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How do physical stores break through short videos?




The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 caught all the offline entrepreneurs by surprise.

Catering, tourism, hotels, auto repair, training, exhibitions, etc., almost all service industries have suffered customer flow disruption because of the epidemic.

As far as the residential shops and small businesses in front of my home are concerned, they have closed and transferred in large quantities in more than one year.

There is a large-scale coffee shop, which has just been renovated. The epidemic has come, and the door has been locked so far.

The Ferrari that the proprietress often drives told me that the owner of this coffee shop has mines in his home.

As for those physical stores that survived, they are struggling to get more and more passengers.

This article is 3,500 words in total. If you are opening a physical store, this article can at least help you earn hundreds of thousands more. You must read it patiently.

The article is a bit long, so it is recommended to collect it before reading it.

Outline of the article:

  1. preface
  2. Business is difficult, competition is great, and traffic is lacking (status quo)
  3. In the post-epidemic era, how do physical stores break down? Where is the customer, where is the marketing (user thinking)
  4. How do physical stores break through short videos? (operation mode)


[Great competition, lack of traffic]

I have written an article about breakfast take-out shop before. The proportion of take-out platform is almost bloody. There are two final results of squeezing merchants. Merchants choose to close because of high cost;

There is another kind that people don’t want to see, because the cost is too high, merchants choose [low-quality ingredients].

The platforms kill the chickens and take the eggs, and finally the consumers pay the bills.

Local businesses want to fight their way out in their own categories, which must be a huge money price.

I know the owner of a local chain restaurant in Hangzhou, who spent a lot of money to optimize the keywords of his restaurant to the top three.

There are more monks than meat, and the competition in the physical store industry is a red sea.

[In the post-epidemic era, how do physical stores break down? 】

When offline business is getting harder and harder, and traffic is getting scarcer, do traditional physical stores still have a chance to break through?

My answer is, yes, playing short videos.

Video content will become the main content in the next 10 years.

-Zhang Xiaolong

[Where is the customer, where is the marketing]

Remember the popular “Haidilao DIY Fresh Food in Sigongge Clear Water Pot”, an ordinary netizen shared the video, and then set off a “Tide of Eating online celebrity in Haidilao”, which brought huge flow exposure and offline transformation to Haidilao.

I still remember clearly that I have been waiting in line for a long time in order to try this online celebrity way of eating. …
It doesn’t matter what you eat. It’s the key to punch in and send friends.

From this case, we can see that the online traffic of vibrato is very strong, and this potential energy is divided into four steps:

First of all, users spend money online, take videos and send them to the Internet to become online traffic;

Furthermore, the online traffic is pushed to the corresponding interested users, so as to realize the resonance of more users and become an explosion.

Then, convert these online traffic into the punch-in of offline stores.

Finally, these people who punched in the cards then shot fission and returned to the line with more content.

Content and traffic become a complete closed loop, and merchants benefit immensely.

As I wrote in the previous article, local merchants also have a more suitable drainage method, namely, [planting grass in online celebrity] mode.

No matter whether it is a new store or an old store, find a group of online celebrity with a little fan base to punch in the store and show their own store on the grass planting platform.

You don’t have to doubt the power of [planting grass], but I’ve been to almost all the new shops in Hangzhou [punching in online celebrity] in recent years. Up to the afternoon tea in the five-star hotel, down to the vendors in the corners, as long as online celebrity grows grass, we all punch in.

[How to play grass planting platform? 】

Paid+free form.

Jiang Nanchun of Focus Media said that the purpose of advertising is to occupy the minds of users.

Continuous exposure+good reputation will eventually create a [I should buy] in the user’s mind.

The function of advertising is to help customers make decisions.

Free is relatively simple, invite bloggers to come to the store to punch in, and give them a free bill in exchange for their grass tweets on the grass planting platform.

There are two types of payment, one is to find big V to recommend, and pay directly according to the number of grass planting promotion.

The other is that amateur bloggers who do not need influence but have certain network experience find a group of amateur bloggers to send grass articles in batches through intermediary, which generally requires hundreds to one thousand fans, and the cost is thirty or fifty dollars.

[The cost of planting grass is getting higher and higher, what should I do? 】

[Where traffic gathers, money will follow], merchants should acquire users in a larger and updated traffic pool.

Where is the bigger traffic pool now? Vibrato.

More than 90% of users choose to relax on vibrato, with a daily life of 550 million, which is definitely a huge gold mine for marketers.


[How do physical stores break through short videos? 】

In this chapter, I don’t talk about brand drainage, but only about how [local businesses] use vibrato to get 100,000 users for free, so as to earn millions of profits every year.

Several key parameters: 1. Vibrato search; 1. Keyword screen-blocking; 2. Content planting; 3. Positioning function.

(1), [vibrato search]

This is based on the fact that vibrato is naturally generated by the huge daily users at present. When the display effect of short video content is stronger and stronger than that of graphic content, [Vibrato Search] is born naturally by combining the huge content pool and user traffic pool of vibrato.

