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How to drain Tongcheng powder? Summary of drainage ideas of Tongcheng powder


Entering a brand-new industry, when the heart is weak and weak, it depends not only on people and people, but also on the hidden and advanced drainage methods.

If you want to find a good drainage method in depth, you should always think differently, and the advantage of thinking is to know yourself better.

The benefits of knowing, compare your peers’ competitive points with you, and make up for each other’s shortcomings completely.

This can’t be understood by reading more books, or reading more tutorials. It is necessary to practice at the thinking level, and it is crucial to take root.
Do all kinds of projects, the purpose of cultivation, must be rush to cash, this is the last word that cannot be defeated.

Others seem to be like a flash in the pan. When they are tall for a while, they are in exchange for debt and face loss in the later period.

Write this article, mainly let you understand the importance of Tongcheng Powder, as well as some ways and means to know.

First, the benefits of making the same city powder

Tell a true story first.

A friend opened a fruit shop in the local area. He had no traditional experience before, and he just did 2.1-point work.

I found a store 1 year ago and rented it successfully in 20,000 years. I changed from an operator to a traditional businessman.

In the first two months, the quality of the fruits imported was good, and the selling price was cheaper than that of other stores, so the customers of other stores were slowly brought in.

Despite this, the welfare period is always pushed by quantity, and in fact, the profit is 50% of other points.

Both husband and wife are supported by the income of this store, and only by the size of the surrounding consumers, it is still very limited.

Every day, the net profit is less than 800 yuan, throwing the whole family’s livelihood into it.

Later, making money by bubbling net, I propose to lock customers in the way of commission, and attract consumers in other towns at the same time.
For example, Taobao can also apply for the qualification of head of delegation, that is, it has this right in the corresponding alliance platform, and it can be opened if it wants to meet several conditions.

This kind of city powder drainage idea is summarized as follows:

  1. Use offline stores to do activities for 1-3 days.
  2. The same online shopping products are cheaper to buy.
  3. One person shares and 10 people pull the group to receive the red envelope.
  4. Expand all kinds of commodities except fruits.
  5. Maintenance, promotion and establishment of group chat with 100 people.
  6. The more powder you suck, the more groups you build.

Advantages of making the same city powder: undoubtedly, it has a long-term nature, and its trust is much higher than that of online powder. After being well maintained, you can make deeper N realizations under the condition of recognizing you.

However, pure offline operations are still not done much, and it is necessary to rely on the promotion efforts of various platforms on the Internet

Only in this way can we defeat the enemy and solve the disadvantages of doing all the projects. How can we not make them bigger?

Second, how to drain the same city powder

I started to write the details of actual combat. I noticed the WeChat official account search before, and someone inside was doing traffic like this.
When these three pictures are combined, I believe some people have seen their eyebrows.

Roughly analyze:

First of all, search for the word “Didi”, and by looking for WeChat official account, you will get a bunch of area numbers below.

Then, if someone looks for a local number, it means that it is a local powder that can’t be ignored, and the drainage has hit the point.

Then, most of the demand for this kind of powder is mainly to pick up the cheap ones, while Didi is a flow word, and it sucks the whole live powder.

Finally, according to the attracted powder and the specific demand, the group can be pulled, which is convenient for subsequent accurate realization or sale and docking.

But then again, now an identity can only be registered with one number, and even an enterprise has two numbers.

If you want to do batch WeChat official account, what should I do?

Don’t panic, the omnipotent Taobao can solve all problems!
To search for this word, there must be some businesses that can fix it. If it involves sensitive topics in depth, let’s call it a day.

After the batch number is fixed and laid out, the fishing stage is entered.

The advantage of the hook is to throw the inlet, which can be used as bait with the help of human needs.
You can type a paragraph in the automatic reply, similar to the speech related to free taxi tickets.

Through step-by-step guidance, the target powder can be successfully circled.

Third, the idea of realizing the back end of the same city powder

Next, we will enter the last part, realizing.

The stupidest way to make a profit from Tongcheng Powder is to sell in one word!

What are they selling?

To put it simply, it is to sell the group directly, which sounds a bit vulgar, but there are a lot of people doing it!

Someone took these batches of Tongcheng powder and set up N groups.

The next step is to use these resources to change money one after another, usually selling 20 yuan per group.
For the first cooperation, smart sellers will send a group free of charge to achieve trust, which is convenient for subsequent sales to a major customer.

In addition to the above realization methods, other welfare vouchers can be used to push different projects, and even if the purpose of transformation is not achieved, it can also be used as a bridge to be a communicator.

The role of communicators is to pass on word of mouth frequently, which is equivalent to inviting a large number of people to help you promote.

The final summary:

The winning way to realize cash is integration, and the secret of integration is to know how to take advantage of speculation.

The rational need of speculation is to choose the right platform in order to attract the desired users.

Taking advantage of it is to solve the needs of different people, first establish feelings, and then realize realization.

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