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As a WeChat official account, many people have a headache and suffer from the long-standing problem of draining powder.


Self-media is the best way to accumulate resources. Each of us should circle a group of our own fans, and then we can get a steady stream of income through proper operation means.

In the field of self-media, WeChat WeChat official account has the greatest value, which is unmatched by other platforms.

Of course, you may say, it’s tm2021, is there any way to be a WeChat official account?

Indeed, under the current situation that traffic is getting harder and harder to obtain, WeChat official account is much harder to do than before.

But this difficulty refers more to the pan-domain WeChat official account, while there are still many opportunities in the vertical subdivision domain.

Next, combined with my own experience as a WeChat official account and friends around me, I will tell you how to be a profitable WeChat official account from scratch.

This article does not talk about basic questions such as how to register WeChat official account and how to typeset. These Baidu will give you answers and only talk about the four most important aspects of WeChat official account:

I. Positioning 2. Drainage 3. Content 4. Realizing

I. Positioning

I am often asked by my friends that I have just registered a WeChat official account, but I don’t know what to write.

This is actually the orientation of the question. If you don’t know what to write, it means that you haven’t figured out which field to position to create.

If WeChat official account is compared to a ship, then positioning is the direction.

No direction, no distance. If you go in the wrong direction, you will only get farther and farther away from your goal.

Therefore, positioning is a crucial step in operating a WeChat official account, and it also directly determines your subsequent drainage, content and realization.

The reason why many people fail to do WeChat official account is that they don’t think clearly about their own position, and do it according to their own preferences, such as writing gossip, novels, current affairs, chicken soup and other general fields.


Not everyone who writes novels can write Tang Jia San Shao.

Not everyone who writes current affairs can write Lukewan.

Not everyone who writes chicken soup can write Mi Meng.


There is too much competition in these painless fields. Ordinary people can say that they have a narrow escape, and the success rate may not be one in ten thousand.

Want to make money through WeChat official account, lies in how much value you can provide to others, so there is the following formula:

WeChat official account makes money = the number of people you can help × the pain of the problem you solve

Therefore, the best way for ordinary people to do WeChat official account is to locate the pain points.

So what kind of field is the pain point?

For example, if you are a programmer and face the risk of hair loss recently, then you are interested in a WeChat official account who specializes in how to control and prevent hair loss.

For example, you and your girlfriend just broke up, you were devastated and couldn’t sleep at night, so at this time, there was a special talk about how to save your predecessor, WeChat official account, and you were very interested.

For example, you are preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination in the near future, but there is a feeling that you can’t start. Then there is a WeChat official account who specializes in reviewing the planning of the postgraduate entrance examination. Are you very interested?


For those who need it, these pain areas are too painful to be painful, which is the pain of China for 5,000 years.

You can bring you wealth as much as you can help others solve their pain.

Of course, maybe you are not interested in the pain areas I cited above. It doesn’t matter, watch some things around you carefully.

Any field that makes you feel painful, which is enlarged to 1.4 billion people, has a large audience.

Second, drainage

When it comes to making WeChat official account, many people have a headache, which is a long-standing problem.

Admittedly, in today’s era of high self-media, readers’ attention has become increasingly scarce, and the difficulty of drainage is also increasing day by day.

However, great things in the world must be done in detail, and difficult things in the world must be done easily.

Everything is easier and easier to do. After getting through the painful powder rising stage in the early stage, it will be easier to do later.

Speaking of the drainage channels in WeChat official account, there are really too many, and there are all kinds of strange things.

At present, the mainstream drainage channels include mass sending, interception, submission, external self-media platform, mutual push, advertisement, fission, e-books and so on.

Mass-sending-Send your article to each WeChat group that matches your accurate traffic to attract the attention of group friends.

Submission-Choose some well-known WeChat official account and blog sites that are close to your field, and submit your articles in the past. The drainage effect has a great relationship with the quality of your articles.

External self-media platform-refers to headlines, Zhihu, short books, vibrato and other platforms, which attract others’ active attention by publishing your content.

Push each other-you need to find a peer WeChat official account about your size, and send each other’s personal introduction and WeChat official account business card on their respective WeChat official account, which is the fastest way to gain powder. However, the premise of mutual push is that there is no conflict between the two sides’ realization modes.

Advertising-find the tuba in your peers, pay them to forward your articles and leave your WeChat official account name.

Fission-Give some valuable materials to fans free of charge, but before receiving them, you need to forward your WeChat official account to your circle of friends.

E-book-make an e-book of dry goods in your field, leave your WeChat official account name watermark and bait on the e-book, and then send it to various accurate traffic pools, such as Post Bar, QQ Group and WeChat Group.

The choice of drainage channel mainly depends on what kind of group your precise flow is, and correspondingly, choose the drainage channel that conforms to your flow attribute.

For the selection strategy of drainage channels, it is suggested to adopt the “1+N” principle.

“1” means the main battlefield of drainage that you are deeply ploughed, and there is only one battlefield.

You must be very familiar with that drainage channel, spend a lot of time studying it every day, and output the content that conforms to that drainage channel to attract your fans.

For example, if you choose Zhihu as your main battlefield for drainage, you will spend a lot of time and energy every day to do the following tasks:

  1. collect high praise from peers
  2. Carefully analyze the routine template of each high praise answer, and extract the points that can be used for reference. For example, how to write at the beginning can attract readers to come in, how to typeset the answer content to look more comfortable, and how to induce readers to pay attention to your WeChat official account and praise at the end …..
  3. Pay attention to those problems that match your precise traffic
  4. Persist in writing a thousand words of answer every day, so that a long answer with five or six thousand words will come out in a few days.

I won’t say too much about Zhihu’s drainage skills. I will have a chance to write a detailed one in the future.

