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Make money with your icon works


In this issue, we introduce you to make money with your icon works. As we know, the works on many icon websites in China are designer works without copyright. If your company wants to use them commercially, it is not feasible, which may involve intellectual property lawsuits. Many people do not have the copyright awareness of this piece, so they should pay attention to it in the future. In foreign icon platforms, many creators can sign contracts with the platform, or upload their own icon works to sell and earn profits. Many foreign individuals and enterprises pay more attention to intellectual property rights, so the icon works created by designers can earn a good source of income, and many freelancers rely on this to make money. On the platform we introduced to you today, you can sign a contract with the platform to become an exclusive designer to earn US dollars part-time or full-time according to workload, or you can become a contributor to earn US dollars according to download volume, or you can write articles related to design and earn US dollars part-time, just choose any model that suits you.
I introduction: what Flaticon platform?

Flaticon is a project created by designers and developers, which mainly provides vector icons, including PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD and BASE64 formats which provide free icons. At present, there are 1,882,500 vector icons in total. Users can apply to sign up to become creators, become a member of the international designer/photographer community of the platform, and earn a fixed-price icon dollar income by volume; If you don’t want to be hired, you can also go to the contributor platform for your icon work last time, and get a share of dollars per download; If you can write English pictures and texts such as design tutorials, design trends, articles, etc., you can also sign up as a writer and earn dollars per article. You can choose the model that suits your work and start earning dollars on this platform.

Second, method: how to settle in Flaticon and become a creator to earn dollars?

There are three profitable modes of the platform, the first is the signing mode, the second is the contributor mode (which we have already introduced), and the third is the graphic article writing mode. Today we focus on the first mode and the third mode.

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