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Drainage teaching, introduction of real-time number and function of real-time number in Weibo


The dry goods shared today are a drainage teaching in Weibo that I paid to learn before, and with my own practical experience, I will share them with you in the form of documents, hoping to help you.

  1. introduction of real-time number and its function
    First, explain what real-time number is. Real-time number is a kind of number in Weibo, which allows other users to search for their own Weibo in blog post. If you send a Weibo XXX, you can search XXX after sending it. We call it a test code. Search this test code to see if there is this information in the real-time column. If so, this account is a real-time number.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that you can send anything for others to search and see. If you send some straightforward advertisements, you can’t get real-time. If you send ten articles, six or seven of which can get real-time, it will definitely be real-time numbers. It doesn’t mean that you must use English numbers to make test codes. The test codes are just for convenience. It is also possible to prepare a blog post by yourself and search in the real-time column through keywords.

  1. What are the top three hot spots
    Let me talk about how to look at the rankings first

If you take Casio watch keywords as an example, the first search result must be the comprehensive column. The first search comprehensive column will have three hot spots, which are called the top three hot spots

If you search for the first time, the ranking is hot 1 hot 2 hot 3. The correct way to view the hot ranking is to look at the results of the hot column. The hot column is the most accurate one. You can see whether a certain Weibo is hot 1 or hot 2 or hot 3.

We must do the top three to get the exposure rate, and there must be no exposure rate if we do the fourth and fourth five. If you search a few times, you will find that the popular column will randomly jump, because if you search too much, the results will appear randomly, and most customers will only search once. If you are in the top 123rd position, the exposure rate of the advertisement will be much higher.

Therefore, when we operate, we mainly look at the popular column, and don’t need to take care of the comprehensive one, where only the first search is the most accurate, and the popular column at the back is to see what you are hot, even if your ranking in the comprehensive search is wrong, it doesn’t matter.

  1. The most basic conditions for popularity

There must be basic requirements for doing popular check numbers. The most basic requirement is the real-time number. Later, we will say that other types of bubble nets earn money. We must be real-time numbers at first

3-1. Classification of real-time numbers

Black number real time

The black number means the number from dao. If you have a Weibo number, the password is too simple, etc., and it is found to be a real-time number after testing with the test code, this is the black number real-time. If someone sells the number, he tells you that it is black number real-time. This number is the number that may be retrieved by the owner, so the black number will have some attention ~

White real-time

White number real-time is registered with software, and it is cultivated from level 0. An account like this is white number real-time, which will have account password, email game password, etc. You can retrieve the password through email, and white number real-time is a number that can be permanently used by yourself.

3-2. How does the black number distinguish between hot and cold
That is, if you look at the first Weibo, one of the blog posts sent by Weibo will come from somewhere, usually from, and then there will be time for him to send blog posts.

If he uses other ports, he will bring some strange test codes that look like test codes. In this case, the Weibo was tested by dao, so we mainly look at his time, and then we can find out where his turning point is.

For example, this number came from the mobile phone client before, and suddenly became a on 4.26, and then sent a blog post with a test code, which means that this number has been useless since 17 years, and 4.26 was stolen. This kind of number is very cold. It is useless for about two years, so it is best to pay attention to this if you want to find someone else to buy a number. Cold numbers are the best, hot numbers are easy to be recovered by bubbling nets, and hot numbers are recovered.

  1. How to raise a real-time number
    Send 5-8 double topics with nine pictures every day, with two topics # food # # food recommendation #

First, it is a double topic with #, and it is a double topic with two topics. Usually, you can match a 9-picture with a number, you can just find a photo of food, download a nine-square grid cutting software, you can cut a picture into nine directly, so you don’t have to find nine pictures. This will be more convenient. You must insist on sending 5-8 pictures every day at least one hour apart. Of course, you can send more.

It is more recommended that we send it manually and raise it manually, so that the probability of developing it in real time is greater.

Second, there must be active interaction, that is, go to Weibo to open the news column, there is a discovery area in the upper left corner, go to the discovery area to search for mutual powder, add some mutual powder groups, and exchange powder with them. Free mutual praise and comment to increase your own activity is also helpful for raising the number, but don’t add too many mutual powder every day. Ten or so praise and comment are arbitrary, but don’t too much. Grasp a quantity by yourself. This is alive. There is no hard saying what must be done. Grasp by yourself, of course, it’s best to have that kind of big V, yellow V, and powder each other with you. If you can’t find it, don’t look for that kind of micro-firm. If Weibo is full of advertisements, don’t powder each other.

Next, temporarily insert one

Extended use of 4-1 real-time number
This is an example of my previous practice.

277 new friends were added at 6.09 points, 502 new friends were added at 6.23 points, and 225 friends were added in just 14 minutes. Of course, these fans are all pan-powder and not accurate, but the proportion of female powder is very high, so we can send friends to push daily necessities and the like. The conversion rate is very high, as long as there is traffic in the Internet era. There is no money to earn ~

I remember that it took 2-3 hours to add friends that day, and the number of friends has always been 999, so I didn’t count the number.

Theoretically, when there is enough time and my real-time number is enough, it is not a big problem to get five wx with 5,000 people in one day.

