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A network project that relies on a large number of accounts to collect money in batches


The financial arbitrage game of selling faces to make money, teach how to pay 2W yuan per year without brains.

When I hear about stock trading, many people have a big head. When I hear about stock trading, I think about copying the virtual currency EOS for 120 yuan in 18 years and the spot silver that lost my pants. For a period of time, my friends and I agreed that all those who believe that reading a few stock trading books can become Buffett are fools.

There is no reversal of the plot, and my view remains unchanged today.

I have been thinking about what is the essence of making money. I think, is from many uncertainties, looking for those uncertain things.

It has been several months since last year for me to do the innovation of Hong Kong stocks and convertible bonds. From the beginning of an account to the present, there are 18 numbers in total. In fact, the innovation is to look for certain things in the uncertain financial market.

I’m an internet farmer. Did I start talking about investment and financial management on the wrong set?

Wrong, I think convertible bonds are new, which is a network project that collects money in batches by a large number of accounts.

What is convertible bonds?

Convertible bond is an investment product with a guaranteed bottom and an uncapped top. The full name of convertible bond is convertible bond.

Convertible bonds refer to borrowing money from listed companies. Simply put, they are earned by a borrowing bubble net that can be freely traded in the market. Similar to stocks, they can be traded on the market within a specified time limit. When the borrowing money expires, it will be automatically converted into the stock of the borrowing company. Before the debt is listed, we apply to the exchange for purchase, and after winning the bid, we sell it on the day of listing for profit.

If you can’t understand it, try to understand it. It doesn’t matter what convertible bonds are.

Because this matter has no technical content at all, it is not too much for me to describe it by picking up money. Cousins who have not successfully completed nine-year compulsory education also know how to operate it.

A convertible bond account can collect about 2000 yuan a year.

Write a brief introduction.

First, open a securities account (Ping An, Huatai, etc.), and the APP store searches for their APP download, registration and login to apply for opening an account according to the process. If the account is opened successfully, the convertible bond subscription authority is opened in the app.

Then there is mindless purchase. When purchasing, all the top-level purchases are all one-time purchases. Because the winning rate of convertible bonds is not high, one-time purchase of 1W tickets can win 10 tickets, one of which is worth 100 yuan, and 10 tickets are just 1000 yuan.

You don’t need capital before purchase. After winning the bid, you can deposit enough money into the securities account. Generally, one sign is 1,000 yuan.

After winning the bid, you can basically earn two or three hundred dollars at a time, but occasionally you will lose tens of dollars at a time when you break it, which is basically negligible. You will never hold it when you sell it on the day of listing.

But one person can only use one account to collect money, so the key point of this matter is that you can settle several accounts. At present, I have eight accounts for convertible bonds, and I can collect one or two thousand yuan a year.

Some of my accounts can be connected to several accounts, but some accounts are black, which means one miss. If you are working on one number, you are spelling the face value. If you have enough accounts, it is really picking up money.

In addition to you, you have to find some ordinary people who are willing to help you make money by taking advantage of the bubble. You and your girlfriend, parents, and parents-in-law have six numbers. It is not difficult for your seven aunts, cousins, cousins and friends to make efforts to make 10 numbers.

You think from another angle, although there is little money, it is quite thick to throw it on the street if you change it into cash, and everyone who passes by and sees it has green eyes.

The essence of arbitrage is to find opportunities for asymmetric information.

To put it another way, convertible bonds are sold for 699 yuan in a new package, and there are still plenty of leeks to pay for it, which is just the case with a certain investment and a certain business school.

It’s more handsome to pick up money with what posture I taught you.

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