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In today’s Internet age, as long as you put your heart into it, there are business opportunities everywhere. You might as well search Taobao with keywords, and there will be services that you have never heard before, and those that you didn’t expect will be available in Taobao.

For example, it’s a cold winter, and it’s difficult for most people to get up early. If a handsome guy or a beautiful girl calls to wake you up every day, do you enjoy it? Will it be difficult to get up?

Therefore, some people specialize in wake-up service. Although it is very small, the transaction volume on Taobao is considerable.

The so-called wake-up service, as its name implies, is to wake you up. Items belonging to a very small group are limited to singles who are eager for the attention of the opposite sex. From the perspective of human nature, men are the main ones.

At present, there are more and more single men, with great work pressure and little income, and they are especially eager for warm greetings and care in the dead of night.

When a goddess calls you up with a sweet voice every day, will you refuse? And it only costs a few dollars. Do you think it’s expensive?

How to do this project?

  1. design products

Design products according to different time periods, different personalities and ways.

For example, starting from 5: 00 a.m., a reminder will be given every 5 minutes with half an hour, with different words and different personality styles, such as voice, telephone and video.

  1. Charge standard

Customers can purchase services according to their needs, usually on a monthly basis, and the price is between 200 and 300, which exceeds the existing service standards and adds fees.

  1. Recruit and buy horses

Because the service target is mainly single men, the service personnel need to be women, and one service personnel can be recruited at the initial stage. With the increase of business volume, more personnel can be recruited to participate in bubble net earning, or outsourcing can be adopted.

  1. Operating mode

1) drainage. You can set up a number of baits in the gathering place of single men to attract accurate fans to add your WeChat, and then build a group to raise them.

2) realizing. This project has already been done in Taobao. As long as you do it better than others, you can make money.

However, as a novice, Taobao is not the best choice, and it is more suitable for realizing it on WeChat. Learn more about WeChat 228411787

  1. Profit analysis

This project needs no investment and is easy to operate. As long as there is customer consumption, the repurchase rate is relatively high. For example, if there are 10 customers in a month, the income will be 2,000 yuan. What if it is more?

In addition, the service can be extended in the later period, such as telling jokes at noon, greeting good night, putting people to sleep, urging various matters, and so on.

Of course, sharing this project here doesn’t mean that you have to do it, but only by analyzing this project, it helps you to understand the rules, so as to get everything done.

No matter what kind of projects you encounter in the future, if you draw inferences from others, the results should not be too bad.

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