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What are the drainage methods for idle fish?


I have written many articles about selling idle fish to make money, but I haven’t written much about the drainage of idle fish. On the one hand, the punishment of idle fish for drainage to third-party platforms is much greater than before, and on the other hand, if newcomers and friends are not familiar with selling goods, it is naturally a bit difficult to use idle fish drainage.
So what are the ways to drain the idle fish? Let’s take a look at the six methods that you have used.

  1. The first one is very simple. That is the idea that we use idle fish to sell goods, and when the customer takes the order, the drainage is realized by adding the customer’s mobile phone. You can directly search the customer’s mobile phone number and add WeChat. If you can’t find it, you can call or send a short message! The general routine is that I am the after-sales customer service of XX free fish shop. In order to provide you with good after-sales service, I can add my WeChat XXX. The success rate may not be very high, some friends can reach 90%, but some people feedback that the success rate of adding V is less than 10%, depending on the individual and the words! But this is a way!
  2. keep v skillfully by binding microblog.

This method is that when we improve our personal WeChat, we can change our Weibo name into our own micro-signal, so as to realize the situation of keeping WeChat! In this case, we must prepare a microblog number. Because of the inextricable relationship between Weibo and Alibaba, such a situation is allowed!

  1. Leave V for automatic reply.

Friends who are familiar with idle fish know that when customers consult, they can set up automatic reply. And when we reply automatically, we can set our code words. In this way, v cannot be directly or too naked, but v can be set as an abnormal character, so that the user can know the meaning. However, the title of this method is very serious at present, and it needs a strong heart if you need to try it, but the effect is very good!

  1. Remind customers to add your WeChat by voice.

For example, when a customer asks you questions, you can tell him to add your WeChat by voice, which is much more concealed than leaving a micro signal or mobile phone number directly in the dialog box. However, we are required to have a good command of Mandarin. Another practical problem is that if you are a boy, don’t try this method easily. Many people don’t want to listen to a man, so many people use voice changers to realize this routine.

  1. Add V by sending pictures.

This method used to be popular and easy to manage, but now the recognition rate of idle fish system has improved a lot, but it may not be realistic to not seal several accounts for drainage. This method is very simple, so I won’t describe it too much.

  1. Free fish player PRO uses classification to put V.

This method may not be clear to many people. Free fish player PRO can set the classification of products, and there is a display position of the classification name, such as the picture below, which you will know at a glance! Many idle fish players leave their own WeChat in this form when selling goods, so as to achieve accurate drainage!

There is a saying on the Internet that if you have 1,000 hardcore fans, it is easy for your monthly income to exceed 30,000 yuan. Compared with other drainage methods, the fans on idle fish are very accurate.

Some people are afraid of drainage. For example, many people don’t think about tea and rice after sealing a WeChat official account, feel depressed after sealing a headline number for a few days, and feel that the sky is falling. This kind of thinking is very difficult to do drainage well, drainage will naturally pay some price, but the rate of return is also very considerable!

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