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Bao Ma’s platform, how do we drain it?


Baoma traffic has always been a traffic with fierce competition among Internet users.

Where there is traffic, there are rivers and lakes. Therefore, I want to drain Baoma powder. You should run on Bao Ma’s platform. Although the drainage of Meiyou APP is not as good as the beginning, it has survived well. It is a victory to boil the competitors.

Most people who mix and match on this APP are young women, and most of them are “pregnant women”. Therefore, the above-mentioned people focus on the theme of “protection” or “child care”.

When a woman is pregnant, she is most worried about miscarriage, so the absolute conversion rate of sales and “short-term fetal protection” products is very high. Soaking the net to earn money, regardless of whether the products can be fixed or not, let’s talk about the flow.

So, how do we drain? The specific steps are as follows:

Step 1: record a set of “baby care” courses

Please prepare bait before drainage operation. The best value is to provide a complete set of “Tire Protection” courses free of charge.

It is best to plan this course in advance. Both PPT and recorded content must be professional and formal. This is related to the safety of “fetus”, and nothing serious or unprofessional will happen.

Where can I find courses? Go directly to Netease Cloud Classroom, Tencent Classroom or other parenting training sites and search for “fetus”.
The recorded courses are best uploaded to Netease Cloud Classroom and Tencent Classroom, which can bring you a strong sense of trust.

If you can, you can also go to Taobao to get a PS professional certificate, then buy a white dress and put a photo on it, so that you can become a professional fetal protection consultant.

After the course is uploaded, set the sales price (range 1001000). Then, comment on the sales volume of trumpet brushes and the praise of courses for your course sales and courses.
After the course is created, all traffic attracted from Meiyou platform will send the exchange code of this course to the other party (equivalent to learning this course for free).

However, in the process of sending, we must master the application of the “scarcity” effect, that is to say, the course only provides 10 places free of charge every day, in fact, everyone who comes here gives it! Through the “pronunciation course”, the other party feels that he has got a great value discount.

Coupled with our PS professional certificates and professional courses, basically you are the psychologist of these precious mothers, and they basically have no preventive psychology for you.

At this time, no matter whether you sell products or services, you are willing to pay, and the unit price of customers is several thousand yuan (don’t sell at a low price, otherwise everything you have done before will be in vain).

This step is the most important part of the whole process. It takes more time to prepare and plan!

Step 2: Register or buy a Meiyou account

Meiyou account can be registered by itself or purchased through number supplier. It is very difficult to buy this account on Taobao, and more often, it is bought by QQ group number finder.
If you register yourself, you can register directly with the mobile phone number of the receiving platform, and record the login account and password with EXCEL table during the registration process.

Meiyou supports QQ, WeChat, Weibo and mobile phone number, so you can log in with these accounts.

Step 3: Stick the top sticker on the top sticker machine of Meiyou

The cracked version can be used directly in Baidu, and the genuine version can also be purchased and used directly.

Step 4: Find the beautiful pomelo circle

There are various circles in Meiyou application. These circles are classified according to labels such as emotion, gossip, life, interest and human heart.
Get more attention to this post to attract more users’ attention. When the other party pays attention, you can send a message and push the course you prepared in advance to the other party.
During operation and drainage, more details should be paid attention to. For example, nicknames must be women, and you can only pay attention to sending messages, how to plan and write posts and how to design them

This series of detailed work needs to be done carefully to form a complete set of contents to attract traffic.

In the whole operation process, the most important part can be divided into three parts:

Bait design (course or other)

The quality of posts sent (drainage core)

Top post machine and top post (auxiliary exposure)

Although this is assisted by software, it is still inseparable from content planning. Therefore, planned content is the key, followed by software execution.

But Bao Ma’s quality of beautiful pomelo is really high. As long as the products or services you operate are in the right position, the conversion rate will surprise you.

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