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On the Internet, if you want to make money, one is the golden road where technology is king, and the second is marketing as the main body


There are basically two ways to make money on the Internet. The first way is that technology is king, and the second way is that marketing is the main body. If you are not technically born and are not good at development and research, you might as well start with marketing.

Everyone is a marketing individual. This concept has existed in the market as early as a few years ago. What is the essence of marketing?

It is the acquisition and transformation of traffic. If we want to make money on the Internet, there is no shortage of projects. Most people are holding projects in their hands but do not have any traffic increment, so it becomes more difficult to make money.

Many people are very afraid of getting traffic. At least around me, many friends know that I make more money by doing Internet on bubbling websites, and I once thought about learning from me. Basically, I always let them do coolie drainage first.

This kind of thinking still comes from a movie about Shaolin Temple learning martial arts.

In the past, some poor families sent their children to Shaolin Temple to learn martial arts, and some disciples of common customs had to spend a year in the temple if they wanted to learn martial arts in Shaolin Temple.

In fact, many people tell me that there is no way to go, and I think everyone still has a lot of retreat, but they just don’t like that way.

For example, a project I introduced before, short video number, at present, as long as it is not lazy, it is no problem to edit 5 videos normally every day, because the materials of such videos are too easy to find, and the wonderful parts of movies are all.
It only needs a corresponding text introduction for each video. This is also very simple. Go to some film review platforms to find some feedback, and wash the manuscript casually. The combination of video and text recording is an original film commentary.

If you can persist for another month or so, you will basically get up. In the later period, whether you are diverting the traffic from fans to Civic or receiving advertisements from the platform to make money, this is the implementation of coolies. What is called raising a number means continuously outputting content and constantly tempering the weight of this video number like trying to strike the iron.

Even if you don’t make short videos, you can also operate headline numbers or market your products in QQ and WeChat groups. After all, you have already done the most important traffic of the project through hard work.

Then, if you want to do some easy drainage work, you should apply strategies to implement it.

For example, I’m going to talk to you today about the use of popular books for drainage to realize automatic drainage every day, which is indeed quite profitable.

At present, everyone should have a deep impression on books, that is, the book list number with vibrato. There is a book waiting to be sold behind an inspirational or philosophical short story, and now more and more people advocate reading. Today, I would like to share this little skill with you.

Books must be drained by specific people, just like girls like reading Qiong Yao and boys like reading Jin Yong. If you want to drain, you should first locate your audience, and then find a popular book on the Internet. Let’s find a word for this, such as philosophical stories.
This slightly unpopular book vocabulary, let’s look at some popular books, such as Philosophy for Children, Parcel, Individual Insight, etc. Then let’s look at this Parcel and Baidu’s search index.
There are still many people searching this book every day, and the popularity is very good, because with the popularity of smart phones, people prefer to watch the free TXT version on their mobile phones, and they don’t want to pay much, so we can use this book for drainage.

If you want to drain such books, you must first have a complete set of resources, which involves finding resources.

There are many on the Internet, such as network disk search, magnetic link, a certain package of fish, peer purchase, etc. The collected TXTX books can be distributed to small advertisements throughout the whole network.

Advertising here is not necessarily a simple advertisement, for example, some self-media platforms with high weight. We can publish an article for this book, briefly introduce it, what, you can’t write an introduction article, it doesn’t matter, go to wash the manuscript and have some post-reading feelings for this book.

This is how many short videos come from the list number. They all take some classic and popular books, search the online public’s evaluation and post-reading feeling of this book, and adapt it into a short and connotative word, which can be used by us.

Why do you want to publish such an article to Zhihu, Jane Books, Xiaohongshu and other platforms?

First of all, if we publish this article in a small station or a niche platform, not many people will know about it. If you publish this article on such a platform with great weight in search engines, your article will be included and have a good ranking.

Then, if you do this targeted operation on multiple platforms, Baidu can dominate the screen.
How much traffic do you think you can get if you have your links in the top three of Baidu search engines, combined with the daily search volume of this book?

In fact, drainage is very simple. If you can’t write an article, you can learn from it. A former student won’t leave contact information on each platform, but he is very smart, so he goes to his peers directly. If he sees how to stay with his peers, he will stay and directly copy and change his contact information.

And once these platforms form a search closed loop, they will continuously bring you traffic for a long time to come.

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