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A trading platform that can pick up money with a little computer


Have you ever bought second-hand goods?

If you were asked to evaluate second-hand goods, which words would you give?

If it were me, the first word would be cheap, and it would make people feel excited.

First, give everyone a little knowledge of popular science, how to judge whether the people around you are doing the Internet?

You can tell by the number of mobile phones he takes when he goes out. If he takes three mobile phones when he goes out, he is probably in the Internet business. Therefore, every time I socialize outside, I will observe the number of other people’s mobile phones to judge whether I am traveling with him or not.

The physical investment of the network is equipment, whether it is computer investment or mobile phone investment, as long as it is measured, this investment is not small.
Cost control is something that must be considered when starting a business. If you ask those people who are most likely to fail in starting a business, my answer is that people who don’t know how to control costs and spend money lavishly usually burn up their money before they make a profit, and such people are not uncommon.

There must be some small partners who will be curious. If there is no money to make second-hand goods, and the prices of goods are so low, where is the profit source of goods?

Therefore, I have to popularize a knowledge for everyone: with the explosion of information on the Internet, the fools who only know Baidu are cultivated the most. They passively receive external information without screening, and are finally trapped in a small room where information can’t get out, living under siege, which is not only cognitively but also mentally.
In fact, it is the same group of people who work hard and make a treasure. The difference in commodity prices is only an iterative optimization of the channels for obtaining traffic and business models, and their sources of supply are even almost the same.

Since you earn money from second-hand trading, today, the scholar will chat with everyone about how to play with idle fish, the largest second-hand trading platform in China.

Congratulations, today is another day to meet a scholar.
What is idle fish?

Idle fish is a second-hand trading platform.

What are platform products?

The essence of platform goods is information and content.

Compared with many traffic pools, idle fish is an alternative in the Internet era when traffic tends to be paid. A traffic pool that is open to all people on an equal footing is like a husky in a pack of wolves, a trading platform that can pick up money with a little computer.
According to iResearch report, in 2019, the turnover of idle fish is 200 billion. 200 billion is an exaggerated figure. If you don’t have an intuitive understanding of this figure, I can tell you that McDonald’s, a well-known brand in the past 70 years and 30,000 branches in China, has basically achieved a well-known annual sales of about 100 billion yuan.

The market potential of idle fish is very large and promising, and it can even be said to be a rising e-commerce rookie in Ran Ran. This is the first cognition we need to know.

How do we make money on idle fish? Game of price difference without supply information difference: Choose the goods with high cost performance on low-price platforms such as Pinduoduo, Pink Elephant Life and 1688, and put the goods information on the idle fish at a higher price. If someone buys with you, they will go to the selection platform to place an order, fill in the address and order number as the buyer’s, and seek the middle price difference, playing a model of empty gloves and white wolves.
If you search for idle fish in Baidu, you will find that some people have put in training advertisements for Baidu bidding. What does this mean? This means that this platform is not so blue ocean, and there are many peers working with you on the research platform, so you can only make higher profits if you do better than others. This is a platform with extremely high upper limit and extremely low lower limit. On this platform, you need to pay more energy to study technology.

The study of idle fish can be divided into three parts: keeping the number of idle fish, doing the content and doing the operation. Let’s talk about the specific operation method of idle fish.

No. of idle fish:

In the e-book I wrote, Xiu Cai said his understanding of the Internet number raising. When you have never learned any number raising operations, you are a real user. The number sharing with you here refers more to [weight development]

To understand the operation of keeping number, we have to talk about the mode of idle fish platform. What is the idle fish mode? It’s an e-commerce model. The essence of idle fish is an e-commerce platform, not a traffic platform.

There is a fundamental difference between the traffic allocation algorithm of e-commerce platform and self-media. The self-media platform pursues the matching degree between people and content, while the e-commerce platform pays more attention to the quality of content. For example, on the self-media platform, the article keyword matches the reader’s tag, then the algorithm will determine that this article can be spread and this article is of high quality; The content quality of e-commerce platform can be simply understood as [more buyers, less refunds, more favorable comments, less bad reviews], which will be judged as a high-quality product.
In idle fish, in addition to the store weight brought by the sales side, Ali has another set of credit judgment criteria for weight, namely, bubble net earning. This is a credit evaluation system for C-end users, which is reflected in many applications and platforms of Amoy Department. For idle fish, this standard just needs to be used to guarantee [buyers and sellers].

