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Demystifying how WeChat sells fruit from 0 to 10,000 per month


A while ago, selling fruits in the circle of friends triggered a craze. Many people followed suit, some made profits, some lost, some could not sell, and some were still waiting to see.

At that time, a fan, Li Ge, came to me, hoping to make more money by taking advantage of this heat.

Making money is in the hands of a few people.

When he saw many friends selling a lot of fruits on WeChat, he also wanted to sell fruits in the circle of friends and had wholesale channels in the local area, so he didn’t want to waste this resource, so he found me.

After deeply understanding the fruit selling project of WeChat, I disassembled it and got this logical method of making money.

Later, Li Ge continued to do this project for several months, and now it is stable at around 10,000, and the efforts paid have finally paid off.
Li Ge opened a fruit shop in the local county. After a period of unremitting efforts, he gained the first pot of gold in his life and became famous in the circle. Today, Bubble Net earned a resumption of this WeChat fruit selling project.

  1. How does WeChat sell fruit?
  2. Register 2 WeChat business numbers, and the nickname of WeChat is the signboard name of the fruit shop. The avatar is the signboard picture of the fruit shop, and the signature in the WeChat personal information indicates the mobile phone contact information and delivery time.
  3. Make rational use of the function of people near WeChat, and actively add nearby people as friends every day, with 20 friends for each number every day. Pay attention to the speech technique, and don’t be complained. Generally speaking, the pass rate is about 50%.
  4. Screening nearby people is generally an active crowd in surrounding communities and units. The activity can be seen in WeChat circle of friends. Generally, Bao Ma is the most, and Bao Ma is an accurate and effective potential customer with certain spending power.
  5. Off-line, we usually choose the neighborhood neighbors, kindergarten teachers, shop owners and Bao Ma Bao Dad, and try to find opportunities to add their WeChat.
  6. In terms of supply of goods, find a local fruit wholesale market or fruit planting base to make money by bubbling net. There is absolutely no need to order fruits online. Some fruits are not easy to be stored for a long time, and they are easy to be bruised during transportation.
  7. Keep sending friends circle every day, mainly sending fruit wholesale scenes, showing some new fruits, closing with customers, delivery process scenes, happy things in the shop every day and some small things in your own life, which is almost the same. Remember to send friends circle dynamics regularly and regularly every day.
  8. Interact with fans in the circle of friends every day, praise activities, deliver fruits to your door free of charge, and have other fruit cutting and special sales activities, fruit matching promotion activities, and group purchase activities.
  9. Finally, set up your own group buying community, deeply cultivate this community, and let people in the community trust you, buy your things, and know that you are trying your best to find fresh fruits for everyone, which is cheap and convenient. You can also show that you work hard, work hard for your children and your family, have a positive image, and make a deal easily.

Second, how to improve the turnover rate of WeChat selling fruits

  1. The main products of fruit should be well positioned to meet the needs of most customers. Discount promotion and high-quality and low-price products will bring benefits to customers. Do not let customers feel cheap, but let customers feel cheap. The varieties and types of fruits can be appropriately increased to improve the turnover rate.
  2. It is a good publicity to go to the fruit planting bases in the surrounding cities once or twice a month, and also allow customers to participate, walk together, pick fruits together and move them together, so that customers can experience them personally, take photos and videos, and send them to friends circle.
  3. When it comes to the group purchase activities, the whole circle of friends will broadcast the delivery, picking process, packaging process and foundation scene pictures. Let customers feel as if they have purchased goods in person, and they will place orders without hesitation.
  4. When it comes to the single purchase activity, customers are looking forward to it, and at least there are more than 20 orders to make money by bubbling the net. Every time Li Ge is busy with activities, and you have to deliver them to your door in person. If you can’t deliver them, you will wait until the next morning. This will make customers feel that you are reliable and worthy of long-term trust, and lay a good foundation for future business expansion.
  5. At present, LiGe is patronized by many old customers, and the repurchase rate is relatively high. The accumulation of old customers, the introduction of old customers and the development of new customers make Li Ge have a certain reputation around the community, and the reputation in the circle is relatively good. More and more customers will find Li Ge, and the effect of offline fission is very great. The number of WeChat orders is gradually increasing every day.

Third, WeChat sells fruit summary

  1. WeChat friends circle should be continuously updated every day.
  2. Have a good relationship with fan customers and interact with friends.
  3. The community should keep active, increase trust, and often engage in promotions, free of charge activities, and group buying activities.
  4. Micro-signal friends should be well maintained. It’s a pleasure to greet them on holidays and send a red envelope.
  5. Fruit varieties should be increased, fresh and delicious, and the repurchase rate of customers should be improved.
  6. Visit the fruit base offline, even free of charge.
  7. Combine online and offline, and play with internet thinking.
  8. Make more efforts to maintain old customers, treat them as good friends, and know their roots.

The above is to reveal how WeChat sells fruits from 0 to 10,000 per month. I repeated these practical steps, and Xiaobai can use them immediately after reading them! To learn more about the online earning project tutorial, please pay attention to bubbling online earning!

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