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Self-operated mode without opening a store, business without traffic source


Today, my friend’s company invited a professional to do community marketing, and we talked very deeply. We didn’t plan to go downstairs at noon, because we had dinner in the evening, so we planned to order some takeout at noon to deal with it.

I didn’t expect to see these adult experience halls in Meituan. I know that the amount of sex toys exported during the epidemic is very large. I understand this. Everyone hides at home and does not go out. If there is a need, it can only be solved in this way. But what kind of experience are these adult experience halls swaggering into Meituan?

Prices range from more than one hundred to more than two hundred, but the number of people scheduled is still relatively large. However, huge profits are absolute. If health problems are not considered, you can use them once and reuse them after washing.
I think those young people who laugh and laugh at ordinary times should reject these comparisons. They would rather spend time with a real girl. On the contrary, those young people who are honest, introverted and even have a little inferiority will consider this experience.

It’s very simple, because there was no need for any communication. When QQ was available in those days, the streets were full of people who chatted online. One sentence was very apt to describe “telling lies to people around you and chatting with strangers on the Internet”.

When you are faced with an object that cannot be refuted, communicated or even communicated, you can open your heart, which is also an important reason why I think this adult experience hall has a market.

In fact, this is a project in itself, and it is the same as the adult shop. You only need to buy some goods, get the relevant qualifications and hygiene, and so on, and you can be listed for business. At present, you don’t make money by bubbling the net in violation of regulations.

What, without experience, I don’t know what relevant qualifications are needed?

Baidu search, the laziest way is to join, its own positioning of adult products has been relatively profitable, this kind of franchise fee will not be too much, tens of thousands can be done, mainly because the source of goods has been opened.
After all, if customers complain about silicone products like this, it will probably affect the business of the store in the future. When not many people enter, participating in this business is a bonus. When such stores are like beauty salons all over the street, they will no longer make money.

If we have to find some ways on the Internet, things like this kind of adult products can be directly sold on Pinduoduo and idle fish, which is much better than a certain treasure in terms of flow source.

I have talked about this kind of experiential sales model of e-commerce shopping in many previous articles. Interested friends can look through it and tell you some self-operated models without opening a shop today.

Any business must talk about drainage. A business without a flow source will never be profitable for a long time.

Rubbing heat

In fact, this drainage method is relatively direct, that is, leave a message under the popular works or news. After all, the best medium now is short videos.

By means of comment interception, some explicit language can be added appropriately.
Nowadays, most people brush short videos not only to watch videos, but also have a saying that “people have been commented on since ancient times”, and many comment areas are also important places to browse, so this cut-off layout is necessary.

Some hot news browsing is in a short day and a half, with millions of explosion points. If we can cooperate with some stalks, the effect may be better, leading users to our public account or WeChat.

Question and answer interception

We don’t need to operate other platforms except Zhihu and Baidu.

Because of this passive drainage way, we must find platforms with large traffic and ask questions and answer them by ourselves. If there are some small traffic pools, it is not suitable for our long-term marketing.

Words such as sex toys or adult products are words with high search index on all platforms, which is beyond doubt. Take Zhihu as an example, and then answer the question that Zhihu has relevant keywords and high value.
High value in Zhihu means that the title of the question contains relevant keywords with search index, and the page views of the question are relatively high, and the total number of answers is relatively small. We call this kind of question valuable.

Those who answer these high-quality questions repeatedly and rank the answers to these questions really mean how many goods can be sold easily, because your advertisement has a wide audience and a large flow source.

Self-built traffic platform

The traffic platform here is divided into two aspects, the first is WeChat official account, and the second is website.

It’s 2020 now, hasn’t WeChat official account closed down? On the contrary, with the popularity of video numbers, WeChat official account is likely to usher in the second spring. After all, the combination of video numbers and WeChat official account’s traffic realization is really profitable.

The content of WeChat official account must be similar to our main category or something that men like, so as to manage male toner. In the industry, the proportion of male toner is about 1-3%, and the conversion is considerable.
It should be clear to everyone here, that is, the color flow website that men like, certainly not Xiaohuangwang, like the goddess network, otaku welfare and so on.

Whether the flow source is drainage or self-built, as long as it can be obtained continuously, the transformation will be relatively easy after subdivision, but it is necessary to grasp the degree of goodness. After all, there is only one difference between the acquisition of color flow fans and pornography.

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