To tell an interesting case, many friends around me have told me that their parents are now learning to cook in vibrato.

There are several important key points hidden in this sentence:

[Parents], that is, the age of vibrato users and their sharp rise;

[Learn to cook], indicating that the amount of [cooking] related content on the vibrato is already very large;

[Learn to cook with vibrato], when a short video platform with a daily life of 550 million can fully satisfy the users who learn to cook, its blow to independent APPs like [cooking] is absolutely fatal, such as [going to the kitchen app].

(2), [Keyword Overlooking Screen]

This is simple, by releasing a lot of keywords related to our store.

For example, in the massage industry, the relevant key word is blind massage.
Through 5118 and search engine,

We can grab all the keywords related to massage

When you make thousands of local related industry keywords on vibrato, and when local users search for keywords, our store display results will be displayed in [Ba Ping].

If it is a special niche industry, as long as the content is sufficient, it will definitely have a monopoly effect.

Last year, I used this trick on several graphic platforms and played free drainage, earning more than 200,000 consulting fees in less than 5 months.

We must really pay attention to the niche blue ocean field and local short videos.

(3), the content of grass 】

A good advertisement must have the function of “solving problems” and “guiding”.

Why did the fly shops appearing in Tip of the Tongue China become popular overnight?

Because in addition to the powerful shooting and production methods of their team like director Chen Xiaoqing, there are tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of user traffic behind CCTV, a traffic giant.

High-quality content+huge flow = performance nuclear missile.

④ [Positioning function]

As the name implies, when editing a short video, add the store location, just click the location link, and all the video content of the store will appear.

What are the benefits of positioning?

Matthew effect of flow.
What kind of experience is a small shop exposed 700W times?

Remember the “advertising effect” that I talked about earlier, when more and more people have [seen] a store, and you just brushed it, will you have the impulse to go?

It’s like a lot of girls hearing [Oh My God buy it in Li Jiaqi live broadcast room! 】, there is almost no ability to refuse.

For example, when you hear a lot of colleagues discussing a new TV series for several days in the office, do you have the urge to go and see it?

[Emotion] This thing can be guided.


Finally, talking about [flow], many students may say that this game is only suitable for chain stores or shops with economic strength.

After all, it is necessary to produce and output a large amount of content to finish “Ba Ping” and “Grass Planting”. These are krypton users, and our individual households are non-RMB players, so we can’t afford them.

What I want to say here is that, in fact, many of us often overlook an important point when doing [traffic], that is, [actually, I don’t want many users].

If you are a private cake maker, you can only make three or five cakes a day and one or two hundred cakes at most without rest a month, then I will give you tens of millions of flows in the whole city, and you can’t take it, right?

To cook two or three cakes a day, it is enough to serve your own community and several nearby communities.

Weak water is 3,000, and we only need one ladle.

When you look at the positioning, yo, people in our community/the neighborhood next door are born with [fellow villagers’ trust], and they are not afraid of him running away when they buy things from their neighbors.

Let’s talk about a group buying mode based on trust, that is, group buying by owners.

In the owner group of my own community, several owners have initiated fresh food group purchases in large groups all the year round, with high participation and repurchase rate.

Because buyers and sellers are neighbors with a natural sense of trust.


Let’s talk about short video plus positioning. Every day, hundreds of users watch the [grass planting content] with positioning, which is the viewing amount of tens of thousands of people in one month.

The accurate traffic transferred to the private domain is at least a few hundred starts.

Over the past year, at least thousands of precise customers who love your cake have accumulated.

Serving two or three of them every day is not a problem.

In order to facilitate everyone’s understanding, I write a simple formula:

A single video system recommends 500 people to watch * 5 videos per day *365 days ≈ 912,500 people to watch.

What is the concept of 910,000 people watching?

According to the calculation of vibrato pod advertisement, 910,000 paid traffic ≈ 18,200 yuan advertising fee;

According to the CPM (display cost per thousand people) 55 yuan of Focus Building Advertising, it is 910,000 ≈ 50,500 yuan.

A mobile phone sends 5 phones a day and 1825 phones a year. What about 5 phones and 10 phones?


[Local short video game, which businesses are applicable to? 】

I said, it is applicable to any regional individuals and businesses.

As for short video content, it doesn’t need to be too complicated.

Local K12 education: [This is our XX famous teacher], [This is our XX outstanding student], [Our XX student won XX score]

Local catering: [The freshest ingredients have arrived at the store], [The meals are full every day, thanks to the recognition of the old irons], [The old customers have sent praise again]

Local big swords: [Technicians are not enough], [Technicians are urgently recruited with a monthly salary of 50,000], [Shocked! The client’s daughter-in-law was jealous and even scuffled with the technician! 】

When we learn to disassemble [business ideas] and lower [psychological expectations], business will become easy and easy to do.

For entrepreneurs and friends, I want to say, whether it’s WeChat comment on Baidu vibrato, the media forms appearing in different periods can become the money-making tools of physical stores, and when the tools are used well, they will naturally make money.

Today, I give this trick to you who are opening a physical store free of charge, hoping to help you.

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