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The fastest way to drain is to push


Walking on the street recently, I found that physical stores on the street are very difficult. Many stores can’t sell a few orders a day, and many of them are still struggling, unless they transform, but many bosses in traditional industries don’t know how to transform.

Physical store pain point: What are they missing? Lack of flow! Remember, it’s traffic! No traffic results in bankruptcy.

No matter restaurants, clothing stores, bakeries, digital stores, or other stores, they are very short of traffic.

Therefore, we can do traffic, and then guide the traffic to the physical business.

Can not only save them, but also earn a bucket of gold. Although it was hard in the early stage, it was easy to make money in the later stage.


Practical project

In fact, this project is very common, that is, the local WeChat official account, which is generally called XX Micro Life, or XX Life Circle.

Get a subscription number and move all kinds of local news events and news to WeChat official account.

The local people are bound to spread widely because of geographical reasons: there was an accident here yesterday, and the water pipe repair in which area will be stopped urgently tomorrow.

In a word, local people like to forward such things, after all, they are related to their own lives, so the powder is rising very quickly.

First-and second-tier cities are not easy to do, but seventh-and eighth-tier cities are still very easy to do.

In the early stage, fans were suspected of rising slowly, and they could also engage in voting activities, which was the fastest.

For example, the most beautiful mother, the cutest baby, the most beautiful wife of shop-owner, the most beautiful doctor, the most beautiful teacher and the most beautiful … Even if these activities are played badly, many people are keen to vote and canvass votes.

Then fission will be very fast.

Key: Everyone can sign up, call for canvassing, and set the top three prizes very attractive!

Sponsorship: Although the prizes are expensive, you don’t need to pay for them. Go to the merchants for sponsorship and help them advertise and expose them!

So when an activity comes down, people who canvass tickets can play like crazy without spending money, and fans can make money by bubbling up. If one activity does not rise enough, then engage in two and three ……

Cash out: There are many ways to realize cash out when there are more than 100,000 fans, and a small city has only a few hundred thousand people. E.g., information release, so as to make money for businesses.

Upgrade version of practical project

Directly use WeChat personal number as a platform, and use friends circle to publish information. Moreover, the opening rate of friends circle is higher, and the display rate is higher!

Just change the name to: XX micro-convenience, XX information lane, XX life circle, etc.

In fact, merchants are more willing to vote for such advertisements because they are cheaper and have more exposure.

Anyway, it is much more convenient than printing flyers and putting up elevator posters.

Account number:

Registering 10 WeChat personal numbers is nothing more than 10 mobile phone cards and 10 mobile phones. The mobile phone cards are certified by relatives, and the mobile phones are bought from salted fish.


This game drainage is the key. There must be a lot of people on WeChat, so that merchants are willing to advertise, which will be effective, and then more merchants will advertise.

The fastest way to drain is to push.
Use luminous toys to drain precious mothers with babies, and use data cables to drain people without children.

Recruit a group of college students for a part-time job (because it is cheap), and send gifts at night in places where there are many people, such as squares, kindergarten gates, primary school gates, hospital gates, stations, children’s world, etc.

Add words: “We are a local publishing platform, and all kinds of information can be found through us”.

So that so many people won’t delete WeChat.

A micro-signal can add 5000 people at most, and if the number exceeds, the circle of friends will not be completely displayed, so it should be controlled well. Then I went to a large number of physical businesses and said that I would help them to send advertisements, and I could send an advertisement for free to make money on the Internet, just add WeChat, and then send the copy and pictures to this number.

As long as he is not a fool, the boss will be willing to attend, after all, it is free!

Then tell the boss that only five messages can be sent every day, because sending too many customers will block or delete WeChat, which will lead to queuing behavior.


As long as there are more businesses, the queue will probably go one month later, and the bosses of physical businesses must be in a hurry.

At this time, I told them that as long as I recommend 5 people to add this micro signal, I can cut in line for an advertisement for free!


If you don’t want to wait, you can hand it over to 88 yuan and cut in line during prime time.

Most bosses don’t want to wait, so they choose to pay.


Constantly looking for college part-time students to push, while constantly splitting, pulling the community to play group buying spike (looking for high-premium products in Alibaba), and desperately pulling the group to play spike.

The qualification to participate in the spike is to bring three more people in, so 10 WeChat groups, each with dozens of WeChat groups, are normal.

The way to enter the group is to add your micro-signal, and then pull into the group, thus completing the rapid fission.

Because 10 micro signals are full, advertisements can be distributed separately.

If 10 micro signals send 5 advertisements every day, you can send 50 advertisements.

All future advertisements will be charged, because there are so many people, even if the merchants want to charge, they will make money by rushing to send the bubble net. And the location of the prime time, the charge is even higher.

Then recruit a salesman to find new businesses to advertise.

At this time, all the merchants in the city know you, and the traffic in the city is yours.

Continue to collect advertising fees and earn money, and you can earn money by selling your own goods!

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