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WeChat pushes each other up 50+, how to find people who push each other


No matter how many tens of thousands of fans you have on other platforms, the final diversion terminal must be WeChat, because WeChat has other platforms that do not have social attributes, so it is easier to reach users.

This method of mutual push has been used by many people in the past two years, and the effect is also very good. Since last year, I have pushed each other’s accurate fans of 6k powder. Now the effect of mutual push is not as good as last year, but it can still be done.

Now, I push each other up to 50+ every day, so I can play boldly while pushing each other. Adding powder to WeChat friends is more reliable than many projects.


So how to find people who push each other, you can search in qq group, or find WeChat group in the same industry, and add the group owner link to push each other.

You can also search for keywords on the post bar, and you can find many people who push each other.

Looking for people who push each other in the early stage, people who push each other reliably can pull up a WeChat group, hold a group together to keep warm, and let others pull people of the same size in to push each other together.

The method of pushing each other to increase powder must still have effect now. Whether the effect is good or not actually determines who you push each other and how well your copy is written.

It is suggested that you can push by people of the same level. For example, if you make money on the Internet, you will always find people who create cattle on the Internet and do self-media and online projects to push each other, so as to ensure the quality of fans.

Also see if the other party is cutting leeks. Otherwise, after pushing each other, your fans will be harvested wildly by others, and it will be bad for the fans to come back to settle accounts with you.


First of all, on the premise of pushing each other, you should have a certain number of friends, do not conflict with each other’s business, let the other party record his WeChat avatar, and then click the address book to the bottom to see if the specific number of friends meets the requirements.

What should be paid attention to is the mutually pushed copy, not too long, brief introduction of yourself, and finally bait, what materials and projects to send. This kind of inductive copy is the most attractive to add.

After sending them to each other, you can let the other party take screenshots of the circle of friends. If there is a villain, it will block some friends. If not, it will be fine.

Also, after the other party sends a circle of friends, they can use a WeChat trumpet to add the other party’s WeChat and confirm that there is no problem in their circle of friends.

Some people will set “visible to some people”, that is, only visible to those who push each other. This is what we often call “cheating and pushing”.

In addition, the best time to push each other is from 8: 00 to 9: 00 in the evening, and the effect is the best.

In addition, before sending a copy, you can set WeChat plus friends to prevent frequent failure.

Find people who push each other according to your profession. For example, I’m a net creator, and I’ve made a lot of money by bubbling the net. I know a lot of people who do different network projects, but if the business is not in conflict and the fans have the same attributes, I can push them.


When pushing, we should look at whether the other party’s circle of friends is sticky. Generally, we should look at whether the other party often sends some advertisements and opinions. Generally, we don’t do ip. People are not so strong. It is no problem to push 20-30 people at a time.

If you push with people who do ip and have your own community, this is the best. If you push with them once, you can get 50+, which is very happy.

After pushing with the other party, ask the other party about the powder increase in time. If it is not enough, you can make up for it. Only in this way will cooperation last.

If you push an effective person, you can mark it well and ask the other person to push it again after a while. Because they didn’t push for a while, everyone got pink. Pushing back will also achieve the effect of powder swelling.

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