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Do the project, can’t make some traffic is basically cannon fodder!


These days, when you do projects, you can’t get some traffic. It’s basically cannon fodder!

Your superiors call you to send friends, fry, and post all day …

What are you playing? Playing without blood.

Yesterday, I visited an entertainment live broadcaster, which shocked me!

There are as many as 150 business people recruiting anchors in his company alone! The content of business work is very simple, that is, going to Xiaohongshu, Tik Tok and other platforms to chat privately with anchors, each person needs to chat privately with 500 articles every day, and continue to chat after working overtime, and the output is 75,000 articles a day and 2.25 million private messages a month! And it is required that each person can produce a pilot broadcast every day, and if there is no pilot broadcast in a week, they will be directly expelled! Daxie told me that they left thirty or forty people a week ….

Do bosses care if you live or die?

“All the hustle and bustle of the world is for profit, and all the hustle and bustle of the world is for profit.” Some things are better seen thoroughly. Some people do not believe in evil, and they all die miserably in the end.

I believe in equivalent exchange!

I don’t play without blood, let dry goods go, change popularity!

Is it difficult to make traffic? Every time I do a project, it is a team of tens of thousands of people!

Peanuts, pink elephants, blue crystals, travel world, I do this.

I only need to do one thing: let users search for XXX on Baidu, and you can see my articles earned by bubbling net, and find me along the articles! The more people you search, the more traffic you get!

Say several key words “weight loss, insomnia, acne, hair loss”

All above are from Baidu search index. What words do users search on Baidu? How many people are searching? Are very clear.

What is Baidu Baping?

For example, the word hair loss, you have to be a bully screen, that is, write an article or publish many articles on the above search terms. Of course, you can’t get a good ranking by writing it. Here’s a small trick, that is, you should do a good job in each article! Inner chain can be understood as hyperlink

For example, if you write 30 articles on “hair loss” with different titles, and then these 30 articles are all in the inner chain, then these 30 articles will form a closed loop. If the traffic enters from any content, it will be in this closed loop. Circulate, just like human blood, of course, the traffic will go, but at least circulate. …

Judging from my experience in seo for many years, getting rankings is mainly based on two judgments

First, is there any traffic

A, this traffic refers to whether the website itself has traffic, why do you say that the higher the weight, the easier it is for the website to get the ranking? Quite simply, the weight is the third-party website’s evaluation of website traffic, and the higher the weight, the more website traffic.

B. Is there traffic introduction outside the station, such as external chain, friend chain, circle of friends, and WeChat group …

Second, can you retain traffic

C, the article content is high enough, users stay for a long time?

D, praise, comment, and return visit …

The logic is so simple, but any platform has its operating rules. If you don’t understand the rules, then the blind touch the elephant.

Although it is also a post, I want to say that a high-quality post is worth 100 or 1000 posts. The key here is that you understand the rules and the platform!

Although there are not many words in this article, every word is precious. It is recommended to read it repeatedly. When you read it, it is worth millions

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