From the above analysis, we can draw a conclusion: if you want to operate idle fish well, the higher the store weight, the better; The higher the sesame score, the better;

Starting from this conclusion, we will proceed to the next step of research and transform the theory into the actual operation scheme:

First of all, Sesame Score is a credibility system. The best way to evaluate whether a person has credibility is to look at his past experience: for example, if I lend you money today and you don’t pay back the money, no matter how you say your credibility verbally, I still think you are not trustworthy.
By transferring this idea to the evaluation of credit score, and comparing with the official documents, we can get something.

Sesame is mainly related to these things:

Relationship in social chain: whether your friends have high scores, whether they have fixed assets, and whether you have frequent contacts. Every month, add 20 friends with a score of 650 or more, have money contacts with family and friends, and nail the platform for Alipay binding (workplace relationship), which can effectively improve the credit score.

Historical reputation: whether ta is used for financial management, whether the services used on the platform are performed normally, whether electricity and water charges are paid normally, and it is important to keep the contract.

Consumption record: whether to use ta to make offline payment, whether to use installment function to make money by bubbling net, how about consumption frequency and amount, and whether to spend on a treasure. (have spending power)

Product activity: whether to actively use various functions of ta, such as hotel reservation, travel, pension, insurance, and public welfare undertakings (whether they are loyal users).

Fixed assets: whether you have a car or a house, whether your friend has a car or a house, whether the transaction is running smoothly, whether the credit card is bound or not, etc. (a common assessment method used by financial institutions).
By operating from the above five aspects, the score can be quickly raised to about 750. It takes time to accumulate over 750, but 750 is also a relatively high score.

This is the first aspect of weight cultivation. The higher the sesame score, the easier it is for the product to be recommended by the platform, and the score above 650 will have a chance to go to the recommendation page. It is very important to optimize the sesame score if you want to do a good job of idle fish.

On the other hand, the weight is the store weight. Idle fish has a very important characteristic: the higher the order quantity, the greater the exposure given by the platform, and the greater the chance of ordering.

How to increase the order quantity: either ask someone to help you brush a little in the early stage, or get customers by the way of low-priced goods (not profitable in the early stage, but sold at the cost price first), and wait until the order quantity comes up a little, and then start to make profit at the price difference.

The above content is the knowledge that needs to be mastered in the process of keeping the number.
Make content

Next, let’s talk about the product content in detail:

Everything on the Internet is essentially content display, and doing e-commerce on idle fish, the essence of content is commodity copy.

Commodity copy consists of three parts: commodity copy = title+text+picture.

The title needs to be “complete”, and all keywords related to the product should be covered to get more search traffic.
When it comes to making titles, many people who make idle fish start to have headaches. Too specialized e-commerce knowledge is not to be learned, and complicated knowledge is difficult. It is better to copy and plagiarize directly.

What Xiu Cai wants to tell you is that the more serious the homogenization of goods, the higher the similarity of goods, the less likely the platform is to distribute traffic to you, and some databases of Amoy Department are interlinked, so copying the title = a dead end.

How to make titles without copying: arrangement and combination.

The essence of the title is the combination of keywords. For example, a title in Taobao is like this [sports shoes 2020 new men’s breathable mesh running shoes], where [sports] [2020] [new] [running] are all independent keywords, and these keywords are combined together to become the title.
So, how do you combine titles? Choose a product, and use the [Image Search] function to find out multiple products of the same paragraph. These titles of the same paragraph are different, so sort out the keywords yourself and regroup them again.

For example, a title of commodity A is ABCDEF. A title of commodity b is BCDHIJ.

The combined title can be ABCHJF or BCEFJH. This method can effectively reduce the repetition and avoid peers to some extent.
After finishing the title, let’s talk about how to optimize the text content.

Why does a person buy your goods instead of others? Because your goods give him more [reasons for buying] than [reasons for hindering buying]

Selling goods is a process of solving problems. If you are a buyer and want to buy a second-hand mobile phone on idle fish now, what problems would you consider?

How long has it been used, how is the performance, how is the power consumption, whether it is mailed, whether it is scratched, whether it is stuck or not, whether it is worn or not, etc.

