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How to find suitable entrepreneurial projects from some known subdivisions?


Laziness is definitely the root of all evil. Last night, before going to bed, I made today’s arrangement plan, which was originally full on Saturday. There are some things that I didn’t have time to do at ordinary times.

I woke up in the morning and went to the bathroom. I found it was so cold today, and it was raining lightly, so I turned my head and went back to sleep directly. I didn’t sleep properly, and I slept directly after 10 o’clock.

The plan must have fallen through. Put on your clothes, take down your notebook in the car, look at the plan, and put it off until tomorrow. However, after sleeping late, it won’t waste a weekend.

I think it’s extremely cold this year, and tomorrow seems to be a light snow in the lunar calendar. I don’t know if I remember correctly, but it’s already very close to the New Year. If you haven’t made any money yet, put more oil on it.

In fact, like doing the Z project, it usually has its special profiteering period. You can still make a steady profit as long as you grasp it and learn to imitate it.

However, in many industries, imitation alone is not enough. Looking at the shelf, you just don’t know how to realize it. Like a short video, others make thousands of books every day. You make a book number and make a book every ten days. It’s like playing Post Bar and making money on the bubble net. The drainage copy sent by others can be kept indefinitely, but you are directly titled as soon as you come out. There are still some skills, but have you studied it?
To start a business online, you only need to find a field of deep cultivation. With so many industries, you can’t do it completely. One or two industries that can be deeply cultivated can be connected in series to form a new game.

Taobao knows that we can’t throw money at big categories now, so we also lack solid operating experience for C categories. What should we do? We must slowly explore from some familiar fields and start to study from subdivided fields.

Then how can we find suitable entrepreneurial projects from some known subdivisions?

What is the subdivision field? Let me give you an example here. My reality is that a buddy and a child are more than two years old and cry at home every day, which is puzzling. Sometimes the old man is superstitious about this piece and thinks that children, especially babies, can actually see something.

In our local area, there is an earthwork that every family will use, that is, to erect eggs and wish. I don’t know everyone in other places, that is, there are old people at home who have died or someone is gone, and children cry at night and don’t sleep and make money by bubbling nets. Adults usually prepare a raw egg, prepare a mirror, and then say something in their mouths, so if there is an old man who really wants children, he will be advised to leave, saying that the child is scared. If it is true, this egg is in the mirror.

My buddy was once killed. The egg was put on the mirror, pointed down, and said something. The egg was settled immediately, so the buddy bought mahogany and dog teeth to ward off evil spirits for his children.

This is actually a subdivision field. Later, I told a brother who wholesales children’s toys. Then he went directly into several sacks of dog teeth, bleached, polished and put on ropes at home, and processed them directly at home. Then some of them were sold in his retail stores, while others were sold in his online stores.
It’s been a few years now, and they all sell well. We don’t really pay much attention to this dog tooth, but if you have experience in making children’s products, you will know that it is still very popular among babies.

This is a subdivision of baby products. It is very fast to make money by seizing the opportunity.

Just like today’s special cold, where are the business opportunities for making money in the sub-sectors? You can think about it for yourself. After writing here, there are three or four business opportunities in niche areas in my mind.

In fact, doing projects online is the same as doing business in reality. Serving the niche is the choice of most people, and it is also very profitable. Just like Tik Tok, it is very profitable, so do it instead of making money. How to develop your own niche projects is the key.

How to find a small-scale profit-making project that suits you

In fact, this is relatively simple. The most important thing in the Internet is the tool for searching information. We can find some categories that are not popular but others are looking for through the search degree of keywords.

Of course, don’t consider too many traffic search categories. Generally, it can’t be done without spending money. For some small categories, some conditions we are looking for are reproducible products with higher profits in small areas.

Just like dog teeth, the purchase price is per catty. After taking it home for disinfection, bleaching, polishing and wearing a rope, the price is at least several times higher. A dog’s teeth with a better appearance can be sold for one or two hundred, which is a huge profit.
Then when we find products like this, we can start planning how to operate them, such as purchasing channels, commodity pricing, buying and selling channels, user drainage and so on.

Of course, some specialized wholesale websites on the Internet can be used as the source of goods. Sometimes we need to buy and sell some goods, but we need to make good copywriting. Then, we will still refer to our peers and find some advertisements of our peers. Here, we can use keywords to search search for search engines or QQ groups, and so on, and we will find a lot of them.

Find peers through one point, copy them, and then conduct marketing in the whole network, which leads users to WeChat in a unified way, because WeChat is more convenient to collect money, such as Post Bar, Douban Group, Xiaohongshu, bilibili and so on, which can post a bunch of contact information on it.

Specific circle of friends marketing, I have a specific introduction in the previous article, which can be taken directly to actual combat.

The reason why we are allowed to find suitable projects in the sub-areas where we are good at is that it is really difficult for us to enter the big categories, and a large part of the reason is that the big categories need to invest in big bubble nets to make money, and it is not suitable for us personally to do it in teams or even in the long run.

If you want to make money online and want to be in a big category, you need a lot of study and a high degree of self-discipline, otherwise you will only be eliminated.

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