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You can’t jump out of BATT’s circle by playing with traffic.


You can’t jump out of BATT’s circle by playing with traffic.

What is BATT?

Tencent, Ali, Baidu, ByteDance.

Internet traffic will only become more and more focused, and the mainstream people will go to a fish pond. If you can’t play the mainstream Internet platform, you can’t eat the bowl of Internet marketing.

Flow is like water flow. The previous flow was all in a small river. You can play in any stream. As long as you can dig through a customer channel, you can survive in the market;

It’s different now. It flows into a river and flows into the sea from a small stream. Ten years ago, who would have thought that a content platform focusing on entertainment had a daily activity of 600 million (vibrato).

Byte is an amazing company, which has been invincible since the first product today’s headlines. Today, Xiu Cai talks with you about how to operate the headline number.

After reading today’s headline operation routine, you can also write highly read articles and make platform profits!
In 2012, Byte began to launch the inside version of today’s headlines. Compared with several other antique-level applications, the new headline number is like a baby, which is not worth mentioning. But unexpectedly, in the next eight years, the number of headline users increased all the way, and the number of users increased.

By the end of 19 years, Toutiao has achieved remarkable results of 700 million users and 200 million daily lives. In the Internet business, today’s headline should be a traffic platform that can’t be bypassed anyway.

Being self-media on headlines, the writing threshold is much lower than other platforms, and you can see the benefits immediately. Headlines are a platform worth trying for new Internet users.


Since we want to study headline numbers, we must start with the headline algorithm.

Three algorithmic mechanisms of today’s headlines:

Recommendation mechanism: The recommendation mechanism of today’s headlines is very similar to vibrato. The platform will first recommend traffic to the first wave, which is about four or five hundred. Then, according to user feedback such as article click rate, reading time and forwarding, the platform will see if the article can be recommended to the next flow pool. If the article has good data feedback, it will continue to recommend to the next flow pool, and so on, until the data does not meet the recommended standard and the transmission is interrupted.
It is very important to understand this algorithm, which reveals the underlying logic of making headlines-the machine can’t recognize whether your content is good or not. As long as your article can be read and interacted by readers, the platform will determine that it is a good content, even though the content of this article may be rubbish.

In this case, as long as we can fix the recommendation mechanism of the platform and find out the preferences of the platform, it is also possible to write an explosion of [ignoring] writing ability.

Duplicate elimination mechanism:

Looking for an article in Baidu and carrying it to the headlines, will it work? It won’t work.

After you carry a few articles, you will find that there is no recommended quantity for this number.

Although the ancients said that “the world’s articles are plagiarized greatly”, from the headline point of view, I paid you money to create content. If I keep moving garbage here to profit from the platform, would I not lose money?

But then again, the intelligent algorithm is a retarded child, and it can’t distinguish the similar contents. As long as the moved articles are re-created, so that the algorithm can’t recognize them, then carrying is a feasible way.
Here, first solve a problem that you may encounter when making headlines. Why isn’t the headline number recommended?

One reason is that the repetition is too high, and there are many similar contents on the platform; The second reason is that it triggers the sensitive word detection mechanism. Of course, if the article contains hard advertisements, it may also be a factor that causes the article not to read.

Label mechanism:

Tags are a game that runs through headlines. Authors have creative labels, users have readers’ labels, and even each article contains different labels. Labels are an important mechanism that affects the amount of recommendations.

It’s like you’ve been creating content in the emotional field before. Now that you start writing about cars, the platform algorithm will start to be confused, and you don’t know where to recommend your article.

On the other hand, if you write an article, and the key words of this article are accurately identified by the system and matched with the user’s tags, then this article will definitely achieve very good results.


After talking about the platform algorithm, let’s talk about how to make content.

The first item in the content is the title, and the scholar will teach you how to write the title that makes readers want to click.

Five tips for making titles:

  1. Low repeatability

Headlines don’t like repetitive articles. For example, everyone is chasing an entertainment hotspot. The first person writes “Divorce+Small Three” and gets 100w reading. The second person writes “Divorce+Small Three”. The platform only gives him 20w reading, which gradually reduces the reading amount. When you write, the platform may only give you 1000 reading amounts.

There is a good way to avoid this: after the title is thought out, search it in the headline search box, and change the keywords if the repetition is high.

  1. Use numbers skillfully

People’s subconscious mind doesn’t like the content that is difficult to understand. Now readers like to read articles by shooting, just to get the most information in the shortest time. Titles with numbers are easier to be accepted by readers than titles without numbers.

