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The operation of audio is a once and for all thing


Every man has his hobbyhorse.

Some people like short videos of nipple music, some people like pictures and texts with general knowledge, and some people like listening to books for fun.

Himalaya, a drainage channel that has been selectively ignored.

Why is it ignored? Because the Himalayas will not be effective in the short term.

Everyone likes fast, short, short and fast drainage.

In fact, the Himalayan platform has a lot of traffic, and its fans are vertical and pay well.
I know a friend who has been talking about audio for a year in Himalayan. The traffic can be increased from 0 to dozens every day, which can make millions of profits a year.

You may not know the concept of dozens of flows. Let me tell you this. If you are doing services or products, the profit of one order is 300, and 30 flows are counted every day. One tenth of the conversion rate can make 3 orders, so it is a profit of 900 per day. To be honest, this income has exceeded 90% of Internet users.

Today, I’m going to talk to you about how to do traffic on the Himalayas.

To do audio, you only need to operate a Himalayan platform. On the surface, Himalayan, lychee and dragonfly dominate the world, but in fact, the market share and number of users of the former are the sum of the latter two.

01, what are the benefits of audio drainage?

  1. Audio is a continuous incremental market.

In recent years, knowledge payment has become popular, and the public is becoming more and more aware of knowledge payment. High-quality content will stand out and gain more fans. There are too many peers on the short video, but if you do audio drainage, you will have fewer competing products of the same kind, and the difficulty of doing it will be reduced accordingly.

  1. Audio operation is a once and for all thing.

Today, you send an audio to the platform, whether it is search engine crawling or platform content seo, as long as there is no violation, this audio will remain on the platform all the time, and an audio sent today may bring you traffic three years later.

Long tail traffic is the most terrible, because long tail is [compound interest] traffic. If you can make 100 passive friends every day on WeChat, no matter how junk you make, you will definitely not starve to death on the Internet.

  1. Audio content is just needed by users. Text and video are easy to cause fatigue, but audio does not. A white-collar worker goes to work by subway. The best way to pass the time is to listen to audio, which is the natural attraction of fragmented content.
  2. Audio is a high-frequency consumer product. An audio takes 5-10 minutes. If the user listens to your sharing every day, this person will definitely be your hardcore fan after one month. There is a saying from the media that “as long as there are 1,000 hardcore fans who are willing to pay for any of your content, you can accomplish anything”.

02, Himalayan recommendation mechanism

All platforms play to the end, nothing more than the word weight. Himalayan weight means the tolerance of the platform to your advertisement, and also means the natural traffic recommended by the platform algorithm.

In Himalayan, this weight is manifested as the anchor rating system. The higher the rating, the better the weight, and the greater the recommended traffic from the platform.

There are 17 grades from v0 to v16.

V1-V3 is the new account period. During this period, you can’t put the advertisement above the profile, but the current is limited, and the title is sealed.

In the entry stage of V4-V6, you can insert a little advertisement into the audio.

In V7-V8 mature period, you can leave contact information in the column introduction.

How to improve the anchor level.

After the real name, it is the V0 level, and uploading three audio pieces longer than one minute will reach V1, which is regarded as the Himalayan anchor level system.

The Himalayan requirement for anchor upgrade is grade, which mainly depends on the [broadcast rate] of audio content, that is, the more people who can listen to your audio, the higher the grade will be.

From here, we got an upgrade strategy: recording short content.

Yes, the traffic allocated by the platform to each novice is almost fixed, and the longer the content, the higher the jump-out rate. Audio recording can be used as a test in the early stage, with short content of 1-3 minutes as the main content.

03, Himalayan user positioning

Who I am, what services I do, what problems I solve, and who my fans are.

The focus of drainage is to pay attention to [users], that is, to identify drainage objects. For example, young people are not interested in history, but are more interested in the workplace.

User positioning can’t be solved, and all output is a waste of time.

Your drainage object is female, which is suitable for outputting entertainment, gossip, emotion and other content topics.

Your drainage target is older women, so the topics of family, marriage and parenting are more popular.

Your drainage target is young men. Fashion, automobile and workplace are their frequent concerns.

Your drainage target is older users, whose favorites are history, news, and interpretation of famous works.

Before starting to output content, ask yourself these questions:

Are my users more male or more female?

What is the user’s age range?

What areas are they interested in?

What are their pain points?

What is the income level of my users?

04, topic selection

Clear user positioning, you should have a certain degree of understanding of the user portrait, and then there is the problem of content topic selection.

