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The long-term sideline business of realizing two flows completely gets rid of the coolie sideline business


If you have the conditions, you still have to try a long-term sideline business. Yesterday, I heard from my friend that I ran a counter again. I won’t elaborate on which one. I don’t know if it’s better. It seems to make a lot of money to attract people’s money, but in the end I lost my principal and my relationship.

It’s okay at ordinary times, and I’m also thinking, since there are so many popular sideline businesses that are booming, why don’t everyone do them?

The reason is probably lazy, just like you know that posting drainage will definitely have an effect, but you just don’t do it, and you still feel that you can’t drain, which is the root of the problem.

In fact, most Internet practitioners have only one thing on their minds. They have no brains to move bricks and earn more than 10,000 yuan a month. We can’t deny that this kind of sideline business exists, but it also needs preconditions. You need to work hard in the early stage, and then it is possible to make a lot of money in the later stage. These are two concepts.

I always don’t recommend you to do short and fast projects. First, you die quickly. Secondly, these projects have almost no future without exception. If you do this, you can earn some pocket money. Once you stop, you will have nothing.

Big money can’t be earned, but small money depends on coolies.
I have experienced such a day, and it is really hard to bear. From now on, do some development projects. Don’t think it is too late. In fact, it is not too late. If you don’t start, there will be no development at any time.

Below, I recommend two long-term sideline businesses with realized flow. If you want to get rid of the coolie sideline business completely, you can choose to try it.

Tik Tok

If you choose a sideline, you must choose a platform that can rely on big trees to enjoy the cool.

After all, Tik Tok really feeds a lot of people, and many Internet practitioners earn the first pot of gold in their lives through Tik Tok, so you must not miss such a traffic paradise.

In fact, there are many categories that you can operate in the vibrato short video, such as film and television editing, software teaching, music number, book list number and so on, which are all good choices.

So if you don’t know anything at present, the quickest way is to copy other people’s popular videos.

Recently, I have been observing that there is a kind of video that is quite popular, that is, what XXX looks like on the Internet, and then what XXX looks like in reality, which is still quite popular among users.

Here, we can think about why this kind of video works are generally highly praised, because this kind of video itself forms a kind of conflict. After watching the Internet, users generally want to know what will happen in real life, so that the broadcast rate of the whole video will go up virtually. In addition, if your video is controversial, the message discussion or quarrel at the bottom of the video will also virtually improve the quality of your video.
Therefore, when we think about the shooting direction of short videos, we must make good use of this kind of hedging, deliberately create conflicts, and even bury some quarreling hooks in the videos to seduce users to come over and spray, so we can make good design every step.

Then I won’t say much about the realization and income of Tik Tok.

Experience of Xiaohongshu

Before operating Xiaohongshu, I have a sentence to ask everyone. You don’t need to worry that you don’t have the excellent writing style from the media practitioners, because Xiaohongshu itself is the carrier of a large number of pictures.

The essence of its platform is sharing, because the platform of Xiaohongshu is rather feminine, and most of it is related to beauty makeup, clothing matching, shoes, bags and hats, etc. It is best if you happen to study this.

Even if you don’t know anything, it doesn’t matter. Most of your friends who are engaged in sideline work are self-made, so you can refer to the contents of your peers.

If sharing is in place, Xiaohongshu’s income can’t be underestimated. Only platform fans can realize it. With a fan volume of about 10W, the price of playing soft and wide once is around several thousand yuan. You only need to share two or three soft advertisements every month, and basically it is very easy to achieve tens of thousands of monthly income.

Of course, many people here may think that Xiaohongshu is suitable for women to do, because most of the platforms are mostly female users, but they are not. You want to take some beautiful pictures.
For all friends who are similar to self-media, I suggested from the very beginning that you should not operate when you come up. After registering your account, you should keep it for one to two weeks. If the platform thinks that the marketing number leads to the ban, it will be uneconomical.

Now, on the operating platform, the bonus period has passed, and there was no crazy participation in the fan economy. At this time, we must first consider the retention of content for users. After all, the continuous output of high-quality content plays a key role in the retention of users.

In the later stage, if all the conditions meet the requirements, you can apply for Xiaohongshu brand partner, so that you can fully realize lying and earning. Xiaohongshu brand partner has certain requirements, such as the number of fans, whether there are some specific violation records, etc., which needs attention.

In fact, if you have any needs at ordinary times, it is a sideline in itself, which can solve our painful needs. It is not recommended that you work hard to move bricks. You only need to keep studying every day and make progress every day.

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