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If the user needs exist, the business will not die


During this period of time, we can see that all major WeChat official account are basically playing the daily 300+ game of movie and TV small programs, packaging them into a project, and then charging 699,899,1299. How can this project be played?

First of all, movies and TV applets can make money, but it’s a lot if you operate this project with 100 people and one person can earn 100+ a day. Why do you say that? Let’s take a look at the principle of making money in this project.

Is to build a small program for film and television. If you want to watch a movie in this small program, you should watch an advertisement in the title. An advertising program owner can get a commission of about 0.4 yuan.
If you want to reach the daily income of 300, you need to watch the advertisement 750 times on the same day. In addition, 1/2 people choose to turn off the applet directly without watching the advertisement. That is to say, a small program can only achieve this profit if it has 1500ip (number) on the same day.

But there are generally 3-500 WeChat friends. Where do you expect to get the daily 1500ip to the small program?

In addition, there are more and more websites that can watch movies for free now, and there will be people who can watch movies for free in many projects, so as to achieve the effect of drainage. So many movie websites that don’t need to watch advertisements for free, why do you want to watch them in your small program?

Again, now the video number is a bonus. You can make a bubble net profit by editing the video number, then insert our WeChat official account link in the video number, and then jump to the small program from the WeChat official account.

But have you ever thought that this link is not a direct link, but any traffic business that wants to jump, as long as there is a step of jumping, at least 40% of traffic can be stopped.

What’s more, anyone who doesn’t have an app such as iQiyi, Tencent video and Sohu video in his mobile phone now, and what movies he wants to watch is not a display.

In a word, this project is a pure leek project, and a project that can really get started quickly and earn 300+ a day will sell you hundreds of dollars.

It’s not expensive to sell tens of thousands to you, but why do you sell it for hundreds of dollars?

The operation is too difficult, and the actual income is too low.

Serious projects that can make money without brains at low cost and can be enlarged, have already made a fortune by focusing on themselves.

How to operate this project if it is feasible for the video number to be a WeChat official account link jump applet?

Go directly to a small third-tier city to rent a studio, and recruit a dozen people with a monthly salary of 3K. Everyone’s daily job is to find good-looking movie clips and post them to the video number with small program links to make money on the bubble net. One person who is in charge of two numbers full-time can bring 600 yuan a day, and 10 people can earn 6000 yuan a day.

You can also continue to recruit people, continue to apply for micro signals, continue to do small programs, and continue to zoom in.

Don’t you make a fortune in a muffled voice? Why are you charging you hundreds of dollars for tuition?

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