The topic selection is mainly done from these four aspects: reader’s point, topic point, resonance point and uniqueness point.

Reader’s point: What is the purpose of the topic selection? Is to make the audience interested in the content, if you know what kind of content readers like to watch, then you will know from which aspects your content should be created.

Readers, you can’t rely on your brain to make up for it. You should look at the actual data. How do you look at the actual data? For example, if you are an audio anchor in parenting, you should pay attention to all the 30 competing products WeChat official account made by WeChat official account. According to their actual reading volume, the reading volume of certain articles is higher than that of other contents, which means that users like this content.

Topic: controversial issues will attract readers’ attention. For example, this is a topic, and it is bound to be divided into two sides. The audience likes to see such content, and it is human instinct to take sides.

How to find such a topic? There are a lot of problems like going to Zhihu and Zhihu. From this point of view, there is no shortage of topics.

Resonance point: Resonance point is the routine that all high-quality anchors practice makes perfect. For example, bubble net makes me talk about [breaking up] today. From what angle? Talking from love rat, talking about the pain of breaking up, talking about the damage caused by ta, this topic may not be very vivid. For another example, about [procrastination], I don’t want to pick up books the day before the exam, and the New Year’s plan made at the end of the year has never started; You will never finish things ahead of time until the last moment. Do you have such a situation?

Starting from the resonance point, people feel that [ta understands me], and the audience will have the patience to continue listening.

Unique point: the unique point is to make users gain something and increase information. Everyone is used to looking at problems from a conventional point of view, but you suddenly have something different. This is the unique content: books that users haven’t read, stories that users haven’t heard, and reasons that they don’t understand. If you tell them, readers like them.

05, content creation

What is the essence of audio? The essence of audio is words.

What is the nature of Himalaya? It is universal knowledge and fragmented knowledge.

What exactly is fragmented knowledge? Content created for specific problems, which neither explores the essence of things too much, nor is it nonsense like running account. Its essence is knowledge higher than common sense.

Therefore, Himalayan content is such a form as “what is the problem”, “why” and “how to do it”.

Himalayan content output is a process to help listeners solve problems. The topic we mentioned earlier is [How to Choose Questions]. Now I’ll talk about how to find content materials.

There is a logic on the Internet: the conversion of audio into text is new content, the conversion of text into video is new content, and the conversion of video into audio is also new content.

Therefore, there is no shortage of materials in audio creation. No matter what field you are doing, there are plenty of contents available on the Internet, just choose the right material platform.

Story materials: micro headlines, story WeChat official account;

Personal growth category: Zhihu, WeChat official account;

Sub-category: Pippi is funny and puzzled by his sister;

History: Celebrity+unofficial history Sousu, today’s headline

Anecdotes: Oriental headlines;

Workplace category: Leading English, pulse;


And other vertical websites.

After finding the direction of topic selection, search the material with keywords, find out the solution to the problem as the text of the content in the way of [why], then depict the pain points of users [for example, whether you are XXX, whether you are XXXX], and finally refer to how excellent audio anchors make audio endings, and disassemble and summarize their own endings.

Some problems about Himalayan drainage;

  1. What if Mandarin is not good?

It’s normal that Mandarin is not good. Don’t go astray to find machine language for content output. Just keep it updated every day. Eloquence and speech are slowly practiced.

  1. Besides the flow rate, what other ways are there to realize in Himalayan?

As far as my own point of view is concerned, it is the realization of the flow that maximizes the income. The realization of the Internet is nothing more than doing services, making products, and eating platform dividends. Needless to say, the first two look at their own resource matching. The income on the Himalayan platform is: traffic is up, paid boutiques are made later, and dividends paid for knowledge are paid; Add the patch advertisement of the platform to the audio; Sign up for Himalaya.

  1. How can we stick to it?

Audio drainage is different from others, and the most important point is persistence. It is normal to see no effect in the short term, but it is indeed a drainage platform that everyone can operate. In the early stage of drainage, don’t look at the results, look at your own progress, today is better than yesterday, this is the biggest victory. In the early stage of operation, there is no need to learn to make titles, covers and equipment. It takes 15 minutes to record audio every day. After recording, it is thrown on the platform, so the simpler the better.

Don’t worry about anything, do it well for a month, record audio has become a living habit, and then think about how to optimize it, and make it better and better.

There are three things to do on the Internet: do traffic, do trust, and do cash. Get three things done, and the benefits will follow.

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