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The tools used by young sisters to make money are mainly Tik Tok and WeChat.


Last time I published the articles on “Celebrity” and “Fanxue”, some friends and Qian Ge said that they were not deep enough, and the main thing was not how to make money. Then Qian Ge sent some screenshots of ways to make money. Qian Ge thought it was an eye-opener. Let’s share it with you.

The tools used by young sisters to make money are mainly Tik Tok and WeChat.


The main battlefield of Laxin is in Tik Tok;

First, use Tik Tok to shoot videos as a tool for promotion and fishing. Here, there is a key point: first, the appearance should be similar; second, the makeup should be beautiful; at the same time, we should make full use of the beauty function, with or without fans. After all, if you use yourself as bait, you must first act like a bait.

After the video production is completed, there is another detail, that is, the most eye-catching frame must be selected for the cover, and only the video sent in this way will be noticed by the younger brothers in the same city.

After being noticed by everyone, how to harvest is the key.
It is necessary to add personal micro-signals and remarks (only girls) to Tik Tok, so as to eliminate the wariness of the younger brothers in the same city, and it seems that the purpose is not so strong. When a younger brother from the same city brushes you and thinks you are beautiful, he will try adding WeChat.


Harvest the main battlefield on WeChat:

It should be noted that when doing WeChat personal number, we should make the circle of friends beautiful, simple, silly and sweet. Never take the high-cold route of Bai Fumei, but be grounded, which is also crucial.
Send more selfies at ordinary times, and the photos must be refined. In addition, some daily life of eating stalls and even working fines should be interspersed among them.

In this way, people will feel less superior, and the younger brothers in the same city who come to see your circle of friends will feel on the same level with them, so that they will further let go of their guard.

The biggest problem with the high-cold route is that it seems to be high and cold, but it is actually ungrounded, which makes people feel bored easily.

When all the people are set up, it is necessary to raise fish. It’s not complicated. Chat with them through the computer every day, and open a computer WeChat, which is convenient for quick reply. Although it is a bit tiring to watch chatting with many people, and to talk for several hours every day, in fact, the same statement can be copied and pasted on the computer as long as people set it up.


How to close the net:

Remember one thing at this moment, that is, don’t ignore it and don’t return it. Of course, I really don’t want to go back. I can find a reason to evade it. Remember that we can’t meet each other. With so many fish, we are already very busy just chatting.

Generally speaking, after chatting for 8-10 days, my little brothers will think that I have feelings, so that I can prepare to close the net.

The way to close the net is also very simple, that is, send a circle of friends who are similar to spitting girlfriends, saying that everyone else has a boyfriend to transfer money, and I don’t even have a person to transfer money to 100 yuan.

At this time, many younger brothers in the same city will feel that it is only 100 yuan. Who doesn’t have 100 yuan these days? Will have private letter transfer, trying to further develop.

Finally, a micro-signal of 5,000 people, 99% of whom were boys, received more than 2,000 transfers from 100 yuan in the last month, and some more than 100 red envelopes, with a total income of nearly 290,000.

Write in the last words:

Brother Qian used to think that the goal is to harvest the “bachelor”, and now it seems that the harvesting method is gradually sinking.

Doing this kind of thing is actually on the edge of the law. Don’t say what you want. This is suspected of fraud.

Finally, remind the younger brothers in the same city that all the routines have come out, so don’t jump into this pit next time. After all, it’s hard to have true feelings under money, and it’s very likely that there is no progress in feelings. Finally, I made harvested leeks.

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