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Everyone can copy and do some of Zhihu’s experience


Many people watch the project tutorial, just like watching A film.

I was excited when I watched it, as if I was one step closer to making money, especially when I came across projects that earned 300 yuan on the introduction day and had a monthly income of over 10,000 yuan.

After reading it, there is a feeling of emptiness and loneliness.

If you want to do it, you don’t know where to start.

Finally, I made up my mind to do it. When I met some difficulties, I began to doubt myself, deny myself and give up myself.

Then I went on to look at the next project, ready to find a better project, and then began to act.

However, with the contact with more projects, it is easier to lose yourself, and the more you want to know more projects, the more you want to go back and forth.

Actually, it’s not complicated to do a project, it’s just to determine a selling point, and then try its best to promote it.

Selling points include physical products, virtual products and services, mainly depending on which aspect you want to do.

As for promotion, this is the most troublesome problem for many people, so this article focuses on promoting this aspect, taking Zhihu, which I am best at, as an example.

Since we want to talk about how to do Zhihu, this article is written in Zhihu standard dry goods format. After reading this answer, you can avoid detours for two years.

As a little white without any writing foundation, Zhihu is a fan from 0 to 3W, and I only spent about half a year.

Below I will share without reservation some of my experiences as a Zhihu, which everyone can copy and do.

Directory 1: Xiaobai literacy, quick question and quick answer 2: How to choose question 3: How to write the first four: How to write the end five: How to control the evaluation six: How to increase the salt value seven: Troubleshooting

One: Xiaobai literacy, quick question and quick answer

Q: Do you need style to write in Zhihu?

A: No, I don’t need to write romantic novels.

Q: Is my industry suitable for Zhihu?

A: The illegal category is not suitable, but other industries are suitable. If you are not sure, you can search your own industry keywords in Zhihu.

Q: Does Zhihu need a number?

A: No, the new number will just answer directly.

Q: Does Zhihu need to praise?

A: You don’t need to do something seriously. If you really want to brush, you should also brush your praises in the same field. Praises in different fields are of little use.

Two: how to choose the problem

If you choose the wrong question, even if your answer is wonderful, the result will only sink into the sea. If you choose a high-quality question, you should consider the following two aspects.

The questions should be precise and attract accurate fans to browse your answers
Questions are hot and can continue to expose your answers

So how do you comprehensively collect accurate questions related to your industry?

  1. Enter your industry keywords in the Zhihu search box, select topic search, enter these topics, and there are many related problems.
  2. When you browse the answers, the Zhihu on the right will recommend relevant questions.
  3. Pay attention to your peers, enter their personal homepage, and you can find the issues they are concerned about.
    4: Go to the hot list every day to see if there are any problems related to your industry. The flow of the hot list is huge, and it will be wasted if you don’t rub it.

How to judge whether a problem is hot or not?

  1. Change the sorting of answers to time sorting. If other answers get hundreds of praises in the near future, you can rub some heat when you answer them.
  2. Using some third-party Zhihu plug-ins can monitor the heat change of the problem in real time. At present, the basic functions of several plug-ins on the market are similar, which are generally charged monthly, ranging from 20 to 50 per month.
    It should be noted that although some questions are very hot, they are not suitable for the new number to answer, because there are too many answers, and the new number has no weight, and there is no exposure when it is written with high probability.

In the new proposal, you should choose questions with the number of answers below 1000 and the number of concerns above 10000.

Third, how to write the beginning

The beginning of Zhihu is equivalent to the title of an article, which directly determines the click-through rate of your answer. For example, in the following figure, Zhihu pushes your answer to interested users in this form.
They can only see more than twenty words at the beginning of your answer, so they must carefully write every word at the beginning to attract Zhihu users to click on your answer.

As for the pictures, one is randomly selected from your answers. The best way to write the beginning is to imitate the high praise answers from peers. Here are four ways to write the beginning for reference only.

1: Personal experience, background endorsement

Start with your experience and background, which can show that you are qualified to answer this question and make others think you are awesome.

