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How do novices earn high commissions through Baidu interception?


In the process of scouring customers, I deeply feel that layout is more important than everything.

Layout is the further incubating behavior in operational thinking, and making any platform with goods is around river closure and eating money.

In the process of doing Zhihu, I summed up several feasible strategies of intercepting water through Baidu, among which the most worth pondering is the update of intelligence.

I am good at analyzing my peers. Even if there is no guidance, I can summarize everything. In the process of Baidu’s interception, I suggest to figure out several aspects:

  1. How do you play when Baidu intercepts the river and makes Amoy customers?
  2. How do novices earn high commissions through Baidu interception?
  3. How to find conversion words in batches to lay out a lot of traffic?
    Today, through this case, I will actually share the whole operation process, and extract some of my practical experience and teach it to everyone free of charge.

Let’s talk briefly about the ins and outs of the matter. When I selected products and looked for materials two months ago, I accidentally discovered this game of bringing goods.

After one month’s observation, it remained stable in the top three of Baidu, and experienced double 11 and 12 huge traffic waves in the middle, and probably knew the profit points.

Previously, I collected various materials of this kind of products, and expanded a large number of brand long tail words, and an eye-catching post bypassed me.
I have to say that my peers are very smart, taking advantage of the user’s fear of cheating, revealing the products, but actually pushing the products to make money.

In the content, there is no actual feeling for the user to learn from, but a paragraph is randomly written, and then a sentence is used to guide the link behind the scarlet letter below.

I have checked, and I will directly pick a store link, including the comment feeling in the quotation marks of the following book, which is also the same link.

Summary profit point: The massage chair is about 10,000 yuan, and the commission is between 200-400 yuan.

I didn’t guess the commission at random, but actually checked it and verified it. From this point of view, there is also a 300-dollar bill for taking an intermediate difference.
Look carefully, the minimum profit is also 175.56, which is just one of the brands in the massage chair, which can be completely enlarged.

The conversion rate of high commission products is usually low, and the price is here, so consumers have to think twice before buying them!

First, how do you play when Baidu intercepts the water and makes a guest?

Talk about this method of river closure and how to do it!

Here’s a trick: learn to borrow chickens and lay eggs.

Borrowing chicken = using a third-party high-weight platform

Raw eggs = registration/login/posting/optimization

Tips: In the case of establishing indexes, it will be effective only after a large number of executions, otherwise it will be no use!

Index is a professional vocabulary. Simply speaking, it can search the corresponding content information in Baidu through a certain keyword.
Through the fast community, quick registration, anyone can do this, and it can’t be simpler.

First, complete the information. If you have just registered for 30 minutes, you can’t post it. You can visit the mission area and get some points.

In short, the whole process is free, and I won’t ask you for a penny.

In the trading area section, there is a sub-category called “Online Shopping Sharing”, which, as its name implies, is sent here.
You will find that more than N peers are advertising here, and 1481 posts have been added this morning. The more posts are sent, the greater the traffic will naturally be.

Friends who have been webmasters know a little, the higher the weight, the higher the station makes money by bubbling the net, and when it is updated and included+indexed, most of the time it is basically a second row, which is so bullish.

How to do the content?

Collect more evaluation nets, move all the good experience pictures and contents, and just change the whole thing a little.

A more efficient way, with the help of some software, can help you re-create in a short time, or comb the eye-catching headlines.
I’m too lazy to write the content. It needs to be original and readable, and it needs to be automated. It’s no doubt appropriate to use AI intelligence to help you write it.

All-powerful Taobao, don’t have too many such tools, try more, and you will naturally find easy-to-use and cheap tools.

Second, how do novices earn high commissions through Baidu interception?

In combination with the above operations, high commission does not necessarily mean high unit price.

Products that can reach a single 300 yuan are definitely very few categories.

More blue ocean categories should be excavated continuously according to personal time.

These are the popular products, which can be seen clearly, clearly and comprehensively in Taobao navigation section.

In the first half of river closure, I believe you have mastered it. In the second half, you are looking for the varieties with explosion models+more than 50% profit.

For example, the following are the high commission products that I screened through the grass planting house.

You will see that the good night frozen film, which is only 29.9 yuan, can make a profit close to that of 18 yuan, which is much more than that made on behalf of others.
This model has a sales volume of 1.74W in Tik Tok. Judging from the total page views, its conversion rate is about 40%, which is really scary.

To tell the truth, a single profit in 18 yuan can PK numerous digital products, including household appliances.

For the same profit, compare another product with you.
Like this kind of variety, the unit price is more than 2500, but it can’t reach the 30 yuan, which is really uneconomical for promoters.

High commission: it must be if the customer unit price is high, and the varieties with low customer unit price should not be underestimated, but should be comprehensively compared.

Third, how to find conversion words in batches to arrange a large number of traffic?

At the beginning, I especially mentioned the importance of layout, which can also be understood as the idea of infinite extension.

First, review why Rong Kang massage chair colleagues write titles like that, and the third part will reveal the answer.

Brainless way to dig conversion words, similar to the golden flower, thesaurus and so on can be used.
In the search report, 2788 of them belong to the long tail traffic under the subject word, including all the words that users habitually search.

These flows can be arranged without spending a penny. Although they are few but precise, it is very likely that 10 accurate flows a day can be converted into one single flow.

Click cost is calculated by paying for promotion. Click at least 1.5 yuan once and 15 yuan 10 times, and the actual bid is at least doubled.

How to do a lot of layout traffic?

Think more, imagine from the user’s point of view, simulate and list all the words you actually want to search in excel!

For example: how about xxx products, price, which brand is better, A or B.

If you learn the art of attacking your heart, you will naturally understand what marketing is, and some mysterious details have to be understood by individuals!
As of the thesaurus analysis chart of this website, it is even more simple and rude to look at it in this way.

Objectively speaking, there are very few people who can build platforms and have strong operational capabilities.

I’m convinced that many people suffer from not knowing how to promote, so they can’t breathe. If you learn this trick, you may suddenly become enlightened.

At the end,

When you can’t make arrows, it is the best policy to learn how to borrow arrows in disguise and learn Zhuge thinking.

The strategy is based on the method. My view is to have the idea first, then the specific implementation details, and not to be a headstrong man.

Idea is the creator of thinking. How to be one step ahead of others and conspire with people in different circles to build great achievements!

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