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How to make money through sound on the Internet?


At present, some people on the Internet make money by brushing face value through live broadcast, some people make money by selling goods through eloquence live broadcast, and some people make money by outputting content with good writing style. What should you do if you say that you can’t edit videos, write articles without thinking, summarize manuscripts, and dare not show your face? So it should be OK to read the recording according to the words?

First of all, if you want to make money through sound, you must choose some platforms, such as headlines, Baijia and other self-media platforms. Now, you can directly release audio, and if audio is sent out, you will get advertising revenue.
Or you can go to a professional audio platform, register a number, and then release your voice in it, such as Himalayan FM, Dragonfly FM, Litchi FM, Penguin FM, and lazy people listening to books.

Second, their own positioning

Make clear what your voice is suitable for broadcasting, such as girl voice, and you can broadcast children’s stories and emotional stories to make money by bubbling the net. Boy’s voice is magnetic and can broadcast horror stories, workplace life and so on. If you can’t make up your mind, you can ask your friends’ suggestions. After choosing your suitable field, you should stick to doing vertical instead of changing it every other time.

Third, prepare tools

Nowadays, mobile phones generally have recording function. The best thing is to prepare a high-quality microphone, that is, a kind of special recording. It’s good to buy one for yourself, and it’s not expensive.

Then it’s better to have a computer, and you can add some background music to your audio, which definitely sounds more beautiful. It won’t take much time.

Fourth, material preparation

Material is what you usually record. You can find some articles in related fields from the media, modify them slightly, turn them into audio and send them out.

Please note: don’t infringe others’ copyright, otherwise it may cause unnecessary trouble. You can also search for some materials through other payment platforms, so as to ensure that the content is of higher quality and can be earned by bubbling net. You can also seek cooperation from novel writers or purchase copyright recordings.

V. Audio Upload

Upload is very simple, just prepare a cover and add a brief introduction, that is, a brief introduction of your own audio, and the cover can be made by your own ps. Then upload it to some of the platforms I told you earlier.

VI. Liquidation

  1. There are many ways to realize audio. You can take on some tasks. Like many platforms, there are related tasks. If you record a paragraph for others, it is easy to earn one or two hundred yuan an hour. Of course, the premise is that your voice is good. If it is not good, no one will call you.
  2. Secondly, you can get an advertisement income, and you can add a random advertisement under our audio. When someone listens to your audio, they will browse this advertisement, and you will get this income incidentally, just like a video article.
  3. Creators with many fans and good broadcasting skills can choose to sign contracts with the platform. Of course, the threshold is a bit high, but the benefits are also great.
  4. Your voice and content are enough to attract the audience, and the reward function can be enabled. If the audience likes your work, they will reward you through Alipay or other platforms, which is the most direct way to realize it.

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