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Is there any way to get traffic online?


To get female fans, there is great competition in online traffic, and many people can’t stand the high cost. Might as well consider going offline?

Is there any way to get traffic online, and it is best to get offline female friends, right? The value of female users is always greater than that of men, which I believe everyone will not refute, right? Let’s just talk about operation.

We put the target in the offline real estate, and this kind of community group is actually very suitable for making group purchase orders. There are many treasure moms, and basically anyone can do business.

We often say that it is because there is great online competition and you can’t do a good job of online drainage because there are many choices, so it’s not bad to do offline drainage. As long as the daily traffic is stable at 500 people, I think it’s really very good to make money by bubbling online, and you can realize the rest by multiple times. What US group takes out CPS and washes customers? If it doesn’t work, bonus hunter will also make money.

Off-line team take-out, everyone can do this piece, give a suggestion, don’t want to do local food number, you will die before you do it, because you can’t realize it, and I feel that the business is still direct, and you can live longer if you change money directly.

Is there another group that is actually an idle communication group? If there is one, you can go in and drain it; if not, you can build one by yourself. As long as it is drained to people, it is money.
Cost: A4 paper prints the above advertisements, one hundred and fifty-one. If you want a large quantity of this piece, the price can be lowered very low. Others’ flyer advertisements of 100,000 can talk about more than 1,000 yuan, so long as you have a quantity, everything else can be said. A treasure is cheaper.
Operation mode:

1, build an idle group in an area, which can be named as an idle group in a certain area. The area can be large or small, the small one is the local area, and the big one is the residential area, such as a certain street. Nowadays, basically every household has some idle items, so building this group is to provide convenience for nearby residents.

  1. After the group is built, pull a few of your own people in, and if you don’t, pull your own trumpet in. In order to prevent some people from making trouble, you can help us speak at a critical time. After the neighbors enter the group, they keep up with the group rules, and after the people are full, they talk about the group rules once.
  2. Print a piece of A4 paper, and remember that the attached QR code must be your own WeChat QR code. It’s not an idle group, so if someone scans the code and adds you, you can ask her to send a circle of friends for fission, and then pull her into the group.
  3. Stick this paper out.

If there are some local groups, so much the better, build a group immediately, send advertisements to the group, then send your own QR code and the group’s QR code, and then add, over 200 people can’t scan the code into the group, and those who need to enter the group can add me to pull you.

Some small partners in the group rely on this method to add 500 entries a day. When their own communities are posted, they will go to other communities to post them. List the number of communities in your city and post them one by one!

If you do this well, the community owners, especially women, who see this information will basically add it.

It’s only a month for you to accumulate 10,000 WeChat people, and 10,000 WeChat people are female fans. Even if you don’t realize it and sell it, it’s worth at least 23,000. If you have a channel to sell it to the local micro-organization, it will be more valuable. The commission for washing yourself and cooperating with the micro-organization is thousands.

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