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How to realize the flow in hand and how to play happily


First of all, don’t be a WeChat official account for movies recently. Many movie numbers have been emptied, so you can still consider transferring them to personal WeChat or QQ.

First, routine 1

Before last year, many people made a wave of red envelope cover traffic, but after that, the popularity of red envelope cover dropped directly. Those who came in late patted their thighs assiduously, but they all took pictures, so they had to find a new way to play.

First of all, make a special two-dimensional code picture for drainage, which should include both the propaganda picture of popular movies and the two-dimensional code for drainage. The content of the two-dimensional code is your personal micro-signal, and I won’t provide it here. If you are interested, you can add bubble net to earn WeChat (loveyou4153) to see the material in your circle of friends.

Secondly, add various movie groups. At present, the most popular WeChat group is Post Bar. Find groups in various Post Bar to mix in.

Just bomb the drainage map just made. Here, we should pay attention to the fact that you must not add the same number, or you will regret one thousand years.

After the bombing of this meal, it depends entirely on your personal execution. The more people you send, the more people you drain. This is only the first step.

Second, routine 2

Through some WeChat management tools, we can automatically send messages in groups (I also share the tools in my circle of friends, just check them by myself). The content of the messages is probably to ask the users if they have seen the latest popular movies, and if they do not reply, they will automatically reply to the links of qq group.
The invitation link of Q Group can be obtained in Group Chat Settings-Share-Copy link in the upper right corner, and then replace the invitation link above.

Third, routine 3

Some people here may ask me if it is not the same to directly use WeChat. Or go to WeChat official account is not the same? Why do you have to join QQ group?

Because they can see what they want directly in QQ group files, but they can’t see what WeChat group newly comes in. As for why we can’t WeChat official account, we have already said it at the beginning of the article.

If you don’t have too many problems, just do it directly, but here’s a detail to explain to everyone.

Because video files will be relatively large, downloading will also take time, so users will not quit the group immediately after downloading, so files must not be put in various network disks, etc. Users will not quit the group without downloading them, so this time is our best conversion time.

Therefore, transformation is the key point, specifically, transforming orange heart, taking out or guiding powder. It’s good for everyone to be happy, and how to realize happiness by holding the flow. This set of processes has been played by big bosses, so long as they are willing to implement the absolutely lacking projects in the new year.

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