A person’s energy and time are limited. It is already very powerful to understand a drainage platform. Remember not to be greedy.

If you choose a main battlefield for drainage, don’t change it at will. Otherwise, if you do it from east to west, everything will not be refined, and you will end up with chicken feathers all over the place.

“N” stands for those auxiliary drainage channels, which plays a icing on the cake.

After you finish writing your WeChat official account articles, you can distribute them to various self-media platforms, such as today’s headlines, Douban, Sohu, 360 Library, Sina blog, and short books.

Of course, if you have enough time, you can also convert your articles into audio and video and distribute them to those audio and video platforms.

Audio platforms include: FM, Himalayan, lazy people listening to books and other long video platforms: bilibili, Youku Video, Tencent Video, Iqiyi and other short video platforms: Vibrato, Aauto Quicker, Microvision and so on

Third, the content

Doing content belongs to systematic engineering, which is a collection of three steps: input-processing-output.

Ordinary people’s knowledge reserve is very limited, and they often run out of oil after writing less than a dozen articles, so they need to insist on inputting every day.

Where to input?

In a word, come from your peers and go to your peers.

Excellent peers are not only our opponents, but also our teachers.

Find out the outstanding peers in your field, carefully analyze their historical articles, and think clearly about the gap between yourself and them.

If your own article structure is not good, then summarize it more, such as list body, what and why, total score and other article structures.

If you can’t express yourself well, practice imitating other people’s articles, and you will know how to express one thing more clearly.

If your own material library is not good, then accumulate more golden sentences, famous sayings and good stories.

Of course, if you have just entered a certain field, you can only start by copying articles from your peers.

Because you don’t know anything about that field, and your head is empty, you can’t write articles, and you can’t even think of any topics.

However, what I mean by plagiarism here is not verbatim copying, but plagiarism after processing.

That is to say, when writing, you should learn to learn from your peers’ viewpoints and add some personal understanding.

Maybe some people will refute me, think it is immoral, and learn from it is not plagiarism.

Picasso once said a famous saying: A good artist copies and a great artist plagiarizes.

This sentence means that if you want to succeed, you must learn from your excellent peers. If you want to be greater, you must innovate in the process of imitation.

All studies are the same at the beginning, and they all need to imitate excellent peers, which is the only way.

Although it can only be “similar” at the beginning of imitation, it does not have its own writing characteristics.

But this is normal. If you are proficient in writing, you can walk out of your own way slowly.

Again, the step of “processing” mainly refers to the process of processing information in the brain.

I believe many people have the feeling that they can’t remember anything after reading an article. Why?

Because you just stay at the stage of “watching” and don’t think with your head, you can’t generate neuron links in your brain, so you can only watch it after reading it.

If a new information wants to make a deep impression in the brain, it must be connected with the old information in the brain.

Therefore, when reading peer articles, we should think more about how the contents are related to our previous experiences or what we have seen before.

If you can’t remember some good content, collect it and read it several times from time to time.

In fact, reading articles is just to get information in fragments. Even if you remember them all, your brain is also a scattered knowledge point, and it is difficult to reach the point of being handy when writing.

If there are many books in your field, it is recommended that you read books.

Each book has a catalogue, and the essence of the whole book can be absorbed, so that knowledge can be acquired more systematically.

However, whether reading books or articles, in the final analysis, it is necessary to create a knowledge system in your brain, so as to achieve the state of “writing like a god” when writing.

On how to build a knowledge system, it is suggested to search in Zhihu. Many great gods have shared their own methodology.

Finally, let’s talk about the step of “output”

Output is the last step in doing content, that is, how to write what you want to say.

The reason why many people are afraid to write is that they are afraid that their writing is too poor to write tall sentences.

In fact, for readers, as long as what you write is valuable to them, the writing is just a detail.

No one is born to walk, but he has to stumble all the way to learn to walk.

As long as you insist on writing, with the blessing of time, your writing will get better and better.

IV. Liquidation

Finally, we talked about the last step of WeChat official account-realizing.

All the previous efforts are to prepare for realization.

After all, few people write about WeChat official account to generate electricity with love, and WeChat official account who doesn’t make money is destined to go far.

There are various ways to realize WeChat official account, including receiving advertisements, traffic control, fans’ appreciation, knowledge payment and paying community.

However, for WeChat official account, who is small in size, the income from receiving advertisements, traffic owners and fans can be directly ignored, and there is not much money all the year round.

Paying for knowledge and community is the profit source we pursue, and the unit price of customers ranges from several hundred to several thousand.

  1. Knowledge payment

Those who can really earn tens of thousands of monthly income by thousands of fans are paying for playing knowledge.

Generally speaking, there are two ways to pay for knowledge, one is to sell courses, and the other is to do one-to-one paid consultation.

The courses you sell can be developed by yourself, or you can push other people’s existing courses to earn a share.

One-to-one paid consultation requires you to have professional knowledge in your field, be able to answer other people’s questions in detail, and truly solve customers’ problems.

Of course, you can also cooperate with experienced people, and the proportion depends on your field.

For example, the following person who does emotional counseling for looking for a marriage has thousands of profits.

  1. Open a paid community

At present, the typical mode of paid community is WeChat group+Knowledge Planet, which is used to receive questions from paid fans and precipitate your high-quality content, while WeChat group is used to link contacts and resources.

However, it is necessary for you to have a certain fan base to open a paid community. It is meaningless to have too few fans to collect so many paid members.


We often envy those big Vs who hold tens of thousands of powder in their hands and earn hundreds of thousands by pushing a course, but they often ignore their repetition and persistence day after day.

No one can succeed casually. Every successful person has a few sad tears, but no one wants to listen …..

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