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Xiaohongshu drainage, the effect is not very good in batches, but it is suitable for selling high-end customers


Xiaohongshu is a platform for planting grass, which is not suitable for batch operation and drainage. Compared with other platforms, the batch effect is not very good, but it is suitable for selling high-priced and high-profit products, passively adding 3-5 precision fans every day. The income is considerable

Accurate fan transactions require your long-term content output and corresponding value dry goods. This includes people’s design, drainage hooks are just right, and landing transactions are timely, so that the conversion rate will increase

It takes time and energy to invest in this. It is not to register a batch of Xiaohongshu accounts, to send and carry content in batches, or to send private messages in batches. It is of little significance, and it takes time and effort to have no effect

For example, if you are doing a medical beauty project, providing dry goods for customers who have become beautiful can really help them. The traffic brought by this matter is easy to trade. For example, if you are doing Wechat business, you can buy some skin care products with high customer price. You need to insist on providing dry goods for skin care content on Xiaohongshu platform. For example, if you are selling tea, you will export some dry goods and tea knowledge for a long time.

Content = value; Value = hook; Hook = trust; Trust = transaction;

The drainage of Xiaohongshu shared with you today is actually the process of Xiaohongshu Xiaobai from 0 to 1. There are no powerful skills in the content, and some are systematic knowledge and execution
First, Xiaohongshu drains the underlying logic:

  1. Demand: I am selling products, traffic is money, and obtaining accurate traffic. The first condition is to do content output. Xiaohongshu is a high-quality platform, as well as Zhihu, short books, etc., including self-media platforms. The priority of Xiaohongshu can be placed in the top three or even the first place;
  2. Solution: Create a small red book account from 0 to 1, and operate the multi-account matrix
  3. Income composition: According to the content and project of the product, it is recommended to make high-quality products with accurate flow, high profit and long-term maintenance

Second, the specific implementation

Account number maintenance number
IP build
Content output
Drainage method

Account number maintenance number

Keep the number as far as possible and say the core, just follow the steps

The weight of the new account of the new mobile phone is greater than the old one. Similar to the rules of the vibrato platform, one machine, one card and one device simulate the real user. If there is no new device, the mobile phone will be swiped off the machine. This step does not have to be a new device, that is, Do a good job in infrastructure, and if you don’t do these advantages, you will definitely lose it.
Account data setting is not the key. The key lies in activity. Nothing to open Xiaohongshu to search for questions, likes, collections and comments. What areas to search for, for example, desktop layout, is to search for related content.
Brush for more than 60 minutes every day, 60 minutes can be accumulated many times, 10-20 at a time, and persist for one week
Don’t send out the numbers casually. Look at the explosion notes of peers. What are their writing skills? How to write the framework and bedding of the content, and find more details

The above content can be adhered to for one week. At present, it is familiar with peers and brings labels and weights to accounts

IP build

Avatar settings

The avatar should be true, don’t upload it casually, and don’t need to engage in tall content. The grounding gas can be true. It can be your life photo or your beauty photo. The beauty avatar has a better grounding effect. If you don’t want to put a personal life photo, you can use your personal photo to make a cartoon hand-painted avatar. It is best to take a personal life photo. There is only one purpose. Customers are hesitant to buy time to make money by bubbling the net. They don’t know enough about you. After reading your avatar.

Account nickname

The avatar uses a life photo, and the name can be real. If you don’t want to reveal the real name, you can use the stage name and English name. The purpose is the same as the avatar, and build trust. It is recommended that the real name be matched with domain keywords

After the avatar and account number are set up, don’t modify them frequently, just use them for a long time

Individual Resume

Personal profile is the introduction of self-brand. Just write it down yourself. Special reminder, don’t put drainage information, it is easy to be judged as the marketing number reduction, especially in the early stage of the account, it is difficult to do the drainage content and will be detected by the system.

Content output

First of all, insist on personal continuous output, but creation is also painful, self-ability is not strong, and knowledge reserve is limited. It is very difficult for most people to insist on daily update. If you can’t write it, you can try other methods

Copying with peers, but not completely copying, imitating the writing ideas of peers, washing manuscripts, but not frequently, it is not bad to temporarily supplement your own inspiration
Self-branded packaging content, create what you do, and after saving the dry goods, send some of your own packaging content
Look at hot news, write about hot content, express personal opinions, raise weight, and increase the opportunity of account exposure
Write some questions and answers about the blue ocean. For example, the demand for A keywords is good, but the content ratio of the whole network is relatively small. You can make titles and contents according to keywords. This requires crawler software to crawl and analyze data. This step has some technical difficulties. If you can’t handle it, write some keywords. You think valuable keywords can not only output content, but also drain it. You can write a keyword table. A keyword is an article.

Drainage method

The method of drainage is also the focus of this article. It is recommended to read this content several times

The introduction puts the mailbox number, and it is not allowed to send micro-signals and other content, but it is allowed to put the mailbox, but don’t put it at the beginning. There are thousands of fans playing, 5000 fans opening brand cooperation, and real-name authentication. The mailbox receives the mail. Set an automatic reply, and leave it alone.
Large-sized content @ trumpet, trumpet home page directly hangs micro-signals, or trumpet directly sends private messages in the comment area, or trumpet nickname is micro-signals, trumpet is easy to be sealed, don’t always use a trumpet, prepare a few more, Large trumpet closes each other to create a matrix
He put a picture in an instant, and the picture contains a micro signal, which is also the main drainage method at present
Private letter drainage, comment area has direct private letter of consulting purchase intention, pay attention to homophonic, other symbols replace, symbols can not be used frequently, send pictures, or micro-signals with homophonic sounds on pictures
Live broadcast and drain in the live broadcast room
Every time you write an article, add a brand promotion, your slogan, send a few articles, put a private letter to me, read my homepage, and watch me for a moment
The little red book number is changed into a micro-signal. You know, in the process of private letter, I will send my customers a bubble net like sweet potato Hao to earn money. I must use homophonic sounds and don’t expose my feet
There is also the opening of the enterprise number, the certification service fee is 600 yuan a year, the direct benefit is not easy to seal the number, and the homepage has a mobile phone number and company address, and the mobile phone number is a micro signal. This belongs to the protection fee, as well as the menu and group sending function., need a business license
Look at how peers drain. Peer is your best teacher

III. Project evaluation:

  1. Suitable for the crowd: planting grass articles and high-quality products are suitable for long-term creation on Xiaohongshu platform
  2. Cost: There is no cost for content output, and you can insist on creation
  3. Risk and control: The operation cycle of Xiaohongshu and video number is similar, and the previous period is long, so it needs to be adhered to, and don’t give up easily
  4. Revenue: For products with a customer unit price of less than 300, the profit is 60%, 3-5 people are drained one day, 1-2 people are sold, and the daily income is 500
  5. Project extension: After Xiaohongshu is proficient in operation, Zhihu should also play together to build his own moat

The above project sharing is for reference only. The project is changing and the idea remains unchanged

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