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A small way to increase powder and a concentrated crowd is the natural flow pool


Since investing in maternal and child stores, the understanding of this business has gradually deepened.

How to drain the tourists is a question that we often think about.

Just after the end of the year, I communicated with some treasure moms and found a small way to increase powder.


The concentration of people is the natural flow pool.

A common way to drain local fans is to push in crowds.

For example, those who engage in credit cards go to the office building, those who engage in gymnasiums go to the square to distribute leaflets, and those who engage in real estate go to the subway station to advertise.

Bao Ma powder is no exception.

As long as we find the crowd concentration area, the problem of drainage and powder swelling will be well solved.

The cause of the incident is the experience of a treasure mother telling her story:

“The children were vaccinated for the nth time years ago, and there was a long queue.”

There are several messages in this sentence:

  1. Children should be vaccinated many times
  2. Generally, there are many people in the vaccination area, and they have to queue for a long time
  3. When there are many people, it is normal for children to cry. Coaxing children is just a necessity.

So in view of these points, we carry out reverse marketing, and there are many ways to operate.

Not much to say, just talk about dry goods:


Why Bao Ma powder?

  1. Taking care of children is usually the mother’s responsibility.
  2. Bao Ma basically mastered the family’s economic rights and consumption rights.
  3. The number of appointments per day at the vaccine station is about 100-300, which are all precision powders
  4. How to avoid children crying in crowded places is a problem.
  5. You can add your mother’s contact information only by fixing your child at a very low cost.

Such as free balloons, toys and paper towels.


How does the project operate?

  1. estimation of traffic flow:

Go to the health center or around the hospital, and roughly count how many children there are every day, so as to determine the number of gifts.

  1. Find the source of goods

The channels are on the second line: 1688, Pinduoduo searches for products within 3 yuan

Offline: find peers, wholesalers and suppliers

  1. Choose cost-effective products

The overall budget is controlled around 2 yuan.

It can be one of balloons, pinballs, cards and toys.

  1. Free products

Buy products, send them out free of charge, or sell them for 1 cent.

Money doesn’t matter, adding fans is the purpose.

  1. Get the gift threshold

Before giving gifts, ask the other party to add a WeChat message.

Speech: This is the welfare of society for children.

Next time, we will wait for similar words as bait.


How do fans realize it

  1. source recommendation

Amoy guest, Wechat business choose one.

You can be an online maternal and child brand, selling all the high-quality products commonly used by children.

The source of goods is still 1688 and Pinduoduo.

  1. Knowledge payment

Distribution and training.

Be an agent or sponsor of a course.

You can train any preschool tutoring course related to children.

For example: calligraphy, arithmetic, communication, EQ.

  1. Recruit agents

After having children, the expenses will be much higher than before.

So many treasure moms are looking for sideline projects.

I want to earn money to support my family while taking care of my children.

This is a very strong need.

Recommend your project to them as an agent, or sell the project, which is one of the ways.


Take a long-term view

The project itself needs a certain amount of investment, so the playing method depends on people.

But from the conversion of the value of our Internet fans, the project is cost-effective.

The cost of our single powder in the whole project is about 2-3 yuan.

If we want to convert 1000 fans, it will cost about 2000-3000 yuan.

And the same money, put in Baidu bidding, throw out 2000 yuan, may attract less than 10 precise powders. The cost is extremely high.
One of the biggest advantages of local fans is that they support offline in the same city.

Connecting with some local maternal and child-related industries makes it easy to realize fans.

If you still want to eat fans’ bonus for a long time, you need to keep in touch with them for a long time.

The simplest way is to build a knowledge sharing platform, such as Zhihu.

Import all the fans into the WeChat official account, and nourish the powder by continuously outputting the content.

What does Bao Ma like and pay attention to

Send out what they are interested in.

The more content is sent, the more traffic there will be.

With traffic, there will be opportunities for advertising cooperation.

With cooperation, it will be a matter of course to earn money.

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