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From the media, there are 5 practical skills to increase powder


As a self-media, it is only the first step for us to link with fans. If we can’t keep the rising fans, it will be futile to increase more fans. If you want to keep fans, you must have a good relationship with them and establish close links. So what can we do to achieve this goal and stabilize our traffic pool? Today, I will share 5 practical skills with you, hoping to help you!

First, analyze the user group

We should learn to filter some low-quality users, because not all users can be sticky with us.

What we can do is to understand the pain points of users and do a good job of user analysis. Almost most of the media background will have data of user attributes and user behaviors. We can download these data, analyze them, summarize their characteristics and behavior rules, and then formulate specific plans to implement them.

Second, the content is vertical

Want to keep fans and enhance their stickiness. The simplest and most direct method is to output high-quality vertical content.

As long as your content is vertical, the platform will automatically label you, and the attracted fans will be more accurate and sticky.

It can meet users’ needs and preferences, and good content users are willing to share actively to attract more users’ attention. Originality is the premise of creating high-quality content. If your articles are basically carried by others, not only can you not keep fans, but you may also be titled by the platform.

Topic selection, materials and copywriting, which can’t be done in the early stage, can be created with reference to explosive articles, which can be found in easy writing, Baidu index, new list, Weibo and other places.

Third, personalized operation

We can create a grounded person according to our own characteristics, and make our image in the eyes of fans more vivid and impressive. We can write our own life experiences or life stories in the articles, so that we can pull in the distance with the users.

Fourth, create resonance

There are many resonance topics, such as emotional resonance, value resonance and moral resonance, etc. We can output more pain demands that can hit most readers according to our own positioning, which can also effectively increase the stickiness of fans.

Fifth, maintain fans

① comment interaction

Whether it’s a fan’s message or a private letter, we all need to make a reply, which will make fans feel that you attach importance to them, so as to get a good impression.

② send welfare

Giving welfare is a very good way to enhance the stickiness of fans, which can not only protect old fans but also attract a group of new fans, and can hold a lucky draw to give back to fans.

3 Understand fans and enhance social value

We can build a fan community, so that fans can share and communicate with each other, and then turn the community into an interest gathering place, which can attract new fans continuously and increase the activity.

④ Competition and competition mechanism

Make use of the comparative psychology of fans, and hold a series of games, competitions and other interesting activities to increase the communication between fans and enhance their stickiness.

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