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There is no shortage of users in Zhihu and there is no shortage of users you want in Zhihu


First, why do you want to be a Zhihu?

Second, is Zhihu still worth doing?

Third, what exactly does Zhihu do? (dry goods)

Fourth, some broken thoughts

First, why do you want to be a Zhihu?

Although the Zhihu model is imitated by quora of the United States, there is no doubt that Zhihu is the strongest content knowledge community in China at present, with a large volume and many potential target users.

For the conceptual explanation, you can almost find it in Baidu; But for the integration of divergent thinking, Zhihu is far beyond other platforms.

There is no shortage of users in Zhihu, and there is no shortage of users you want in Zhihu.

According to the official introduction of knowing the community, the group attributes of Zhihu users are characterized by knowledge-based middle-class and quasi-middle-class. Most TAs live in first-and second-tier cities, aged between 20 and 40, with bachelor degree or above, and hope to exchange professional knowledge, intelligence and skills for a decent life and social status.

These intellectuals also have more social wealth. To put it bluntly, people are not necessarily stupid, but they still have more spare money.

Maybe someone has done wechat WeChat official account, but if they do it, they will find a problem: no matter how hard they try to improve the content and frequency of articles, the reading volume and fans just can’t get on.

The reason is very simple. WeChat WeChat official account is a closed traffic pool. If there is no external drainage, it is difficult to expand the number of fans only by internal fission, but Zhihu is different. It is an open traffic pool. As long as your content is of high quality, you will get enough exposure. I have a deep understanding of this point at the age of five, and I will elaborate on it later.
The content trigger feature of Zhihu is “shifting from high-quality user recommendation”. That is to say, in Zhihu, whoever answers with high quality is easy to spread. The higher the quality, the easier it is for everyone to read

The praise diffusion mechanism also ensures users to filter content. Zhihu’s content distribution mechanism generally follows Wilson’s formula. Of course, you don’t have to understand what this thing is, just like you don’t have to understand high-order functions when you go out to buy food

Of course, in order to pretend to be forced, I put a Wilson formula diagram that I couldn’t understand to scare Xiaobai to death
Now, students who continue to read show that you are not afraid of difficulties. This is one of the most important elements of doing a good job. I feel sincerely happy for you. If you have enough time, continue to read the next part
Second, is Zhihu still worth doing?

First of all, to conclude, in the foreseeable future, Zhihu will still be the content creation platform that I recommend most for ordinary people to try, and it is also the platform with the strongest realization potential and the easiest way to make money. This view coincides with several big brothers in the group

Talk about the main postures of Zhihu creators’ realization

  1. Pay for consultation and customize the price. (1~2000 yuan)

All users can open paid consultation on Zhihu. Users can ask you questions one by one, and you can collect money by answering questions.

This answer can depend on pronunciation, and it is easier to make money by moving your mouth than by moving your hands.

  1. Knowing Live, 20-50 yuan/venue/person

All users in Zhihu can set up their own LIVE to share their knowledge, experience and opinions. The bigger the V, the more predictable the V will attract their own iron powder to sign up.

Generally, dry goods live is the most popular. This kind of live will not only attract your fans, but also those readers who need it will sign up for bubble net to earn money. It can be said that lying down makes money.

As long as you set up well, even if you start a class and talk about how to throw firecrackers in the toilet when you were a child, someone will listen.

  1. Insert advertisements in the text or write soft articles directly for the brand

This is also the main way to realize cash at the age of five. Under normal circumstances, an article is inserted into 400~600, and an article with about 3,000 words is written around 1,000.

The inserted quotation is related to the approval number of your answer. The higher the approval number of an answer, the higher the quotation of the promoter, which is roughly “every thousand praises /200 yuan”; The soft writing is related to the number of your fans, which is roughly “Wan Fen /1000 yuan”.

Think about it, when you have enough money, you will write two or three articles every month, and the living expenses will be enough. Although you can’t do financial freedom, it is also very fragrant to be economically independent.

  1. Other income

It mainly includes: praise brushing, Zhihu ranking maintenance, account account trading, etc., which will not be discussed in detail here, and it is generally not accessible in the early stage

  1. E-books

E-books, self-defined price (2.99-29.99 yuan), enough big V can publish their own e-books. Electronics sells at a low price, but small profits but quick turnover. A 4-yuan e-book can even sell more than 10,000 copies.

