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How should we build our own material library?


Material is the source of inspiration for our content. The first step for us to start doing content from media people is to find materials, which is also one of the biggest problems faced by newcomers on the road. So, how do we build our own material library? Today, I will share my top 10 material websites with you. I suggest you keep them!
First, the article material

The article material library is indispensable for our small partners who write articles. The following three articles are shared with everyone.

  1. Easy to write

Easy writing is one of the tools that our media people like to use very much. Its functions are very complete, including: article collection, title assistant, original detection, hot word analysis, etc. It can make our creative road easier, more convenient and faster.

  1. Optimism

The function of Optimism is similar to that of Easy Writing. The only difference is that it is free to use, and easy writing explosive articles can only be used by opening members. Small partners who like white female tickets can choose it.

  1. Major Q&A platforms: Baidu knows, Zhihu, Wukong Q&A.

The third channel is the major online question-and-answer platforms. Many people have shared their experience posts on the Internet, so we can search their articles, and then think and turn them into our own.

Second, the video material

Many small partners who do video editing often encounter situations where they can’t find the material. There are 2 websites that can download HD videos and recommend them to everyone:

  1. Movie Paradise

Movie Paradise is a relatively large movie play online platform in China. Besides, it can also be downloaded in Thunder and mobile phone video format. It has more than 1 million resources, and can also watch and download the latest movies and TV dramas online. Every day, there are massive resources updated. It is a software worth downloading.

  1. Everyone’s film and television

Renren Film and Television is one of the well-known film and television sites, which updates a large number of movies and TV dramas every day. It is completely free and the picture quality is very high, so it is worthy of our choice to use it.
Third, hot materials

If our reading volume of articles or videos is low and there is no recommendation, then we can find hot materials to do our own content.

  1. Weibo hot search

Micro-blog is one of the platforms with the largest traffic at present. The hot search list of micro-blog updates hot spots in real time every day. As long as we pay attention to it from time to time, there is no hot spot to chase.

  1. Baidu Billboard

Baidu Billboard is automatically calculated by Baidu system according to the number of keywords that our users search every day. Every morning, it will update the topic that users pay most attention to and search the hottest in real time. It is also a good tool for us to find hot spots.

  1. News highlights

The news highlights are owned by Guangming. com, and you can see the latest information on current affairs, international affairs and entertainment every day.
After finding the hot spot, we have to judge whether the hot spot is sensitive or not, and whether it is worth writing it, because if the hot spot we are chasing is sensitive, the platform will not recommend it, so it will lose more than gain.

At this time, we can use Baidu Index as a tool, which can detect the information index and media index of this hot spot, which is very convenient.

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