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A beautiful landscape video that a person can fully operate


Recently, I watched a lot of people playing video numbers, and I have done some research myself. Some of the content is still good. Generally speaking, it is a little different from the two mainstream video platforms. If you want to operate well, you must be ingenious.

If you make a certain type of product number, such as book list and wallpaper, you can learn from the popular videos, but you can’t copy them completely. Now, although the video number is still a bonus period, the audit is very strict.

If the content of video can be featured, it is very likely that it will be pushed by the platform, but there are too many content that can attract users on this large short video platform, many of which are operated by teams, and few of us can do well.

Today, I would like to share with you the video of this style that I have encountered recently, which can be fully operated by one person, that is, beautiful scenery video, which is still relatively simple.

Why choose beautiful scenery? First of all, it can make people feel happy after watching it. This is a good place brought by the media. We have the habit of watching videos ourselves, and we generally like to collect good ones. For the same reason, in order to make it praised, aestheticism is a good choice, because like funny jokes, we really need to think about copywriting, but this is not necessary, and there are many materials.
Secondly, this kind of beautiful scenery will also bring a little taste of tourism, or later fans will come up and change careers as travel bloggers directly, which will be more conducive to the later realization and transformation. After all, no matter how beautiful things are, there is no selling point, how can they be transformed into profits?

Therefore, based on the above analysis, I think beautiful scenery is a good starting point. If you add a little selling point to these videos, it can get a lot of traffic, such as a chicken soup copy or a romantic element, lovers and so on.

This kind of video is very easy to be forwarded for comment by some girls. Of course, the work doesn’t need to be too long, and it is best for a single work to be within 10 seconds. After sorting out so many video numbers and landscape numbers, I summarized a set of universal templates, which can be directly applied when making videos. It is very simple.

Beautiful scenery+pop music+aggressive copywriting = praise+attention+forwarding.

After the combination of this short video, this video almost exploded. The beautiful scenery and music in the early stage were just rendering and paving the way. What really can keep attention is the aggressive copywriting. Copywriting is the soul of a video. We must be careful when matching copywriting, or evoke other people’s memories, or dig deep into other people’s hearts, or cause some resonance.

So we have a general idea of what kind of videos we need to shoot and how to combine these videos, so let’s share with you the most important step in the process, finding materials.

Because the short video time we have to do here is not long, about 10 seconds, but there are still quite a lot of materials, which can be picture materials or video materials. After all, there are software that can make static pictures into moving pictures.

The video or picture material must be more beautiful, or it is raining lightly, empty streets and so on, so as to directly hit the user’s heart with the copywriting.

Here we recommend several material websites, the Sky City and the field library are all good, especially the Sky City, which contains many excellent pictures taken by drones, which are very spectacular and can be directly used for editing.
With regard to matching music and copywriting, you can directly find the annual top100 music on the mainstream short video platform from the Internet, or download the beautiful light music top100 from Cool Dog. If you want to copy, try to find some golden sentences, but now the media are very convenient. Search for hot reviews online, and there will be many categories you want.

We have already talked about how to combine such videos with materials, and the most important thing is to match them. Music and words can bring people this kind of resonance in artistic conception.

If this kind of video number is generally realized, there are only a few points. One is to realize it by receiving advertisements. The advertisements here can be divided into commissions for link promotion or directly hard and wide. As long as the traffic is large, general advertisements can still receive softness.

If you turn it into a travel video in the later stage, you can also bring some special products. According to the positioning of your personal account, bringing goods is generally a necessary way to realize short videos, and distribution and promotion are all good ways to realize them.

If you have products and can be a back-end, you can guide fans to WeChat, do community or sell goods and serve. Video number is equivalent to an early stage display platform. Traffic enters our private domain through screening, and the conversion is still very easy.

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