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The flow is full of powder, how to realize it?


Because most of the time we can’t drain only by output, for example, sometimes we may need to drain through hot spots, data and so on.

These fans are all coming to get something from you, and it is very likely that he will leave after getting what he needs, so how can such fans realize it?

  1. Hot demand and realization of data members

For example, the hot spot in the previous two days: WeChat video status background

When I first came out, everyone felt new and anxious, and they all wanted to have a background to play, but the problem was that many people couldn’t get a background

At this time, if you can sort out the background of a dozen WeChat status videos according to the hot spots immediately, many people will need them, even if they are fan powder, many people also want them.

For another example, many people need to learn PPT production skills, and need their own small software tools, materials and so on.

The examples I have given are what most people need.

When you can provide it, it can also be realized.

For example, you can download PPT templates from this website first and send some free PPT templates

How to send it?

You can create a WeChat official account for users to reply to keywords in WeChat official account.

At the same time, you can tell users that you can get more beautiful templates, common material resources, small software tools and so on in 9.9.

Tell him at a higher level that as long as he is in 99 yuan, he can get permanently updated resources, such as various lecture tutorials, design tutorials, editing tutorials, editing software and so on.

In this way, you can only earn 9.9 yuan for a user, but you earn 99 yuan.

  1. Content distribution

For example, I have seen a lot of people make money by publishing psychological evaluation products, so that they can earn thousands of dollars a day!

The reason is very simple, because this demand is actually one that everyone will have.

There are still many WeChat official account who can realize their cash by sharing courses that make money, because making money is a skill that most people need to learn.

This is precisely the reason why the knowledge payment project is so popular recently, because every course on this platform is teaching everyone how to make money, and a member is only 99,199, so he can enjoy the money-making course updated by the platform permanently, which is of great value to most people.
Therefore, the second way to realize the pan-flow is to distribute some products that the public needs, such as financial management, making money, losing weight, becoming beautiful, and psychological evaluation …….

  1. The flow is realized

Finally, the traffic is realized, and the most typical one is to do taobao guest.

The specific operation is as follows:

A, in your WeChat official account menu bar and pay attention to automatic reply, prepare a good provincial promotion copy written by you in advance, guide users to register as your subordinates, and then guide the other party to place an order. New users can place an order in 0 yuan or buy it in 1 yuan. Anyway, they need to place an order (this is an effective subordinate user).

B, open an exchange group, send them good and economical manuals, and push some better products in the group every day. Of course, it is up to you to push or not. This group is mainly used to train subordinates.

C, provide various drainage skills in the group, and teach them to develop subordinates.

D, you lie and earn.

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