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A method of passive drainage of 50-100 daily for local fans in the same city


Years ago, we shared a method of passive drainage of 50-100 daily by local fans in the same city in WeChat group. Later, some friends entered the group late because they didn’t keep records and didn’t see the operation of this method.

Yesterday, a group of friends asked me to share this method again. I took a moment to take this opportunity to write down this method in words.

  1. What is the use of local fans in the same city
  2. Promotion by local merchants Many local merchants need to promote business and services. This local fan is accurate and the effect is very good.
  3. Selling local specialties and commodities. Some local fans attracted by this method are local, and some may be fellow villagers who work and live outside the home. They can sell local specialties and commodities. Making money by bubbling net is to promote the specialties of our hometown and benefit from this fan every month.
  4. Video number can be promoted. Video number is the video platform of WeChat. If you want to be a local video number, you need local fans to start cold promotion. This method can at least bring you thousands of WeChat friends, which is very helpful to help your fans increase their video number.
  5. Free drainage method for local fans in the same city

This method was learned in a paying community a few years ago. I have been operating the bubbling website every year for two years, and the effect has always been effective.

This method is really cost-free, and it doesn’t need prizes, so long as it is operated, the effect can be seen immediately.

The principle is very simple, that is, to promote the local WeChat group, let the friends who want to enter the local rural WeChat group add the group owner (the group owner is their personal number), and let the group owner pull them into the group.

Specifically divided into the following steps:

The first step: preparation A. Prepare a copy. The following is an example copy link: an example of rural local WeChat group copy

B. Prepare the local rural WeChat group
Find the administrative villages in the counties and cities through encyclopedia, and then each village will see a WeChat group, and each group will be numbered, so as to facilitate the subsequent pulling and entering of the group. The group setting should be changed to: Let the group owner enter the group.

C. Enter more local WeChat groups by letting relatives and friends pull you into local groups and changing to local groups. (group built by others)

Step 2: Start the activity. The WeChat group in the village has been built, and there are many local groups. Then modify the copy and replace some words on the copy. For example, I am Macheng, and you want to promote Linyi, your city.

After the copy was changed, it began to be popularized. Promotion can be divided into two channels: a. Let local relatives and friends forward it to friends circle, and transfer it more than 10 times a day. Each transfer can delete the last one.

Give praise to this promotional copy, focus on it, and form a one-time promotion.

B. Forward the copy to the local WeChat group built by others prepared in advance, and fish fans in other people’s fish ponds, or discuss with the group owner and change groups with him, and then help the group owner to promote cooperation in your personal number circle of friends.

Step 3: Accept the fans’ application. When you promote this copy several times every day, the effect begins to come, and many micro-friends who want to join the local rural WeChat group begin to add it.

There are two things to do at this time: a. Accept your friend’s application and click Pass. It’s best not to pass immediately, with an interval of 2-3 hours, so that they can imagine that there are too many people who want to enter the group and need to pass one by one.

B let them forward the promotional copy to the circle of friends, and then send the screenshots to you before starting to pull the group. only let them forward it to the circle of friends, this will create a fission effect, and if they don’t forward it, the effect will be compromised.

C. Every day, people come in, repeat the above actions to promote copywriting and let the newly added micro-friends forward the copywriting to the group of friends and take screenshots

In this way, we can have new friends who want to join the group every day. Execution is very important. Use this method well, 50-100 fans every day.

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