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A case of attracting local fans in rapid batches


Today, I share a case of attracting local fans in batches quickly. My friend earned 20,000 yuan a month through this easy realization.

So how did it play? He opened a “fake” two-dollar store to attract local fans. He rented a store in the county town, the place with the most traffic in the city. Then I went to the 1688 wholesale website and got a lot of small commodities at one dollar, including toothbrushes, nail clippers, toilet paper and so on.
In fact, these two-dollar stores are nothing new. Nowadays, there are such two-dollar stores all over the street, but the next play is the most important.

He pasted a poster with his WeChat QR code at the door of the store, telling the customers who entered the store that all the items can be taken away for free only by scanning the code. At the same time, the original prices of these goods are marked out, which is similar to the form of supermarkets. Basically, they are in the range of four dollars to ten dollars. Now, they only need one dollar to two dollars, and every customer who comes to the store is required to get it for free only once. Other items should be bought at the original price.

In this way, he filled up a micro signal of 5,000 people in four months. Later, he changed his number and continued to add it. He added three numbers in half a year, adding up to nearly 13,000 friends.

Some friends may say, this is just a push. At first glance, you may think it’s similar. When you think about it, there are differences.

First of all, it has a physical store, which has a natural sense of trust, compared with the simple form of setting up stalls and pushing classes. In addition, he clearly marked the original price of these goods, and it is indeed a product being sold, which also proves that these goods have practical value.

If he is pushing, many people still don’t trust him. Many people think that what they receive for free is definitely not a good thing, or there is something in it. What’s more, it’s not clearly marked.

People like comparison. Only when they really see the value of something will they feel that they really take advantage of it. This is actually playing with human nature, so it is such a method. With these more than 10,000 friends, he has a relatively stable economic income.

How did he realize the realization of cash? In fact, when he saved a certain number of friends in his hand, he went to the owner of a jewelry store in their county and told the boss about his local friends. The boss’s brain is also relatively bright, and the two hit it off. The boss of the jewelry store is very accommodating and promised to give him one thousand dollars to help publicize it.

In fact, he only had a number of over 5,000 people in his hand, and he pushed it three times in his circle of friends. As a result, the list of this jewelry store in the next few days was indeed much more than usual. Later, the boss got out of control and pushed him several times, which became a long-term cooperative relationship.

One after another, he found a lot of bosses in the county to talk about cooperation. During this period, the number of fans in his hand was also increasing, and the offer for cooperation was getting higher and higher.

He also talked to the sales director of real estate developers in their county, the boss of hot pot restaurant, the boss of clothing store and the boss of big supermarket, but there were some words that reached cooperation and were rejected. Fortunately, most of the bosses who cooperated with him have tasted the sweetness, and many people are willing to reach a long-term cooperation with him. Many bosses who had not cooperated successfully before also came back to find him to cooperate again.

With this business, he achieved a monthly income of 20,000 yuan in a county town. Now there is not much room for the development of this game in their county, and the speed of adding people by micro-signals is far less than before. He is about to close the store and go to the next county to continue to develop this model. The population of a county is always limited, so the efficiency of adding powder will be continuously attenuated.

He said that he would copy this model to the next county to make money by bubbling nets. There are so many counties in the country that he can’t eat all by himself. If you want to do it, you can also visit your local area.

The essence of business is actually the same. When you have enough users and enough fans, you can make money whatever you do, even if you don’t have your own products.

With a change of thinking, there is a market, and he will never reach the New World. Everyone must continue to study, so that business will get better and better.

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