But for ordinary people, this is a low cost-effective way.

Up to now, Zhihu officials have begun to pay attention to the creator’s just-cooked meal problem, so they have introduced “good things recommendation”, “brand task”, “video revenue” and other monetization methods. Although there is a gap between Zhihu’s commercial monetization ability and Toutiao, bilibili and other platforms, it has also been mentioned earlier that Zhihu is undoubtedly the most suitable platform for newcomers.

The good things in Zhihu are the most fierce and long-term realization in recent times, and it is also a way of realizing that everyone has seen

  1. Good things are recommended:

When the creator’s level reaches level 4 and there is no violation within 90 days, the creator can insert commodity cards into the answers, articles, window displays, live broadcasts and videos through the function of “good things recommendation”. If other friends buy goods through commodity cards, the creator can obtain corresponding income.

After opening the “Good Things Recommendation” function, creators can share it more conveniently and quickly, and help their friends to purchase their favorite things efficiently.
If you want to rely on the long tail traffic in Zhihu, you can really “lie and earn a hundred dollars” every day; Or relying on the shopping festival and exploding tens of thousands in a single day, then the recommendation of good things must be touched. As for how to do it, we will talk about it below, and there are also people in the community who rely on double eleven and a single-day commission of 6.6W W. Daxie, you can ask him (five years old is a stinking brother)

  1. Brand tasks:

Business cooperation with selected brand owners in Zhihu to realize high-quality content and influence. Including being invited to answer brand questions, write brand articles and participate in brand offline activities.

When your creator reaches Grade 9, you can be invited by the platform to start the brand task, so you don’t need to find those promoters. The Zhihu platform will connect you with high-end resources and make you realize it easily.

  1. Video revenue:

After opening the rights and interests, the original high-quality video content can get incentive income according to the playing situation.

Opening conditions: 1. The creator level reaches LV4;; 2. Publish at least 5 original videos

At present, the video revenue is more suitable for the scattered people to engage in numbers in batches and win by volume. This is a lot of content when it comes to it. Due to the limited space, and the newcomers are generally unable to contact us, we will not elaborate.

Third, what does Zhihu do (dry goods)

Having said all the benefits of being a Zhihu, what should we do?

The first is: preparatory work

  1. the design of the main page

This is the most basic. If your homepage is not designed well, the conversion rate of fans will drop by a big grade.

1.1 avatar

Suggestions: portraits, live photos, cartoon avatars;

Not recommended: expression pack, landscape map.

1.2 design of name

As far as the name design is concerned, it should not be too complicated. You can call it a simple nickname or use your real name directly. If you want to use an English name, please don’t be too complicated.

You should know that doing new media is in the service industry, and don’t think you are in the content industry. You should try your best to reduce the cost of his memory. You can’t say that every time you see your name, you turn your head and forget it. The next time you don’t remember it, it will be embarrassing.

1.3 introduction in one sentence

A brief introduction is a natural display position: you can put your favorite sentences or maxims, express your three views with a famous saying, golden sentence, principles, etc., and show people’s design.

In a word, the introduction is still a natural advertising space: you can put WeChat official account and Weibo, but don’t put it if it’s not a big V, otherwise it’s easy to reset the homepage if you advertise with low weight.

You should know that the Zhihu official asked you to write articles and answers in order to provide you with high-quality content for the platform, so as to attract more users for the platform, not to let you drain the users of the Zhihu platform to other platforms, which is contrary to the original intention of the Zhihu platform.

Introduction in one sentence is a natural endorsement. It is ok to put personal works, occupations and title, and improve one’s personal design through these contents.

In fact, the function of homepage is very simple. In a word, it is to attract attention, change the path, and show readers why you deserve more attention than others.

A good homepage is equivalent to a person’s face. Only when he doesn’t dislike your account as a whole can he be interested in seeing what your content is, and some good homepages can suck powder directly.

1.4 staffing

In fact, the homepage has a more important function, that is, to set up “people’s houses”. Only when your people set up attractive bubble nets to earn money, can you attract more iron powder. The law of attraction also says, not much, as long as you have 1000 iron powders, you will have enough to eat and drink in your life.

In the early stage of operating the Zhihu account, you can start to consider your own people. If you don’t understand it for a while, it doesn’t matter. Do it first, and often understand it when you do it.

