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How do ordinary people make money quickly by intercepting 1000 people who have gained powder in a single day!


I have been studying interception and drainage since last year. I will share this case here. It can be said that the operation is simple and the real operation is profitable. However, many people have not implemented it, or they have not found a way. At present, I know that the operation is tens of thousands of monthly income.
The case is very simple, that is, sharing information about how to grab Maotai every day is poor, that is, telling you how to grab Maotai. This account was made earlier, and there were many fans when I paid attention to it. There were more than ten paid readings every month, and the price of each reading was different. The highest one was over 30.
The above payment is almost 1,000 yuan. Ten such articles in a month are tens of thousands of benefits. Many people may say that bubbling nets earn me whether there is traffic. How to do it? In fact, this buddy uses the interception method. Look at his title and you will know that although he may not know that use is interception, in fact, the way is to intercept and intercept traffic through keywords.

Many people know that you can grab Maotai by plane, especially at Maotai Airport, so he sorted out the appointment system for Maotai Airport to buy wine. Many people will search, and there are many such information on it. Everyone thinks it is good and pays attention to it. From time to time, pay for reading, anyway, it is not much money

If the sharing method can buy Maotai at a low price, isn’t it profitable? I also joined many groups promoted by him. Every day, the group is sharing the consultation about Maotai, that is, there is Moutai for sale, what is the price, and the necessary contact. When people in the group are trading, they don’t know and don’t trust. He can also be used as a guarantee, because the group owner is him, he is the person in charge of WeChat official account, and usually docks a lot of sales and gets the difference

In fact, many people want to do this business, but many people are suffering from no traffic. Let’s show you an interception interception. You search for Feitian Maotai, ranking first to see if this is interception

Everyone who does interception knows that this is one of the ways we share nickname interception in front of us, that is, traditional Chinese characters plus variant Chinese characters, and finally realize interception. Why are there so many accounts, only this ranking first? In fact, you can also use the method we shared earlier. Make it clear, the first is the introduction, the second is the menu, and the last is the mandatory ranking, ranking the account directly first.

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In the second phase of WeChat official account Baping SEO Special Training Camp, how can ordinary people make money quickly by intercepting 1000 people who have gained powder in a single day!

Since the operation is my friend, I am familiar with the data. When it is good, there are 300 to 500 people every day, and when it is bad, there are 30 to 50 people, so the daily traffic is relatively stable. At that time, I also suggested to pay for reading, which is more troublesome. Finally, I will take the way of knowledge planet, become a paid member, and join the member 88 to learn the latest methods about Maotai

It can be seen from the above that 1,500 people joined, and the data was a little watery in the early stage, but the latter ones were all real payments. At the best time, the payment for one week was about 4,000, so the effect was still relatively good. These are all optimized on the basis of others. It is also extended on the case of paid reading mentioned above. In fact, interception can still make money in many cases, but many people feel too lou, or look down on it. In fact, many industries and fields we look down on.

There are many such cases. In the follow-up, we will share some cases of our partners’ operations with you, so that you can understand some monetization modes and operation methods. In fact, there are not many methods, only one way can be operated to the extreme, and it is difficult to make money. Seeing my sharing, I hope to go to actual combat.

Many gameplays can be extrapolated, such as nickname interception, thinking about the fields you are familiar with, and those around you that can make money. Can I operate and intercept traffic? If you do it, you will see the results. If you don’t execute it, it will always be just a spectator.

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