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Text with goods, Zhihu good things with goods to make money the most comprehensive strategy


Part I: Why choose Zhihu to bring goods?

In fact, the game recommended by good things was not initiated by Zhihu. Careful friends can find that headlines, Little Red Book, Weibo, etc. all have the function of bringing goods.

We simply classify them as words with goods, relying on more professional knowledge to output them to readers in the form of words and pictures, and then let them click our links to jump to major e-commerce platforms for purchase.

While Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker are short-sighted goods, such as Simba, one of the first goods brought by Aauto Quicker, Luo Yonghao and Li Jiaqi brought by Tik Tok, as well as various institutions. Most of these people have understood the mode of short-sighted band goods, and they have a perfect system from supply chain to content presentation.

Then let’s take a look at the popularity of 5118 industry big data: “Tik Tok brings goods” and “Zhihu brings goods”.
According to the Baidu search index of these two words, there are 19431 long tail words in Tik Tok and 397 traffic indexes; However, because there are too few people searching for goods in Zhihu and there is no data, only a few sellers of courses in Zhihu are bidding.

Let’s take a look at the newly released double eleven data this year. The turnover of double eleven in Tik Tok exceeded 18.7 billion this year. However, the double eleven data in Zhihu did not give an exact data. It only expressed the news of data growth from the side, such as the reading volume of goods exceeded 800 million and the order volume increased by 113%.

This also proves that the volume of goods brought by Zhihu is far less than that brought by Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker. Therefore, entering the market now is definitely the early stage of the bonus period!
When we talk about this, we may ask how big is Tik Tok? And how big is Zhihu?

According to the analysis data of Analysys, in October 2020, there were 640.425 million mobile phones in Tik Tok, 407.565 million mobile phones in Baidu and 19.464 million mobile phones in Zhihu.

The reason why Analysys mentioned Baidu’s mobile data is that Baidu voted for the F round of Zhihu, and wanted to enrich Baidu’s search engine ecology with the high-quality content of Zhihu.

Let’s search for a word at random. Take “computer recommendation” as an example. Bidding must come first. Anyone who knows it can understand it.

In addition to bidding, the content of Zhihu comes next. Whether you have heard of Zhihu or not, you will choose to click on the first non-bidding link. If your Zhihu article or answer is included by Baidu, you may get a steady stream of long tail traffic.
In addition to the above situations, I believe that many people, like Uncle Dao, will choose Baidu for the first time when they encounter problems they don’t understand. Therefore, once the articles or answers we wrote in Zhihu are included, they will get a great exposure.

According to Uncle Dao’s personal test, an answer or article will be crawled by Baidu’s spider in less than three days, thus being included.

If you write 2 answers a day, it will be 730 answers a year! Think about it. More than 700 answers have been included in Baidu. If there is no accident, they will always exist in Baidu. If you persist in doing it for a long time, will your traffic be less? Will your delivery commission be less?

When the good things recommendation was not opened in Zhihu, most of the authors realized their money by signing their personal names to stay in WeChat official account or waiting for someone to trust you.

However, with the recommendation of good things, there is a more direct way to realize cash. In other words, as long as you insist on exporting your own value and dry goods every day, you can wait for your income after sleeping!
For example, someone asked what shoes are worth buying in 2020. , then you can share it with your friends and relatives in Zhihu according to your own practical experience. If others buy goods through your link and make money by bubbling the net, you can get the corresponding commission.

Bringing goods with Zhihu can also become [Recommendation of Good Things in Zhihu], which is also a means introduced by Zhihu this year, which is beneficial to the commercialization of authors. Everyone can understand it as “Zhihu taobao guest”. We only need to insert Taobao/JD.COM/Pinduoduo links in the articles or answers, and you can get commission only if someone places an order.

Uncle Dao finally summed up several reasons why Zhihu brought goods:

Zhihu’s station traffic+Baidu search engine’s ecological traffic, as long as you start doing it, even if you quit, there will still be traffic flooding in.
The quality of user groups in Zhihu is the best on the known platform, and the high-quality content is easier to realize.
At present, most people get into the habit of going to Zhihu with problems, and users are sticky.

Therefore, platforms like Zhihu have become the first choice for our Internet entrepreneurship.

Part 2: Zhihu account number

Not all Zhihu accounts have the right to recommend good things. The following conditions are required to open good things recommendation:

The account has been registered for more than 90 days, and there is no violation within these 90 days. If readers want this kind of account, they can also channel it privately.
Only the personal number is supported, the institution number is excluded, and everyone is a personal number, which needs no attention.
Author level is greater than or equal to 4.
Must be bound to JD.COM Alliance/Taobao Alliance and be at least 18 years old.

The specific official explanation is as follows
The third part: learn to choose products

  1. Determine the general direction first

Before doing a good job of recommending things, think carefully about which direction you are interested in.

If you are interested in cosmetics, then you can choose beauty cosmetics; If you are interested in basketball, you can choose sporting goods. If you are a treasure mother, you can choose maternal and child supplies …

  1. Subdivide the direction

In fact, to do good things, some people like pan-domain, while others like subdivision. For example, when Uncle Dao asks students, he means subdividing a field and making the field to the extreme, so that you can talk in this subdivided field.

Of course, Uncle Dao doesn’t mean that you can’t do it in a pan-field, but it’s just a little personal understanding, and each has its own way of playing.

  1. Keep writing 1-2 questions every day

What you have to do every day is to write answers and articles in a circular way. Does that sound simple?

However, the most important thing to answer questions is to learn how to choose the question to make money, and what kind of questions are appropriate? Generally speaking, a new friend, Uncle Dao, suggested that the heat should be in the range of 5,000 to 50,000.

Remember Uncle Dao’s words: Zhihu’s choice is greater than his efforts, and the selection of products and problems is the key.

Part IV: How to choose questions?

  1. Users in Zhihu invite you to answer questions.

The invitation mechanism in Zhihu is that if you answer relevant questions or browse relevant questions, you will be directed to recommend more relevant questions and invite you to answer them.

  1. Zhihu Hot List

The Zhihu Hot List is updated at 12 o’clock every night. The current Zhihu Hot List is divided into ten fields, and you can choose the questions corresponding to the hot list according to your own fields to answer.

  1. Select the matters needing attention

First look at whether there is room for growth in page views;

Second, look at whether Baidu has included it, and there will be a lot of external traffic for the problems included;

Third, look at the number of praises answered by Gao Zan. If there are too many, give up selectively. Even if you answer, it will sink into the sea;

Fourth, look at your own answer and try to be different from high praise;

The fifth part: the pit that Zhihu stepped on

Generally speaking, when we arrive at a new platform, of course, we have to abide by the rules and make money by bubbling the net. Once we appear the title, it must be because we have violated the relevant rules of good things recommendation. I hope everyone can read the rules several times before starting to answer questions.
Part VI: The future of goods brought by Zhihu

At present, it is the advanced field that eats meat first, and then comes into play and can only drink soup.

Again, everyone knows that when this thing makes money, it is not far from death.

I hope that after reading this article, you will not regret saying, “I knew I started doing it at that time ~”

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