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If you want to do well from the media, you need to consider your own position.


If you really want to do a good job from the media, the first step is to consider your own position, think about the creative field and the creative materials. This must be considered. I can’t say that I want to do it from the media now, and I will start it right away. In this case, It can only be a heat that lasts for a few days, because if you don’t consider the materials, you will soon run out of food. A few days ago, there was still nothing to send, but gradually there was no content, and it was impossible to copy it.

To understand, for example, let’s consider some fields: food, games, cross talk, entertainment, beauty, funny, etc. Don’t post this and that at once, it’s all jumbled, so that not only readers will be disgusted, but you will be confused, and you can’t tell what fans are draining, just specialize in one!
Ideas and methods

Thinking determines the way out, and method determines survival. Since the media not only needs methods, but also needs your persistence, innovation, and persistence. Persistence does not mean that you need to send articles and videos every day, but spend more time digging for suitable materials instead of copying old materials. Go, positioning must be accurate, choose what suits you, such as games, you just find something about games, such as eating chickens, you also need to subdivide, for example, you can carry some funny, straight men’s belts. Handling funny, that’s what I said. It must be positioned accurately. If it’s funny, don’t handle technology. If it’s funny, no one will watch it.

If you want to choose the food field, how can you choose the right direction?

Food is also subdivided. First of all, you should look at what you like. It is very important to follow your own interests. If you like food, you can teach food production, explore food shops, carry Korean food videos, etc. These are all your choices, but as I said above, just do one direction, choose good food, and then choose the subdivision direction. Do you want to teach food or explore food shops? You have to ask me which is better to make money? Then I can only say that if I do well, I will make a lot of money. If I don’t do well, I won’t make any money! But the best thing to do, I suggest you try to carry the videos of those big stomachs in Korea who eat food, but the recommended amount will not be so high, after all, it is flooding.

We can choose simple and easy-to-use fields. Food, funny videos and entertainment fields are quite simple, and there are a lot of materials to carry. We don’t have to worry about this, but it is mainly your own persistence. There is no traffic today, and it will not work tomorrow.

In short, choose which field you feel is the simplest, and choose what you feel is suitable for yourself, if you can fix it, if you can stick to it! Then watch more high-quality articles and videos to learn and imitate, learn how some peers do it, and finally create their own works, the most important thing is to practice and practice!

You can’t think about realizing cash in a hurry. Realizing cash is a follow-up consideration. If you understand it, you should first fix your own materials and do your own field well. Realizing cash is a follow-up consideration. You don’t have access to the Internet. Consider what games to download first. Everything should be done step by step. Continuous output of high-quality content is what you need to do now!

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