If you get rid of all the [reasons that hinder the purchase of ta], you can sell this product.
As an excellent merchant, it is necessary to give the reasons for users to buy, and solve these problems in the copy? Where do these copywriting materials come from?

There is a “Ask Everyone” module on a treasure, which is the problem that users are really worried about. The so-called “user thinking” is to use these details to list the problems that users are really interested in and organize them into copywriting.
What is written in the text of commodity copy? Part of it is to solve the problem of “Reasons to Prevent Users from Buying”, which comes from the material to ask everyone, and part of it is to give “Reasons for Users to Buy Your Goods”.

[Reasons for users to buy your goods], the materials in this part are mainly extracted from [Comment Area], and find out the high-frequency words appearing in comments. These words are the reasons for users to buy and be satisfied, which are listed from top to bottom according to the frequency of occurrence. Organizing the language is an excellent commodity copy.
Copywriting must be well-organized, with few words, but the layout must be neat.

The last point of making copywriting is to combine human nature. Users often buy things from you, not because of the low price, but because of the greed of [trying to find out the mistakes].

Make up a reason for the user to miss: studying abroad, breaking up, licking dogs, impulsive consumption in double 11, lack of money recently, moving …

As long as the story is made up well, the order of idle fish is indispensable.

With pictures: Don’t copy and paste the main picture and the details page to make money by bubbling the net, because the similarity is too high and may be limited. Use the pictures of [Buyer Show] or the beautiful pictures taken in the comment area.

After learning the above content, add a little practice, and write a simple copy with high conversion. Finally, let’s talk about some tips on the operation details of idle fish.
Ten questions about idle fish operation

  1. What should I do if I don’t issue the bill after the goods are put on the shelves?

It’s a matter of probability to issue a bill. It’s normal not to issue a bill in the early stage. First, stick to the shelves of 50 treasures, then clean up the products without page views and continue to put them on shelves. It goes on and on, and the idle fish operation is a process of testing products. You never know which products will explode.

  1. What kind of goods are easy to issue?

It’s easy to issue a bill by choosing the explosion goods that have been checked by time. If you do idle fish, you must collect good peers, record the explosion of peers, and then use the above method to re-optimize the copy, put the goods on the shelves, do not innovate, and do the imitation to the extreme.

  1. What indicators are used to evaluate explosive goods?

[I want] more than 300, this can be seen on the product details page;

[High repurchase rate] is high, and a certain commodity in the same industry keeps issuing orders. You can click on your personal homepage to see the dynamics and see the [issuing situation] of your peers

  1. Which platforms do you go to find the source of goods after issuing the bill?

Some treasures, some many, pink life, Taobao Alliance, 1688, World Factory, etc., there are two search methods: one is to use the [Image Search] function, the other is to use the [Title Paste Copy].

  1. What should I do if I can’t copy the order number in the evening to the idle fish?

Fill in the courier number as usual, and change [courier company name] to [other] to solve this problem; If you don’t want to fill in the order number, you can also choose not to send mail in delivery, and click delivery to send the express order number to the user.

  1. What optimization do I need to do after the goods are put on the shelves?

It is necessary to polish the products once a day, which can improve the ranking of product release and obtain traffic exposure. Another trick is that as long as you choose to republish products on the edit page, the ranking of products will improve.

  1. How to put the goods on shelves again after they are sold?

Modify some product titles and copywriting, and choose to put them on the shelves again (it must be modified, otherwise it will be easily restricted).

  1. How can I answer the question of idle fish buyers commenting on messages?

Comments let him click on [I want] for private chat (this step can increase the weight of goods), copy the questions to the e-commerce seller, and reply to the buyer with the answer from ta.

  1. What’s the use of playing?

Post on the meeting board and bring the goods, you can get one more opportunity to expose the goods. If you are making a refined high-quality single product, you can post some posts to test the traffic, so as to obtain greater traffic exposure.

  1. Can I make free fish?

This question should not be asked to me, but to myself, how much time are you willing to pay to study peers and rules if you want to do a sideline job in idle fish? Skills and methods are not omnipotent. Skills that can be used today may fail tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. This is the Internet. In all my articles, I will break it down from the bottom logic of the project, because I hope you not only learn how to operate, but also learn how to analyze and solve problems.

When you are young, you should try every means to earn money, without the courage given by money. When you are old, how can you have the courage to fight against this complicated world? People are short-sighted. I think this is a very reasonable word.

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