  1. Stimulate curiosity

Curiosity is human nature. If it can arouse the curiosity of users in Zhihu at first, they can’t help but want to open it.
3: Poke pain points

Poke the pain point is equivalent to saying the heart of Zhihu users, which can arouse the resonance of readers.
Simple and practical Zhihu writing money-making skills, teach you to become Zhihu Xiao V by hand

  1. Stakeholder

It is clear from the beginning that what they write is related to themselves, so that they can have a feeling that they don’t look at it, as if they missed a billion dollars.
Fourth, how to write the end

At the end, it is generally composed of a sentence that induces praise and a small tail. If you want others to praise you, you must give a reasonable reason, such as:

I wish all those who like it great luck in 2021! I have been coding words for two nights, and my hands are numb. I hope I can get a compliment from you. Thank you! If you find it useful, I hope you don’t forget to praise it. I will thank you for your approval!

In a word, just put in a good word.

As for draining the small tail, it’s best not to leave a micro-signal for the new number, but you can leave a micro-signal WeChat official account. There is no standard answer to whether you can leave a micro-signal. Some of them will be treated as junk advertisements.

However, it is clear that the higher your salt value is, the less likely you are to be punished for leaving a micro signal.

In addition, when one of your answers is popular, you can add other answers and tap the traffic.

Five: How to control the evaluation

The purpose of evaluation control is to promote comments from users in Zhihu, and indirectly improve your response. If you encounter controversial comments on your content, try not to fold and stay boldly.

Controversy is a good thing. If the comment area is harmonious, others will have no motivation to comment. You can also write such a sentence in the comment area and set it as a selected comment to increase the number of comments

  1. How to increase the salt value

Zhihu’s salt value is just like Alipay’s sesame score. The higher the salt value, the more tolerant Zhihu will be to you. Those with high salt value can use welfare to induce drainage in this paper, and it is useless for others to report it. However, those with low salt value will get cold with one report.

If the answer with high salt value is slightly illegal, Zhihu will only ask you to revise it, while the answer with low salt value will be deleted, and it is useless to appeal.

Of course, to grasp a degree, if you play too much, you will be awarded the same title if you have a high value.

In addition to writing more answers, you can also start from the following three aspects:

  1. Report 2. Brush Zhihu 3. Be an arbitrator
  2. Report

If you want to report the increase in salt value, you should pay attention to the number of reports and the success rate of reports. Even if you report a lot, the success rate is too low.

The types of reporting include questions, answers, articles, comments and user names, among which comments are easier to report successfully.

Focus on comments and share a keyword that everyone has the opportunity to report-invitation code

For example, if you search for the invitation code of Pinduoduo Black Card, you can find a lot of comments that leave the invitation code.

Of course, it is not limited to Pinduoduo. You can search the APP name+invitation code, and you can’t finish reporting it.

  1. Brush Zhihu more

Zhihu relies on advertising to make a profit. If you have time, brush Zhihu more often, click it when you encounter information flow advertisements. When you brush Zhihu, you should interact with others more and don’t be too stingy with your praise.

  1. Be an arbitrator

The condition of applying for arbitration officer is that the salt value is above 500, and there is no violation within the last 30 days, so it is necessary to take an examination. However, they are all very simple questions, which can be passed after reading the community management regulations. It is helpful to take a few minutes to arbitrate every day, which is helpful to increase the salt value.

VII. Troubleshooting

Why is my answer deleted?

In this case, it is not necessarily that there is something wrong with your content. It is possible that the system detected that sensitive words were deleted by mistake.

Send your answer link to the administrator of Zhihu by private letter, and find out the situation. If the administrator is too slow to reply, he will spend 25 yuan to open a member to enjoy exclusive customer service treatment.

Why are many obviously illegal answers/articles reported but unsuccessful?

It’s normal because the new salt number is low.

Why did my private letter violate the rules?

It may be that you send too many repeated private messages and carry micro-signals in the private messages. Micro-signals can be sent in private messages, but you have to grasp a certain degree. Sending too many messages will definitely be treated as junk marketing numbers.

Can one answer answer multiple questions?

Officials definitely don’t advocate it, but if you think your content is high enough, you can answer many questions. Whether you will break the rules or not depends on your salt value.

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