If you don’t believe us, let’s give it a try. If you look at the phrase “the benefits of using numbers in titles”, you can’t understand it. “The three benefits of using numbers in titles” are more attractive, but the emphasis is still on “using numbers in titles”. Then look at “the benefits of using numbers in three titles”, which is easy to understand and will induce readers to click involuntarily.

  1. Pre-interest

Why do readers open your article? Because he has a need and a desire to take. Interest points are directly placed in the title, which can make readers more interested in reading articles.

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In the title, tell the reader what problem I am solving in this article. The more targeted the problem, the higher the reader’s desire to open the book. There is no false space or hazy beauty, which means telling the reader that all the dry goods you want are here. Come on!

  1. Arouse curiosity

“How to coax a child who has lost his temper? The methods in these picture books are amazing. “

Curiosity is human nature, and abstract pertinent questions in the title can arouse readers’ curiosity and open their eyes to reading.

  1. Resonance

“You think that being rich is just unprincipled doting.”

The topic viewpoints arouse readers’ resonance, which makes it easier for readers to click on articles to read.

After reading it, do you still have no clue? You don’t have to remember the above title making skills. The purpose of the scholar’s writing here is to let you know “what is a good article title”. In the actual operation process, especially the operation of today’s headlines, what we need is the assembly line production content.

The self-media title is the easiest module to use, and a good title can be changed by modifying one frame after another.

How to create original content.

Answer: Carry the explosion on Platform A, carry out secondary treatment, and carry it to Platform B.

There are many self-media platforms: Today Headline, Baidu Baijia, Baidu Xiongzhang, Jane Book, Penguin, Little Information, Sohu Public Platform, UC Big Fish, Netease, Sina Watch, 360 Self-media, Fun Headline, Dongfang, etc.

Moreover, the content positioning of these self-media platforms is similar, and the content that gets angry on platform A can also get angry when it is transported to platform B.

Each platform is a material library for headlines. Next, we will teach you how to carry out secondary processing, and the production line will produce original articles for headlines.

The secondary creation from the media is nothing more than adding, deleting and modifying three skills.

Add: replace all the pictures of the original self-media articles, add materials to the copyright-free websites, or search other articles of the same paragraph with article keywords, and slightly modify their article pictures with Mito Xiu Xiu, change the brightness and add some colors, which is a brand-new picture. You can also insert a famous quotation into the original text for differentiation.

Delete: Delete part of the content in the article. For example, this article quotes a story of [tortoise and rabbit race], then you search Baidu for a similar story to insert.

Change: Change from the beginning to the end of the article, and repeat the original text in your own words. For example, the original sentence of the article is “A scholar is a handsome guy”, so in your own words, “A scholar is not only talented, but also beautiful beyond ordinary people”. You can also put the content of the comment area of the original article into the article to become a brand-new article.

After the above processing, an article on platform A becomes an article on platform B. This article is original on platform B, so it can pass the barrier of turning around and eliminating the weight.


Article structure:

5-10 pictures with 500-1000 characters.

The shorter the article, the higher the reading completeness rate. Look at the article on QQ, opening a picture, the content depends on editing, and it will attract readers to abuse. But what those readers don’t know is that [the harder you scold, the higher the popularity of this article, the easier it is to spread], and the higher the income of the creator.

Headlines want to profit? Just be a firm title party. Anyway, people who write and people who read don’t believe it. It’s strange that the platform can get stronger and stronger without rhyme or reason.

Making headlines is all routine. Because the machine can’t identify whether an article is good or not, stepping on the article label is the beginning of the explosion.

The machine can’t recognize your article, it can only recognize the tags corresponding to keywords, and the tags correspond to the user groups.

How to ensure that the article will be recognized by the machine? That is to increase the keyword density in the article.

For example, if your article is about whitening, the keyword “whitening” appears once in every paragraph of your article, which is the optimization method of SEO. The arrangement of keywords can make the headlines more easily identify the keywords of the article and recommend the content to the people with the same label.

To add one point, since we said that the content is transmitted by users’ feedback, if you want to get the article exposed, you can write controversial content, and even use trumpet to tease users’ emotions in comments at the end of the article. Trumpet deliberately leaves a message at the bottom of the article [find someone to scold], which is the detail of making headlines.

The creation of templated content is actually unfriendly to most people. Because the essence of machine recommendation is [user behavior], the platform will only recommend according to the content that users like, which means that unless you jump out of this circle actively, you will not receive differentiated opinions and information. The content recommended by the system is homogeneous, which is the origin of the information cocoon house. If you can’t jump out of the cocoon of information, you can easily become a slave to information.

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