This operation is mainly sent to Weibo through real-time number, and the audience found this Weibo and added my friend ~

For example, a Luo XO group 55555 incident went to X Bo Hot Search, and the majority of netizens are eager for knowledge. At this time, we have a real-time number in our hands, so we can publish a Weibo and tell others that I have XX gossip about XX events and want to see my XX and the like. Because of the topic flow in off the charts, in just 14 minutes, you can see that 200+ people add me to seek knowledge ~ Although this kind of powder is not precise powder, it is well used and the conversion rate is not low

The point is that the cost of this kind of powder is almost zero in my opinion.

The above is just an example. You can draw inferences from others. Usually, there are many topics that can be used. For example, Li Xiaoxiao apologizes to someone recently and XXX apologizes to someone. These can be used in practice. However, the premise of using it is that I use 2 numbers in practice when I am legally compliant and not illegal. If I have 20 numbers, will the traffic flow be doubled?

  1. Yellow V certification
    In fact, this yellow V certification is still relatively simple. If we find a yellow V number to open her more information, there will be a Weibo certification. If we click in, we will enter the second page. We can mainly certify these three. Interest certification, super topic certification and video certification are the most difficult.

5-1 Interest certification needs to send videos in a certain field. If you want to make beauty or food, send videos in this field. It is best to send your own videos originally. pseudo original can also do it. If it is copied directly, interest certification is not easy to pass. If you plan to do interest certification, it is better to use original videos, which is easier to pass. The time period of interest certification is also relatively long. You can click in to see the certification conditions and operate according to his requirements, that is, it is difficult to specify the requirements in the final field.

5-2 Super Topic Certification
The certification of super topic is relatively simple. If you want to certify any super topic, you can search it. If there is a super topic circle in the top row, you can click in to apply for a host. If you apply for a small host, you should apply for a small host first. If you don’t, you will apply for a host. Then she will have several conditions below, the first one can be met, and the second one will have a level of super topic requirements. Each super topic requires different requirements, so you can follow it. There is also the number of posts in the current month. There is a post below the super-talk. You can complete the task by clicking in and posting. The following real-name authentication mobile phone number and the like can be followed, and then the fastest level of super-talk is posting. After posting, you can buy some forwarding comments and praise them. You can upgrade quickly. It is ok to send ten articles in two days, but don’t send them at one time, almost one hour apart. It will be faster to buy some forwarding comments and praise upgrades when these are completed.

5-2 Video Authentication

Video authentication is also relatively fast, but it needs to send original videos just like interest authentication. This will be relatively simple. There will be original videos from Weibo at this point. The above conditions are easy to understand and operate according to the requirements.

  1. How to operate the top three

In fact, many tutorials can be found in the top three popular ones. This has been a skill that has been flooded for many years. I have made a little detail according to my own experience. We need to prepare a channel that can be bought and praised. Here, I recommend a website that everyone knows.

Recommended code: 11087345 Recommended link:

Beginners can practice through this website,

Of course, it would be better if you had your own channels.
Because there are definitely several industries doing drainage, the details of copywriting prepared by each industry may be different, but they are definitely the same in general.

I’m just talking about it roughly here. For example, when we exchange cash for Taobao coupons and flower buds, we will find that their keywords are inserted in a paragraph. You can search for a keyword casually. For example, Taobao coupons can look at the keywords drawn and remove their keywords, which is a complete blog post of chicken soup in pseudo original, and then look at the keywords in the blog post of flower buds for cash, which are basically the same.

You can Baidu some chicken soup, classical Chinese, lyrics, inspirational, etc., and insert these keywords into the chicken soup and publish them. Then, if you look at the pictures, you can follow the imitation. The words on the pictures are all required. You can operate according to what they write. The font should not be too big, just about the same size as them. It is equivalent to changing the micro signal, but the pictures must be done by yourself and downloading a Wechat business watermark camera. Make it by yourself, and cut it into nine pictures with nine squares, so it will be better to publish it in real time. If it is all pictures, it is best to use nine pictures.

The ranking effect of nine pictures will definitely be better than that of one picture.
If real-time is on, we need to wait for ten minutes to see if real-time is still on it. Ten minutes shows just now, and ten minutes later shows exactly how many minutes ago. If real-time is on after just being released, but real-time drops after ten minutes, it is necessary to conduct a self-check at this time to see whether it is a picture or a copy. In this case, we need to judge and test by ourselves. There may be some problems with the advertisement on the picture, such as WeChat qq. Pure numbers are easy to be blocked by Weibo, but English+numbers are not so easy to be blocked. If qq WeChat is long, you can try to shrink it. If it is not good, you can try to add some infection symbols to WeChat QQ to block the detection of Weibo. How to interfere with each person’s experience is different, and you need to explore on your own.

There is also a situation that there is no real-time at all. In order to make sure that your number is real-time, first eliminate the problem of number, then eliminate the copy and pictures if the number is ok, and then try whether the pictures can be real-time, and then send different copies to try again if the pictures are excluded separately, and make modifications according to the actual situation.

All the above mentioned are possibilities. Possibilities generally do not cause too many problems. Remember that you must not be too anxious.

After going to real time, buy some praise and forward. If you find that your Weibo is still in real time after ten minutes, you will go to Afa Pig to buy forwarding comments, generally about 20-100, not too much. Don’t feel that the more the better at first, 20-100. You can try the best within 20 hours at the beginning. If you forward more comments, it will be easy to drop in real time. Try to reduce the amount of forwarding comments. Different numbers can resist forwarding comments.

After forwarding the comments, first see if there are any hot spots and copy a paragraph in the blog post

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