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There is no coolie on the Internet, you can find a way, and you can make a lot of money


Almost every day, I meet friends from all walks of life looking for projects. Although this kind of thing has poor information on the Internet, it is not big.

Now the network can be developed so that whatever we want to find can be found, but whether it is practical or not is another matter. It is almost the end of the year, and you are still looking for various projects, which can indirectly show that your network Z road is not ideal this year.

Recalling the roads I have traveled, I have suffered the loss of on-hook events and lost the money of racing time. Even typing and brushing bills have been tried many times, most of which are pits, so I summed up myself. If you can find a way without coolies on the Internet, you can make a lot of money on the bubble net, but you can’t find the events, and the soup tastes hot.

If we look for projects on the Internet, we should learn more experience. Those who first discover projects and use them to make money must give priority to their thinking, because there was no experience to talk about at that time, and everything was groping.

In fact, in my opinion, no matter how many projects you have done, as long as you don’t make any money, everything is zero. Most people can’t make any money because they are stupid, lazy or unable to keep up with their thinking.
Internet thinking is a treasure ten years ago, a few years ago in Weibo and WeChat official account, and a quick hand shaking in the first two years. I only know how to make money, but I just don’t know how to do it.

Instead of looking for projects all over the street, it’s better to find a favorite way to realize cash, and then look for business opportunities backwards.

For example, as we all know now, Tik Tok makes money, so there are many points in Tik Tok that can make you make money in a short time, such as bringing goods in the window, draining and realizing, receiving advertisements from merchants, promoting small programs, bringing goods in live broadcast +PK, and if it is a little peripheral, Tik Tok Bruzan, Tik Tok Blue V, etc., these are the points that make money on the platform. You don’t need to do it completely without this experience, so you can start by finding your favorite points.

Look at other people’s book list numbers to make money, then you should try yourself, copy your peers’ copywriting, record your own voice, download some copyright-free videos, or buy some philosophical books, that is, copy them. In short, you should turn the copywriting to our book at last, and then send short videos, so you can do it step by step.

Watching others edit movies to make money, learning the use of editing software by yourself, editing some popular movies to make money by bubbling the net, making a series by number, recommending war films, explaining thrillers, feeling after watching story dramas, and so on. When you come down in batches, you can not only hang small programs to realize cash, but also drain fans to realize cash on WeChat marketing number. There are many ways, mainly depending on your liking.
In fact, the video number can also be regarded as the early fast-moving vibrato, and it is also the only platform with external traffic in WeChat ecological circle. If it is realized, it will make huge profits.

Most people who want to engage in the “Z-Way” of the Internet are bound, and not all businesses are smooth sailing.

In the early years, those friends who wanted to be e-commerce were still worried about the supply of goods, and one generation of the factory did not really solve the problem. Up to now, short video entrepreneurs have been worried about the content, so if you can’t do the content now, you can’t do the content after ten years.

We can find some millions of fans of online celebrity. If they can keep their previous works, you will see that it is really ordinary, even rubbish. The reason why the public can accept and like them is entirely because he is changing.

Then if you want to try, don’t hesitate any more. Start with speed, start with imitation, and one day you will realize how to follow this path.


It is understandable that many people can’t show their faces. This is the consistent thinking of the public. There are many types of video numbers. There are as many kinds of videos as there are. Just focus on the vertical fields that you are good at or like.

If you choose not to appear, don’t make personal IP self-presentation videos, but choose a category to clip and add voice commentary or subtitles.
Category, as far as possible or according to the popular favorite point of view, such as entertainment funny, inspirational chicken soup, film editing, success, news hot spots, etc., which have a lot of material to rely on.

start doing sth

The public is very concerned about the content. If you don’t do well in the content, other fancy things will be grand again, and the video will not be too hot.
Of course, there should be something attached. Subscription numbers of captive fans, WeChat for guiding and adding friends, small program promotion platform, taobao guest promotion platform, or novel distribution platform mentioned in previous articles should all be registered and used at will.

Account registration and video content production will be skipped. Most of them are pieced together and then copied and changed. In addition, the vertical topics in your selected classification must be taken with you.


Any project can start batch operation as long as it can find a suitable point.

There are two ways of batch operation, the first is to send a video on multiple platforms, and the second is to send a video on multiple accounts on one platform. Both of these are not recommended, because the same video content is sent in different accounts, which may lead to the platform recognizing video handling. Only the matrix development of multi-content and multi-account is suggested.
At present, the dividend of video number is still relatively large. After the output of valuable content is constantly increased, it is not too big a problem to sell products or services, but at present, there are a little few monetization channels.

However, the best choice for starting a business online is to do something accumulative. The practical threshold is not very high, so long as you do your own private domain traffic portal.

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