the same token, ants do the same thing. Bubble Net Earning I have shared many such projects that are drained by hot topics before.

Real-time: as long as the copy can be real-time, it is possible to become popular. Sometimes, it will fall down when it is used in real time. Maybe there is something wrong with the picture or copy (Weibo will shield the pure digital copy, and the contact information of drainage needs to be replaced by adding some synonyms).

Popular: The drainage copy is still there in real time 10 minutes after it is released, so you can brush it, buy some praises and comments, and buy it on the platform of Afa Pig. Generally, you can sell about 20-100 copies, so brush it slowly. If you buy too many reposts and comments at once, it will be easy to drop them in real time.

How to test whether it is popular or not: This is similar to how to test whether it is a real-time number, that is, copy a keyword in a blog post and search on Weibo. For example, the blog post is: Bubble net makes great profits, and part-time sideline projects slip away. Then we’ll make a great profit from bubble net. Take this sentence to search. If you don’t find it, you can change the number to search. Generally, there are not many keywords, which will be included. However, if you want to do this keyword, the hot ones are all certified accounts like Blue V, then if you want to be popular, you have to use the same number to grab the position. As long as the weight of numbers is high, ranking is not a problem. (If the popular location is not satisfied, you can continue to brush some praise comments and forward them. If you find that the drainage copy is popular or real-time, you need to change the account with higher weight and continue to operate)

Grab the hot spot: Generally speaking, Hot 1 is definitely the highest traffic, but it depends on the competitors to grab the hot 1′ s position. According to their magnitude, evaluate the magnitude of their needs (it must be noted here that when brushing, the account number is too hard. If the weight is not high, it will be easy to drop if you brush more)

Maintenance of popular locations: If the ranking of popular locations is found to have dropped, it needs to be supplemented, which is the same as the principle of maintaining the list of ASO. If it is an unpopular word, it can usually last for a week or two or even longer, and if it is a popular word, it usually lasts only 48 hours. Within 48 hours, you can find a way to continue brushing. After 48 hours, it is difficult to brush after falling. Normally, a number can be a hot word. Don’t think of a number as multiple words. The weight is not easy to brush up.

  1. Weibo drainage:

In the drainage copy, add the contact information, as long as it is real-time and popular, the traffic will come naturally. As for the conversion rate, it depends on the merits of the copy.

In microblog drainage, besides real-time and popular energy, it can also be drained by ranking. For example, if a user searches for a sideline business, a batch of microblog numbers related to the sideline business will come out. Buy a batch of Baida people (the market price is about 300), and change the name to keyword-related. For example, if the keyword is a sideline, then the name is: a part-time project to earn money by making a sideline by bubbling net. The more keywords are covered, the easier it is for others to search. The method of brushing rankings is similar to ASO, that is, doing fans, commenting, forwarding, etc., which can enhance the weight of accounts. Brush the account number to the top five, and the traffic will be relatively OK.

This is the same principle as WeChat official account SEO and Vibrato SEO. How to optimize this piece, making money by bubbling nets, I have already talked about it in detail in the previous two articles. As long as the ranking goes up, the search traffic is relatively stable, which is much more stable than real-time and popular (but the cost is also much higher).

If you have money, you can also buy other people’s tuba directly, and it’s OK to go to the top and rank directly.

III. Project evaluation:

1, suitable for the crowd:

This project is more suitable for people who have ready-made projects, or small partners who specialize in draining and selling fans.

  1. Cost

This project still has some costs, such as account cost and brush cost.

  1. Risk and control:

When it comes to drainage on other platforms, there will naturally be risks, such as current limiting and sealing. But as long as the benefits outweigh the costs and the accounts are calculated, we can continue to do so.

  1. Revenue:

Selling fans: Because this is a drainage project, selling fans directly is OK, and the process is the shortest. Look at the quality of your keyword-drained fans, which vary from a few hairs to a few pieces. According to 1 yuan per fan, attracting 1,000 fans per day can also earn 3W per month.

Self-owned projects realized: If I have projects that can be realized, such as take-out CPS, taobao guest, Wechat business, training and other projects, I have shared a lot before this project, and these projects can be landed. Drain the users and realize them on the ground. You can eat more than one fish, and the future will be wonderful.

  1. Project extension

Other drainage methods: Weibo drainage is similar to ASO, WeChat official account SEO and vibrato SEO, so as long as you understand the basic drainage principle, you can try to drain on other platforms. Even if you specialize in drainage and become professional, it is also a very profitable business. Holding the flow, you can really make waves!

IV. Summary:

Microblog drainage is a long-term thing, but when it comes to drainage, it is a tired thing, which belongs to the bottom of the Internet. But fortunately, it can graft Internet N multi-services, which can create more possibilities for your future. As long as you know how to drain, it is actually very easy to make money when there are cash items. If you want to do an internet project, you can start with the drainage project!

The above project sharing is for reference only. The project is changing and the idea remains unchanged

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