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In the beginning of 2021, can the drainage of idle fish shops continue?


—— Many dozens of hundreds of large-scale idle fish shop owners are communicating with me one after another. The drainage number seems to be getting worse and worse. Whether it is a private number or an enterprise number idle fish opened by the enterprise Alipay, the exposure of idle fish is getting worse and worse.

There are also many customers who are ready to start the cloud control of the idle fish shop group. Can they use the business license to register Alipay, and then log in to the idle fish to drain in batches

Drainage of idle fish

Today, I want to tell you that idle fish drainage is still the mainstream game. Idle fish drainage is aimed at precise e-commerce powder, and the nature of the platform determines that idle fish can always be drained.


The current difference is that the once rough drainage mode has become increasingly difficult with the improvement of the protection mechanism for idle fish flow.

Look at the following two pictures

Searching for the specified keywords at random time, the homepage is basically all drainage numbers, and the first one, you can see that the data situation is very good, but this account has no sesame score, and it can also be clearly seen from the graphic information. Routine drainage must be operated by the idle fish shop group matrix
Some suggestions

Let me give you some suggestions on the diversion of idle fish in 2021

1, to change products, to follow small hot products

  1. Under certain conditions, the price determines the key weight (not the lower the better)

3, the account should be given back in time, and the desired reply is very important. Responding to one is completely different from replying to multiple meanings

  1. If conditions permit, it is necessary to issue a bill and flow water (the idle fish number spent by the enterprise should have control)
  2. Make good use of the data software of a class of e-commerce platforms to assist decision-making

More skills and more specific skills, you can summarize and analyze them by yourself!

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