In fact, in simple terms, if you want to build a personal IP in Zhihu, there are four necessary points:

  1. Answer with confidence and correct values-positive energy

2, counter-intuitive point of view-interesting

  1. Vertical operation in subdivided fields-professional colloquial expression.

4, let others read effortlessly-grounded gas

You will find that after connecting the above contents, it is a personal IP that Zhihu people like best: an interesting expert full of positive energy and very grounded.

This can be understood as the “Gao Fushuai” in Zhihu.

  1. Topic selection

Now that the homepage has been designed, can we answer the content and strive to become a big V with 100,000 powder as soon as possible, and easily enter 5W+ every month?

Of course not. There is another step we have to do, that is, “topic selection”.

You know, if you go in the wrong direction, your efforts will be wasted.

Imagine that you wrote an answer full of dry goods and answered a small question, but there were few people watching that question at all, and there was no traffic at all; Or you answered a question that has already been answered by 2000+, and in the end, your answer was just a small wave, or it was covered up without even stirring up the small waves. Is this a very sad thing?

Therefore, topic selection is also a learning, telling you the two simplest methods, which are simple, rude and effective:

2.1 follow the big v answer

You can pay attention to some big Vs in the same field first, and then answer them together.

You know, since he can make a big V, it must have his reasons. If you don’t even choose a good question, it is very difficult to become a big V drop. Therefore, following the big V answer is generally not too bad, and the big V answer will also bring a lot of traffic to that question, which will be on the hot list sometime.

2.2 Answer questions 15~30 of the hot list questions

Zhihu has a Zhihu hot list sorted by the 24-hour heat of the whole station, which is a collection of 50 problems with the largest flow in the whole Zhihu station, and it is constantly updated according to the real-time heat.

Zhihu’s hot list can be said to be a battleground for fierce military strategists, because once a problem is on the hot list, it means that it has been published under the whole station’s vision.

At this time, if your answer comes first, you can instantly get more exposure than wild questions, perhaps more exposure than you answer dozens of questions.

Under normal circumstances, the top ten competition in the hot list is fierce, and it is difficult for scattered players without a foundation to win over those professional big Vs; However, the ranking of the hot list questions ranked 40~50 is very unstable, and that question will fall out of the hot list before you finish the answer, so it is more reliable for newcomers to answer the 15th ~ 30th questions.

  1. Content creation

I would like to share with you the most effective manipulation model for the general public-“triggering negative emotions and transferring contradictions”, which I often use and has a good effect.

Before talking about this framework, let me ask you to think about a question. What kind of people are our readers?

We often say that it doesn’t matter what you write, but who reads it is the most important. You think you write well, but your articles don’t sell well, and your dissemination rate is not high. What’s the use?

You are not a pupil’s diary or a personal blog. We write articles for traffic, and we want to realize them. So, you have to think about one thing. What kind of people are our readers.

The answer is simple, three words-ordinary people.

Since they are ordinary people and people like us, will they also meet the problems we encounter?

For example, the troubles at work, emotional troubles, and financial embarrassment, do those problems that bother us often bother them?

Secondly, they are people who have many unpleasant things in their lives. Just like us, when we encounter many unpleasant things in our lives, we will be angry and anxious. In this case, we also hope to find that we want someone to speak for us and tell us what we have to say.

The most important thing is that he is a man who is unhappy with reality but helpless.

Through these things, we can see two points:

First, many of us have negative emotions, and we don’t like to show this negative emotion. We need someone to help us vent my negative emotions.

The second point. When something unpleasant happens in our life, we don’t want to admit that it is our own mistake, and we are willing to let others take the blame.

Recall that there are many negative emotions in our life, we are very upset and we are not happy. Under such circumstances, if we want to manipulate other people’s negative emotions and make them feel that we are the one who speaks bravely, dares to tell the truth and speaks what they want to say, then we need to take four steps.

The first step, I stand with you, I feel the same as you, I feel the same.

The second step, we are now facing these problems, which are not caused by us but by others.

The third step, we are Wei Guangzheng;

The fourth step, we will defeat the bad guys.

This is just a very simple and practical framework. Brother Cunninghamia lanceolata has specially recorded a lot of courses about Zhihu’s content creation, which are kept in the community. These are all dry goods, so you must read them and digest them.

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